“Try it on Tuesday”

Today I am at it again.  I am “trying” out a new quilt book.  It’s “Jelly Babies: Adorable Quilts from 2 1/2 Strips” by the Staff at That Patchwork Place.  Martingale and Company sent me a copy to review.  When the title says adorable…they are exactly right.  All of the quilts are adorable and perfect for the little people in your life.  The quilts are all baby to toddler quilt sized and there are 14 projects packed into this little book.

All of the quilts in the book are made with 2 1/2″ strips.   If you are using jelly rolls, that means the projects will be quick.  I love this red and white quilt.

I’d love to make this it a larger version for ME!!  There’s just something about red and white that I love.

I am also a fan of this alphabet quilt.

Isn’t it sweet?

This one is pretty sweet too….

Then there’s this one with the cute little bird in the center.

Jelly Babies: Adorable Quilts from 2 1/2" Strips (That Patchwork Place)

You wouldn’t have to twist my arm to make this one either….LOVE IT!!  It’s the antique quilt lover in me that’s calling…ocean waves!!

I can’t leave this blog post before I show you this cute owl quilt….

I will have to say that the majority of the quilts in the book are shown in “girly” fabrics…but they aren’t “girly” designs.  The Alphabet quilt could easily be made with primary colored fabrics giving it a “boyish” look.

The book is really cute because it isn’t full sized.  It’s just 9″ x 9″ so it’s hard to believe that 14 different quilts can be featured in that little book.

One thing I really appreciated about the book is that they didn’t put page after page of “how to sew” instructions.  It’s my pet peeve when I purchase a quilting book and TEN or more of the pages are dedicated to “how to sew” instructions.  This book has a few pages but they are specific to the projects such as “working with pinked edges”.

As much as I would love to keep this book…I am sending it out for one of you win.  If you want a chance to win the book, leave a comment here telling me how many baby quilts you think you’ve made.  Make sure to check out today’s other blog post here.  I am part of “Country Threads’ Back to Charm School Blog Hop”.  There are TWO copies of that book that could win.

Stop back tomorrow and I’ll announce the winners of last weeks, Sewline Fabric Pencils.

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  1. I’m a new quilter, and have finished a grand total of 1 baby quilt, and that was made years ago before I started quilting–I started it for my roommate when she got pregnant, worked on it when I got pregnant with my first son, and finished it when I was pregnant with my second son–I think that was about 5 years to make one baby quilt, from a kit I bought when I was in high school!

  2. Love the quilts above in this book. I have probably made 8 baby quilts in the last 2 years. It would be a great book to win as there is always a new baby coming along.

  3. Well, I don’t have any babies to sew for but I LOVE to make baby quilts! If I see a new pattern that I want to try I usually try it as a baby quilt to see how I like making it. And there are so many fabulous children’s fabrics to choose from, I just get carried away. I’m guessing I’ve made well over 100 baby quilts. Most have become gifts or donations.

  4. I’ve only made about 6 baby quilts so you see I need the inspiration of this little book. All those you pictured are adorable. I do have 2 more in the works now. Thank you.

  5. I have never made a baby quilt before since I just started quilting in October and all my friends had their babies back in April, but I love the owls and am thinking of making that for my niece who is 6. We have lots of children and toddlers at my church who would love these quilts!

  6. I have not had occasion to make baby quilts in the past, but I just found out that I am going to be a great-aunt for the first time! I made a baby quilt, then used the scraps to make a backing. Then I decided the back looked so cute, that I could use it as another “front” !! So now I’ll backing for both of them and have 2 baby quilts ready to go!

  7. It seems lately that all I ever make are baby quilts. In the last few months I’ve made probably a dozen of them or so! I’m starting to run out of inspiration, so I could really use that book :)

  8. Well, I have 6 Grandchildren that Ive made baby quilts for! I also belong to a group of wonderful women that make baby quilts for the hospitals NICU, I’ve made quite a few for them. This book looks like it has some wonderful ideas for future projects!

  9. Laurel from Iowa

    I like the owl quilt. Why are owls suddenly so popular again? ‘Tis a mystery to me :-) I have probably made 10 baby quilts; I’m working on three right now because our principal and two high school teachers are all due soon!

  10. Thanks for sharing that book, I love that owl quilt. I have probably around 35 baby quilts through the years, but lots more flannel blankies with crocheted edging.

  11. I have only made one baby quilt and it was for my own son (who is almost 20 – GASP – how does that happen?). I am approaching the era of grandchildren, so this book would help me get ready for that new phase in my life. I think I need it!

  12. I’m a newbie quilter, so I have never made a baby quilt. I think it would be great to be able to make a few and donate them to a children’s hospital.

  13. I am making great great grandkids quilts now would love to have that book. They look so cute. reslly love love them all. i have made quite a few baby quilts in my lifetime. would love to have this book. thanks Jo.

  14. baby quilts is what i make since i quilt primarily for Project Linus. last year i made 21 baby & toddler quilts. always looking for something new.

  15. I’ve been quilting for 4 years now and I would have to say that I’ve made over 30 baby quilts! Our weekly quilting group makes quilts for quite a few charities, including Project Linus, children’s hospitals, and our local NICU. Those are really cute patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. I’ve made at least 6 baby quilts so far but there are still lots of family waiting to have babies, so I know I will be making lots more! Thanks for a chance to win, the book looks great! ! !

