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First off…from yesterday’s post, I have gotten several emails asking about the wool pattern that I am working on.  I bought the pattern at Country Threads.  They carry a kit for it.  Here’s the link.

Alphabet Song Wool Picture KIT
(picture courtesy of Country Threads)

Last week’s ruler winners from “Try it on Tuesday” are…KT Young, Marsha B (square ruler), Sandi1100.  The winner of the Little Quilts Through the House is Carla G.

Now to today’s post:  Each week I “try” something new.  Sometimes it involves a giveaway….sometimes it’s just a new recipe.  I invite all of you to link up and share something new that you are trying too.

My friends at Martingale and Company gifted me another book to review.  This one is “Fast and Fun First Quilts” by Sara Diepersloot.  The title is perfectly appropriate.  The quilts are FAST and FUN!

The quilts are all quite easy….

Fast and Fun First Quilts: 18 Projects for Instant Gratification (That Patchwork Place)

For a beginner, perfect.

I can see a mom sharing this book with her daughter who is learning to sew.

This quilt from the cover caught my eye.

This table runner caught my eye too.

This last quilt is my favorite…Star quilts always catch my attention.  I love design and the color choice too.

The directions for cutting and piecing and easy to read.  I know if I was teaching my daughter to learn to read patterns and to sew, this is a book I would be tempted to purchase.  I know when my daughter first started sewing cutting directions and piecing directions could be overwhelming, these aren’t at all.

As an experienced quilter, some of these designs are a little simple but, I like fast and fun designs if I am making a charity quilt or a quilt for a gift.

All in all it’s would make a nice addition to any quilter’s library.

If you want a chance to win this quilt book, leave a comment telling how old you were when you made your first quilt.  I’ll pick a winner next week.

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  2. I was in my 20s and they were cross stitched squares of baby things for my first born son. I put so much work into that quilt that I was afraid it would get ruined if he used it! I love the star quilt too. Please enter my name in the draw.

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  4. I was in my twenties when I made my first tablerunner. My daughter has been sewing for a bit now, but we haven’t crossed over to quilts yet. I have a tablerunner cut out and ready for her to sew. She loves picking out fabric.

  5. I was 53 years old. I just started quilting last June and I fell in love. I take classes and follow about 20 quilting blogs. I get together with 2 new quilting friends once a week to sew, I joined the Quilt Guild and I am in a Block Swap group. I have already learned so much, but have much, much more to learn. Thanks for the chance to win this book. It looks wonderful.

  6. I was just out of college and decided to make a trip around the world for my double bed. I think I started that and then did a quick baby quilt 4 patch from another Quilt in a Day book. So, age 19! Wow, 20 years of quilting already. Time sure does fly.

  7. I was 38 when I made my first quilt, just a few months ago! I think I would love the simple patterns in this book since I am still learning.

  8. Although I started sewing when I was about 5, I didn’t start quilting until I had my first child. She will be 36 this year. I started quilting when we had to make our own templates out of cardboard, trace around it and cut it out with sissors. Boy, things have come a long way baby…..

    I would love to win the quilt book as I am always looking for fun and easy quilts to give away. And how I love that star. It would make a great tabletoppper!

  9. Oh, I definately started learning to quilt late! I was 45 when I joined a block of the month club. I fell in love with quilting and learning new techniques!

  10. I made my fist “real” quilt about 5 years ago, so that would have made me 44!! I started with something waaaay to difficult for a beginner though. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  11. Judy from Ontario

    Thanks for a great giveaway … the quilts look like they would make great projects for charity quilts at my local quilt guild. I was probably in my forties when I made my first quilt … actually it was a table runner/wall hanging … made using polyester fabric. I took the beginners quilting course at my local Needlecraft Guild. I have come a long way since then.

  12. I was in my mid to late 20’s when I first made a quilt. Started a trip around the world, then started & finished a strip quilt. I did eventually finish that trip around the world but it took several years before I went back to it. I would like this book of patterns to make quilts to donate for raffles or auctions that raise money for great causes. I think that star quilt in pinks would be awesome for relay for life. Don’t you?

  13. I was in my lates 20s when I made my first quilt. A friend was pregnant and I wanted to make a baby quilt for her. I took a class where the teacher did everything by hand (no machine). I started the class but then wanted to make a baby quilt with Disney characters so I did a cross stitch of Mother Goose on gingham. My teacher showed me how to hand quilt it and it came out beautiful. Now I’m trying to learn to machine quilt on my dsm.

