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I was going through my photos and I think I left off some pictures of goodies that have come my way.  I keep thinking I’m doing better with keeping up with the mail and then…wham, I’m at loss trying to figure out what I took pictures of what I didn’t.  Here is my best attempt at getting caught up with the mail.

If I already blogged about one of these, please accept my apologies.  I decided I’d rather blog about them twice than have not blogged about them at all.  Ah…

Carolyn sent a bunch of sleepers that have long been passed on.

Aren’t they so cute?!?!

These all went in Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits in early May.  The churches all turned in the kits and quilts they have put together over the past months.  They will be gathered into district offices and eventually make their way overseas to help those in need.

I’m guessing many of these will find their way to Ukrainian families.

These goodies also came in.  There was a great mix of orphan blocks and fabric for quilt backings too.  I passed this to the Cresco Ladies.

Mari sent this my way… I repackaged it and will ship it off to Carolyn.  All of this should be great for making baby gowns and t-shirts.

These goodies were sent my way with the hope that I could use them for an upcoming Auction.  I have them all in a box waiting.  I already have the next auction stuff picked out so this will have to wait for an auction following that one.  I so appreciate your thinking of me.

My friend Doreen contacted me.  She was coming my way and was wondering if I was interested in some 100% cotton shirts.  YES!!  Always.  I don’t shop for them as much as I previously did…but, I will never turn them down.  Doreen was so sweet and sent some truffles along with the shirts.  She’s so kind to me.

THANKS so much, Doreen.

Here was a great quilt top that came in.  There was backing included.  This will likely go out to the next quilt top finisher along with other quilts.  It will make a great quilt for donation.  I love the colors.

Carol sent goodies…everything from cross-stitch fabric to fireman fabric and orphan blocks in between!!

All are great and will be put to good use.

My friend Barb stopped by.  She was out garage saling and picked up goodies for me.  She’s so sweet.  She knows all the things I love…fabric and stitching!!  All will be put to great use.

Patricia sent the next box of goodies.  She told me to keep what I wanted and pass on what I didn’t think I’d use.

She included this cross-stitch chart.  It’s it pretty??  I had seen this chart and was attracted to it.  This is part of a series by this designer.  There is a flower and an animal one too.  So pretty.

Here are the fabrics.  I ended up keeping most of the ones in the top row.  I often don’t have enough fabric for binding so these will be great.

I’ll be passing a bunch to the Cresco Ladies.  I’m wondering if they might use them for some of the 3 yard quilts that they make.

I got a letter from Leslee along with a recipe…YAHOO!  It sounds so good.

I tried to take a picture so you all could try the recipe too.  I will keep this one close and see if I can adapt it a little to work with fresh raspberries.

I got a note from Kay.  She had a sampler she was wondering if I might be interested in.  She had seen these pictures from when I got the antique mirror at the thrift store.   I had taken a few other pictures from the room and showed off some of my vintage stitched pieces.

I do have a small collection.

Kay was wondering if I was interested in this piece that she had…

Here is a giggle for you.  I already have that one only mine says 1928.  There is no family name in the center but I’d always thought to take it out of the frame and add a family name.  It just happens that my mom was born in 1928.

I tried to contact Kay via email a couple of times but for some reason, it comes back as can’t be sent.  I am hoping she is reading this so she knows I appreciate the offer…but I have one.

Susan sent a package with this quilt included.  She has a friend who made this and didn’t like it.  She was going to cut it up but Susan told her about the community quilts program we do here.  She was happy to donate it.

There is binding that matches too.  I think it will make a great community quilt.

What a great bunch of packages and letters.  I so appreciate all the kind goodness!!

9 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Mary K Christian

    This is Kay. Interesting that we would have the same sampler with different years. I will keep looking to see if someone out there needs a 1929. That is the year my mother graduated from high school but don’t want to use it for that. Will spend the weekend with my family at a state park in Northeast NE. Should be fun.

    1. If you don’t find a family member who wants it, I might want it. My grandparents might have been married in 1929. I will have to ask my mom.

  2. Kay’s stitched piece reminds me of one my mother had that said: “The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” With her quirky sense of humor she placed it above the toilet in a downstairs bathroom…

  3. Ditto to the comments on the recipe – sounds yummy! What a great bunch of baby items – I love seeing these examples of the generosity of your readers! Well done!
    I chuckled over the sampler – what a coincidence! But it is a great classic pattern…
    It’s going to rain here in central OH – I hope that means that I get some sewing time today – we’ll see…:)

  4. Is there a specific pattern used for the baby gowns? If so, where can I get it?
    I look forward to all your posts every day! Thank you!!

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