Try it on Tuesday Kelli’s Button “H”

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Today’s version of “Try it on Tuesday” is from our daughter, Kelli who is “try”ing to stay within her budget and came up with this cute idea.  Kelli graduated from college last year and is busy getting her college loans paid off.  Being asked to be in a wedding and then having to attend three bridal showers has been a bit taxing on her budget considering she needed to purchase a dress, give three shower presents, and a wedding present (she made a quilt).  For one of the shower gifts, she made a candle mat(with the quilt leftovers) and gave a candle with it.  For the latest shower she has been busy sewing buttons…lots of buttons.  Isn’t this cute?

H (2)

Right now, she is trying to decided if she should turn it into a pillow or if she wants to frame it.  I’m just thinking adorable.  I don’t think either option is wrong, just different options.

The project has provided a great way to use up some of the buttons I’ve been clipping from recycled shirts along with more buttons from my button box.  To make the “H”, she took two layers of black Kona Cotton that were about 12″ x 15″.  She drew a “H” on the fabric using one of her Sewline Fabric Pencils.  Then she put both layers of fabric in a frame.  She used this great snap together Lap Frame 17×17 that’s made of PVC pipe.  If your frame is too small it won’t work.  You need one big enough to fit the whole “H” in the middle of the frame.  She used a double thickness of thread to sew the buttons on.  I just think this is SO cute.

We are hunting for a old picture frame from our local thrift stores.  A quick coat of paint and few minutes to frame the “H” and she’ll be ready for the wedding shower with very little money put into the project..yet a great creative gift.

I am secretly hoping I gushed and complimented her enough that I just might get my own wtih “K” instead.

If any of you would like to give this little project a try for our “Try it on Tuesday”, Sewline has provided fabric pencils for two of my readers to win.


These have yellow lead and would work great on a dark colored fabric like Kelli used in this project. Kelli and I have said how much we love Sewline’s products.  If you would like a chance to win…Leave a comment here.  I’ll pick two winners next week.

Stop back later today and I’ll pick the winner of last week’s book, Strip Smart Quilts.

58 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday Kelli’s Button “H””

  1. That H is totally fabulous! I might have to go pirate all of the buttons off of the shirts in the “donate” pile for future projects!
    I am glad you found something that marks well on dark fabrics. I have an assortment of pens & pencils that work with varied success. Here is to hoping I can try out one of these!

  2. Pauline Kennelly

    Boy would I like this pen. Chalk markings just disappear from the dark I’m working on right now. Cute idea on the buttons.

  3. The buttons like wonderful! I know I’d like something like that probably in picture form. Please enter me in your drawing. I need to mark a quilt and am looking for a marker that will work on dark and lighter fabrics. How do you remove the markings with this marker?

  4. Cute project! I think it would look really great in a frame. I have a Sewline disappearing ink pen that I love. It is a roller ball pen, so this tip doesn’t break (like my other pen that was not so cheap). I’d love to try one of their pencils too. So far, I’ m very impressed with their products.

  5. Love it! I think it should be framed and love the idea of a thrift shop frame. I love to receive a gift that has love and much thought behind it – awesome going Kelli! I the buttons don’t overlap I’m thinking one could sew these on by machine. I have tried buttons by machine and like that method (duh, once I learned that button holes are the same spacing).

  6. The “H” is beautiful! What a great idea.

    I love sewline!!! I have a dark lead pencil and a pink one, but that yellow would work sooooo much better on the dark purple I’ve been dreading.

  7. I love the button project! What a great personalized gift! My vote is to frame it :o) I sure wish I had gotten a gift like that when I got married instead of getting 9 toasters and 4 blenders (not kidding). And speaking of giveaways…..I surely would love to win one of the Sewline pencils. They’re popping up all over Quilt Land and everyone seems to love them.

  8. I have a friend who is an amazing quilter and swears by those pencils…sure would love to win one! Thanks for all of your reviews!

  9. I love your daughter’s creative ideas. Just proves we don’t always need to go out and spend $$$ for gifts that are meaningful. Kudos! I would love to try the Sewline products. I have heard great things about them. Thanks, Jo!

  10. What a great idea. It is very original and cute. I’ll have to keep that in mind and try one for myself. It would make a great in the car project too. And if I win I could try out that pencil. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. What a great idea to use up bottons! I have never used a Sewline pencil … would love to win one! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Jess in Tyler, TX

    I love my sewline pencil! It works great!
    And, I love the H! Its the first letter of our last name too!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  13. Luv the “H” botton gift. Would love to make these into pillows. I haven’t found a local outlet for the Sewline Pens – would love to win one.