  14. I was about 29 when made a small wall hanging. My next quilt was a bed quilt made when I was in early 50s. Now I quilt as much as possible, health permitting.

  15. I learned to sew in high schools many moons ago. Then when my daughter was born 43 years ago I sewed most of her play clothes and matching Easter Dresses. But I never tried a quilt until I was 55 and about to become a grandma. Sorry to say that little baby girl didn’t live. But now I have one grand daughter and one grandson. Life is good.

  16. I made patchwork pillows in high school but my first real quilt was a log cabin in my early 20s. This does look like it would be a great book to use to introduce quilting to my daughter.

  17. I was probably 18 when I made my first quilt. It was a baby quilt that caused everyone to ask questions! I just made it because it was small. I still have it and have made many more since then. I wish I had numbered and taken pictures of each quilt. I have no idea how many I have made.

  18. Rhonda Desgranges

    I made my first quilt, a miniature dresden plate, in 1996. I was 40 years old. I had been
    watching my grandmother quilt for years, and thought I would give it a try. Thanks for the
    chance to win!!

  19. I was 43 when I started quilting. As of Sunday, I’m now 45! I’m definitely still in the learning stages of my quilting adventures! When you were writing in your post about sharing this book with a daughter who is learning to quilt, I chuckled and thought, “hey, I could use a book like that!” Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway! :)

  20. I was 21 when I made my first quilt for my first baby. That was in 1980. Made many since then in all sizes.

  21. I was 24 when I made my first quilt. It was a lob cabin from Quilt In A Day. It was tied and really not that great, but not too bad for the first one.

  22. My first quilting experience was in 7th grade, when my mom and I made a quilt using scraps from clothing. After that I had a rather lengthy hiatus, and next quilted in the late 1980s. The giveaway book looks like a great addition to a quilting library.

  23. I made my first quilt at my very first quilt retreat. It was a mystery quilt. I had no idea what I was doing. My lqs owner helped me pick fabrics and the tools I would need and she made a friend for life. I think I am her best customer. That was three years ago. Now I work for her part time and help to plan the retreats and make samples for the store. Life sure takes some awesome turns when you least expect it. Who knew that walking into a new shop next to where I was working at the time would turn into such a fun and friendly hobby.

  24. I made my first quilt in my early 20’s. An elderly lady in the small town where we were living insisted that I go to one of their quilting bees. I was hooked.

  25. I have never completely finished a quilt.I am almost done with two and then they will need to be qilted. I did make a sort of quilt two pieces of fabbrc and some batting for my friends baby- its embarassing to look back on!

  26. I was about 25 when I made my first quilt. I still have it and I take it out to look at when I need a good laugh :) I didn’t try another until I was about 35. Since then I’ve made several and really enjoy it.

  27. I was probably 28ish. I was on my own and wanted something pretty for my living room wall. Little did I know where that would lead. My extra beadroom is now the fabric room. Not the quilting room. I quilt in the living room. It is just the fabric room. :c)

  28. I was 48. The 1st quilt I made was a Trip Around the World for a family who had been through Hurricane Katrina. Our Bible study group decided to do few different things for Katrina families and making quilts was one of them. A small group out of the Bible study chose to learn how to quilt from our church’s quilt ministry to fulfill that wish so we did just that. None of us even knew how to thread a machine! Three very patient ladies from the ministry took us under their wings and taught us how to quilt. We not only finished the Katrna quilts but stayed together and sewed many prayer quilts that were given to sick orrieving church members

  29. Yikes! Graduation is less than two months away! I could use some fast, easy quilts and get some fabric moved out of my basement! The hubby asked last night if I was ready to contact Hoarders! HA! It isn’t that bad, I did some spring cleaning and it looks pretty good! I would love to win this book!

  30. I was little maybe first grade when i hand pieced and quilted (simply,I’m sure) a little doll quilt for my doll for in her buggy-such fun. Over the years I’ve never done a bed size quilt, but I have done many many crib size quilts for charity. Also many table runners, table topppers, placemats, potholders and toys. Thank you for what looks like a wonderful book, as a neat giveaway! Happy Stitching!

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