Community Quilts from Celesta

I got a note from Celesta and she has quilts to share.

Celesta writes:
I have lots of baby and children’s quilts for you, that will go to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital until shipping gets back to normal, and we’re able to ship baby quilts to Tanzania, for the birthing center and the new mothers and the little ones going home.

The kiddos at Children’s have been so excited receiving quilts, the coordinator we’ve worked with, says the hospital rooms are chilly and the kids are enjoying cuddling in their warm quilts. She also said they’ve really helped out when the kiddos are released and they have their quilts to wrap themselves in when they leave the hospital since Ohio has been none too warm the last several months.

These quilt tops have all come from Mary Anne in Perkasie Pa, there is a possibility that she’s related to the Cresco Ladies, she’s amazing with what she gets done, thank you Mary Anne.

The first two photos are quilts all made with panels. They’re fast to put together, and it’s amazing what’s available in panels. I especially love the pandas in the first one.

I’m not sure you can see, that the red, green and brown one has owls in alternating blocks. The one with the purple borders are people from all nationalities.

These next ones are in a variety of patterns but all so colorful and creative, and just perfect for little ones.



And some more colorful creations, Mary Anne says she…

finds a lot of her fabrics at thrift stores, but she’s a pro at putting them together and making them sing.

And some more beautiful quilts, I turned the corner on the one, the horse fabric I used for backing, was a donation from an anonymous donor, and the recipient of that one, I’m sure will love both sides.

Mary Anne is not only creative with putting her colors together, but also coming up with so many different designs that are all fairly fast at putting together.


And the last set had Junie the Quilt Inspector show up to put her stamp of approval on the quilts.

Most of these quilts have been tied. I realized these kids don’t really care that I’ve spent a lot of time machine quilting them and binding them, it’s more the comfort they give! Thank you again Mary Anne, the kids love your work!”

WOW!!  I love hearing about how all of you are teaming up to do good work together.  A huge shout out to Mary Anne and Celesta for helping the babies at the hospital in Cincinnati.  I know Celesta was so heartbroken when things changed and quilts couldn’t be shipped to Tanzania.  I’m so thankful another outlet was found!!  Hopefully, soon things will be closer to normal and they will once again be able to ship to Tanzania.





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  1. Beautiful little quilts and such a good charity to receive them. Each little child leaves there wrapped in much love.

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