  17. I the alphabet quilt. I make a lot of donation quilts for children through my local senior center. These quilts are really cute and can use lots of my quilt stash.

    Nancy L

  18. Ive made about 20. But so far in 2012 I’ve made 3 baby quilts for the Crisis Pregnacy Center here. My goal is to make at least one a month. I’d love this new book for new patterns. Love your blog too. Suzanne

  19. I have made well over 100 baby quilts. It’s my favorite thing to do! I have made quilts for children of 911 victims, and international refuge children but, most of all, for babies born of friends, family and couples from church. I love to make the quilts and I love the babies after they are born. My payoff is to see those babies wrapped in a quilt I made for them. It is a blessing!

  20. I made a lot of baby quilts when I was younger and all of my friends were having babies. Now that grandchildren are appearing on the scene, it’s time to start making baby quilts again. This book would come in very handy.

  21. I’m from a big family who have all married and had babies and now we are all having grandbabies! So I can’t even count the baby quilts I have made!!

  22. Hi Jo
    My first quilt was a baby quilt for a friend. By the time I was finished I was hooked on quilting. I have made about 20 baby quilts for family and friends. But in 2000 I got involved with Project Linus and have made tons of baby quilts for them. I lost count after 600 baby quilts and no longer keep track of the quilts I give to Project Linus. I would love that book and I think the Owl quilt would be a fun one to do. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  23. I have probably made at least 40 -50 baby/toddler quilts. Most were gifts, some were donation quilts. I absolutely love that owl quilt. I have 5 grankids with #6 on the way so I better get busy making a couple more. I would love to win that book . thanks for the chance

  24. Cute looking book! How many baby quilts have I made….mmmm…..I would guess 4o or so. Sometimes I think I should set up a file folder on my computer and transfer copies of quilts I’ve made into it. Should I do it by size? Given away vs kept? Oh, the decisions of life…I think I’ll just go sew more instead!

  25. I have made 3 baby quilts. I went to the dentist last week and my hygeneist and the receptionist are both expecting so I NEED this book BADLY to make quilts for them.

  26. Hi Jo, so far I’ve made 3 baby quilts, cause my friends only recently started to have babies. But I think there will be a lot more to come. Have a nice day, Alex

  27. I love the “ocean waves” design too. I’m sure you’ll get to it one day. Several years ago I was Project Linus Chairperson for a local guild of close to 110 members. I made so many quilts during that time I can’t imagine how many. I still stay involved with Project Linus. Such a worthy organization. Sandi

  28. I have lost count of the baby quilts I have made. About 3 years ago a neighbor’s son had preemie twins. As a thank you her daughters decided to donate preemie quilts totaling the number of days the babies were in NICU. I made a few for that project. I would estimate making about 300 baby quilts to date. But it probably totals a little more than that. Always on the look out for quick patterns to make & donate.

  29. I have made several, at least 10 baby quilts. One was especially different..it was a Teddy bear quilt with ears that snood up..and then of course a quilt for my three grand babies when they were born.

  30. I am working on my first baby quilt! Nobody around here is getting pregnant! The baby girl is due end of May and I am 3/4 done the quilt!

  31. I’ve made so many baby quilts I don’t even think I could count them without going through all my photos of my projects. I’m working on 2 quilts now for twin great nephews.

  32. Great post! It always amaze me how people can take time to write them. But to be honest maybe you should change the color of the texts? Sorry if I am being rude, just trying to help. Kind regards, Sophia

  33. I’m like Jenelle. I would have to go back through my pictures and my scrapbook and count. I make one for nearly every new baby at our church and then their are the friends of my 3 grown kids and family of coworkers. I’d say 50-100 in the last 8 years.

  34. It’s hard to say how many baby quilts I’ve made. I have been keeping a quilting list the past three or four years, but that doesn’t help with all the time before. I am a retired teacher and used to make for all the new parents and grandparents that were on staff as well as for lots of friends and family. I’ve also started making for a local charity the past few years. I’ll just guess 60 to 70, but I’m always looking for new ideas! My second grandchild is due this summer, so I will definitely be making some for her/him!

  35. What great ideas for baby quilts. Our first great child coming so new ideas are great to explore. Ones mind never gets empty with great books and friends. Joyce

  36. I have probably made 100 baby quilts in the last 8 or so years. I did quilts for kids for a year or so and I also ran a daycare for 7 years and almost all of my kiddos would end up with a baby quilt of some sort. I really love the owl quilt and want to make one for my mother…

  37. I love this book. I think I have made over 100 baby quilts. I have made them for my own grandkids, my kids friends’ babies and I also do charity quilts for the Neonatal unit of our local hospital. I’ve always got at least one in progress. My daughter has started to make quilts for her friends babies as well so it would be a great book for us to share!

  38. well lets see about 20 years ago I made a hand done and hand tied quilt for my friend when she had her son. I then found out after the boy got older the dog got the quilt! I was traumatized! LOL I would love to make a new one!

  39. I’d like to make some baby quilts. I’m new to quilting and would love to win this book for some great inspiration! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  40. Only one…for my grandson. It was a Hungry Caterpillar quilt, and it turned out great. I have enough fabric for 3 more for each of my other adult children for their first child.

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