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I love thrifting and stop at any thrift store I find in any of the towns I go to.  I had a fun thrift store run that I thought I would share with you.

I told you in an earlier post that I often use sheets for quilt backings. Read my post HERE if you missed that.

I found two duvet covers that were 100% cotton.  YAHOO!!  The first one has all of these funky characters on it. I think they are hilarious and would be so great on a kid’s quilt.

The next one will also be great on a kid’s quilt.  It’s all construction vehicles.  I just love it!!

Do you remember Pat who was looking for quilt panels for her group?  I’ve been looking for panels since I’ve been thrifting and came up with this one with matching fabric.

This is Pat’s info again in case any of you have panels you are willing to share.

Pat Joho
3152 Killington Loop
The villages, FL 32163

She is looking for panels that are appropriate for kids 4-6 years old.  If you have any please contact Pat at

I found some other fabrics.  The two have price tags, the rest were 50 cents each.  The $2.50 is four yards worth and the 75-cent one is one yard.  The unmarked ones are mostly fat quarters.

I got the knit for Carolyn who does the gown sewing for Lutheran World Relief…the pink piece was just for my stash.  They were 50 cents each.

This was my find of the day!!  It’s punchneedle goodies.  I love the Teresa Kogut pattern.  Did you see it was originally $28??  The punchneedle was originally $21.  I got them for $1.50 altogether.
The punchneedle is started and has the floss included.  YAHOO.  I would love to finish this.  It’s been so long since I did punchneedle though.  I have to relearn how to do it.

I got this 3 set of containers with the hope I’ll use them for cross-stitch finishes.  It was $1 for all three.

I got baggies of fabric too!!

This one had these started mittens.  I was thinking of finishing one of them and hanging it as decoration.  We’ll see.  It was only 50 cents so an okay gamble.

There were four scrap bags.  They were $1 each.

Check this out.  I love this.  There are four finished blocks and pieces to make more blocks.

There is a pattern included for the blocks you see but no pattern for the border of the quilt.  Hmm.  I think I can figure it out.  I would love to finish this.  I’m guessing it will go on the 2023 UFO list.  It’s so pretty.

I am saving the note that came with it so I know the sizes of the pieces.

Can you believe that what is stitched was hand pieced?  I’m not going to hand-piece the rest.  Part of me wonders if I would pass it on to a hand piecer.  Hmm…

More fabric…The top pieces are rolls of washable velvet.  I saved that for use in finishing cross stitch pillows.  The other pieces were in a bag all together marked at $1.

I’ve been collecting frogs.  I have enough now and should quit though.

I also got this pattern for 25 cents.  I am betting Kelli would love to do the embroidered quilt on the top right.  They are all so pretty.  Even if I never make one and only take it to bed to read, it was 25 cents of entertainment.

I bought one other thing at the thrift store but I’m going to give that its own post…it was another fun sewing relate item!!  Stay tuned.  You can see why I love my thrift store and why it’s so tempting to stop!!

19 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds…”

  1. Carmen Montmarquet

    You scored big time, so happy for you! I hardly ever find any good sewing related items where I go! I did get a punch needle set at the thrift store but no great pattern like you did! Learning punch needle is on my bucket list! Also love the round boxes, will be perfect for your cross stitch! All the fabric was an absolute steal! You did good girl!!! Can’t wait to see the item you got!

  2. Is there any pattern name or information for the log cabin/snail trail type pattern? Those are lovely tans and browns. I sure wouldn’t have the patience to hand piece all those pieces!


    Hey, Jo! Whoever contributed all those items to your thrift store was definitely a Country Threads customer! I recognized many of your new purchases – our packaging, our writing and our pattern! Fun!!

  4. Oh Jo, you always find the best deals! I really like the quilt pieces that were hand stitched (some of it looks like snails trail), with more to make. So pretty. You are right, the duvet covers will be really cute backings on quilts for kids. It is fun for me to see your haul and fun to think about how much fun you have finding the goodies.

  5. MAN!! You got the goods! I never find anything in the fabric dept at the thrift stores that I check. I almost always walk out empty handed..oh well.

  6. You found great deals, I am so happy for you. I still have my needle punch stuff from years ago, maybe I should get it out!

  7. Is that top duvet from Ikea by any chance? If so, it’s worth decent money as is, don’t cut it down until you check eBay. Ikea retired prints very quickly and some of their bedding/fabric can be worth hundreds. You can sell it on eBay and have $$$ for your postage fund and many other sheets for backings. Even if it’s another brand like PB Kids or Crate/Barrel be sure to check comps first.

  8. The duvet pieces would make some great children’s backing pieces. You got some wonderful finds. I recognize the Bullseye pieces from Country Threads.

  9. I also have collected a grouping of frogs. Do you have a purpose for them other than flower arrangements?
    I got most of mine in OK and KS. I don’t usually find much at my local ” big brand” “stores. If I go to a small charity related one I can sometimes find a nice deal. I do love church type cookbooks.

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