  14. The button project is great. I have my grandmothers button box as well as one I have been working on for years. This would be a great project to use some of them on. I would love to win one of the Sewline pencils. They “seam” like a great new tool. I also vote for the thrift store frame, it would add to the charm.

  15. My friend, Connie has collected buttons for years. I have just started. this is a great idea and quite economical. I love the idea of a thrift shop frame. Thank you for the give away. I hope I finally win one!! lol

  16. Very cute idea with the buttons. It would be hard to decide if it should be a pillow or framed. I have never tried these marking pens, but what a great thing to have for dark fabrics. Love your blog I visit every day.

  17. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’m going to introduce this idea to my sewing group. I think they will enjoy using some of the buttons I can’t bear to throw away!

  18. Love the button idea! I just did that with my son (using sequins) for his 100th day of school celebration (100 sequins glued into the 1st letter of his name). Thanks for the chance to win the Sewline pencils, I’ve been wanting to try them!

  19. What a great gift idea! My family has a lot of birthdays coming up, I’ll have to try this for gifts! I’d love to try the marking pencil, never had very good luck with the chalk pencils.

  20. I don’t think you can go wrong with sewline! I was happy to have uncovered mine in the sewing room cleanup on Sunday. However, I am thinking having a back up wouldn’t be a bad idea. I seem to lose my tools in the piles on a regular basis! :)

  21. The “H” is really cute and a great idea. Thanks for the chance to win a great product. I can use those pencils for sure.

  22. Your daughter is SO clever! I wonder where she gets it from? Hmmm…. Would love to win one of these marking pencils – I’ve heard they’re wonderful!

  23. What a creative idea! I will have to pass that one on to my daughter…. I would love to win one of the marking pencils! Thanks for the giveaway!

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  25. I like that — I think it might last longer framed than as a pillow. Or be more practical or something. It’s early and my brain’s not firing on all cylinders and I’m trying to justify a gut feeling here. :-)

  26. Sandy A in St. Louis

    That is just adorable! Your daughter is very creative. Must be true that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

    Please count me in on the give away! I have a black & white quilt in the works that I am having trouble marking. Would love to give these a try!

  27. Have never used Sewline products but I have a dark background to mark and these sound perfect. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Your daughter’s gift is charming. Like the idea of framing it.

  28. What a great idea! I love Sewline pencils, have killed one, so another would be great. I think I need to make this pillow for my DD and her hubby, they just got married!

  29. The framed or pillow letter is really cute! I bet a K would be adorable, too! (hope that helps, lol) I don’ t have a yellow Sewline. I do love the white one. and want to try green instead of black on lighter colors. Is there a reason she chose to sew the buttons by hand instead of machine? I do most of mine by machine. I think with some iron on interfacing as a stabilizer, it would work, too. I’ll have to try it. Thanks!

  30. Wow!! such great idea and a wonderful gift!! I think I need to make one for my daughter- a great big M and frame it!!!! I have not tried these Sewline products before – I am really glad that you have shared them with us.

  31. That is such a great idea.
    And I think I need one of those Sewline pencils. We’ve been going through things left and right here trying to find something that will mark on a dark green fabric that my 75 year old MIL can see.

  32. ive been DYING to get one of those pencils for the longest time. every time i go to my MILs house i use hers and ask myself why i never remember to get one for myself. here’s hoping this will solve that problem! those pencils are AMAZING!

  33. Would love to win these pencils – I’ve heard alot of good things about them. I don’t have a blog, so can’t link to it, but I just tried string piecing this weekend and had a lot of fun!

  34. I think that is a creative and fabulous shower present! I would love to try the Sewline pencil. Many bloggers seem to like it.

  35. What a cute project.. I vote for framing it.
    and I would love to win one of the Sewline pencils. I have not tried them yet. Thanks for a chance. and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

  36. I am trying to be more careful with my spending this year and love the cost effective ideas and projects on your blog! I have never tried a Sewline product but would love to since they come highly recommended!

  37. Now that is so clever – cute monogram and bet her friends love it too. I would like to try out the Sewline pencil as have heard a lot about it and need something besides a regular pencil.

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  39. What a great idea for a gift. Kelli is to be applauded for her creativeness (guess that’s Mom’s genes coming through). I have a wedding gift to make and this may be just the thing. I think I’ll frame mine as the recepients have a dog and I would worry about her chewing the buttons off.

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