Announcing a New Series from Jo

I am very excited to be announcing that I am working on new series.  It is all about scraps and more than that all about USING your scraps.

I know many of you are like me and have scraps…want to use scraps…and want to make the most of your quilting dollars.  What better way than to use up every piece that you can?

I don’t have a specific schedule on how things will roll out.  I just know that I will be doing videos and will have blog posts that coordinate to help you (AND ME) plan and make quilts.

This idea came from comments from all of you.  I recently did this video, “How to:  Cutting up Scraps Tutorial”.  It had taken off like wildfire and has been my best-received video in the first week that it was out.  You can watch the video by hitting the red arrow button or you can go to Youtube HERE, save the video and watch it later.

That lets me know you are interested in scraps and how to sort them.

My highest-watched video ever is this video…My Diamond Crumb Quilt Block.  Again, you can watch the video by hitting the red arrow button or you can go to Youtube HERE, save the video and watch it later.

I ended up taking those blocks and made this quilt…

You can read all about the quilt HERE.

Being it’s my most watched video, it’s making me believe that many of you want ideas on how to better use your scraps.

I have recently been sewing on this quilt…my hourglass UFO.  I had a couple of blog readers ask me about doing a video to show how I am making the blocks.  I am currently working on that as part of the series.  Thank you all so much for inspiring the new idea by asking questions and leaving comments.  That helps me so much.

Again, this quilt is scrap related so again, it makes me know you want to know more about how I use scraps and how you might be able to use scraps too.

I’m not promising videos and posts in some type of schedule.  You all know me and my busy life.  I’ll work on that as time allows…but I sure am excited about it…and no, I haven’t forgotten, I still have the smores quilt on my agenda and that quilt will fall right into this series.  Another quilt to look forward to and be excited about.

Watch for more to come from me in both videos and blog posts on using your scraps.  If you want to be ready to go as the videos come, I highly suggest watching my first video on how to cut scraps so you can get yours cut and be all ready to sew as videos come out.

The best scrappy quilts need lots of variety and color.  If you don’t have a lot of scraps already cut into strips, don’t be afraid to cut into some of those fat quarters you’ve been hoarding.  If it’s hard at first to cut into them, just pick out a few ugly ones first.  Trust me, it’s so freeing to cut scraps into strips!!

Watch here…and watch my Youtube channel (you can find HERE) for more good things to come!!

49 thoughts on “Announcing a New Series from Jo”

  1. I’m so excited about this. I’ve been trying to make quilts using my scraps but they seem to keep multiplying! I hope you can explain a little more about how you determine your separation of color ie: brights, civil war prints etc. Thank you for doing this!

    1. Margaret Miller

      I share your problem with scraps, they just keep multiplying . I finished a twin size crumb quilt and my container is still full.

  2. I just finished a large scrap quilt using the Mosaic Chain blocks pattern from Becky at Quilted Twins. It was fun and each block used 28 colored scrap pieces! Maybe we could do a winter sew along with one of the free patterns on their site,

  3. I am so excited about your scrap series! I really enjoyed your cutting scraps tutorial. I will keep my fingers crossed for a video about the hourglass quilt. I like how you explain how you make the best use of your time (cutting scraps in the kitchen while making dinner) and how you love thrifted and gifted scraps (because of few “uglies” make the “pretties” shine) – it is great advice. I also enjoy your Flosstube videos. Thank you for all that you do and I cannot wait to see what is next!

  4. Marsha from Kansas

    I really liked your scrap cutting video. I got scraps of fabric my Mom had saved. Two foot lockers full of scraps. Some fabrics had polyester so I passed on those. I also got my wooden toy box my Dad and his cousin made so the scraps fill it up. Time to start tackling them. I’m curious to see how you make your quarter square blocks. I used to avoid quilts that had those blocks because my units were always so wonky. Then I discovered the Deb Tucker ruler. But it calls for larger squares. I’ll be watching for further info. I also cut squares from smaller pieces. I noticed you didn’t do that, you put them in with your crumbs, so you get through your scraps much faster. Good tip.


    Wonderful, so excited to work along you, you are so inspirational jo. I am Going back to watch the 2 above videos and save them and dive into my sewing room and not come out until the new buckets are full!!!!
    Thank you so much for putting all the work in to please us, your followers.

  6. Oh this will be great! I love working with scraps. The variety of fabrics is so fun. I can’t imagine making a quilt with just two fabrics. I would immediately lose interest. Two colors is fun, as long as they are scrappy! I am currently cutting scraps for Spin Cycle (in the book Scrap School by Lissa Alexander which I bought because you were using it). Have you looked at that quilt? I fell in love with it the first time I looked at the book. I am making it with the scrappy navy and neutral fabrics as they suggest but I am so tempted to use lots of colors and neutral. (Make each circle a different color) I am so enjoying your videos. They are inspiring. Thank you!

  7. I love your enthusiasm for new things! Not that YouTube is new, rather, doing new things to respond to readers :-)

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend Jo, whatever arises for you!

  8. Barbara Yarnell

    This goes right along with my plan to use what I have in 2023. Scraps, yardage and patterns galore! I’m enjoying your free-form alphabet series and ready for more scrappy ideas.

  9. I’m so glad to see you inspired by your followers. I can imagine it must be difficult at times to decide just what to post. Well, I know I would have a hard time with that lol. Your punch needle goodies were such a find!! The floss alone…wowza! Blessings

  10. I really enjoy your videos and look forward to more of them. I did watch the one on how to cut up our scraps, very well done and so much good advice. I really enjoy the alphabet blocks that you are working on, and I hope to use it to add names to a few children’s quilts I have in the works.

  11. Sounds interesting! I have your alphabet letters series bookmarked for when I have free time to watch them. Thank you for making new videos as that gives me the ability to watch anytime. My quilting months are usually January-March though I spend the rest of the year gathering patterns and cutting pieces as I have time.

  12. Thank you so much for the scrap organizing video. I love making scrappy quilts and have a bunch of pieces I want to save in laundry baskets and piles on my sewing room floor. Yikes, right?! You have motivated me to start cutting them down and to stop worrying about not cutting them in the ‘right size’. Thank you, Jo!

  13. I too am looking forward to seeing your new videos. I am a scrappy quilter too, and can’t wait to see what you come up with. So many scraps, so little time ..,

  14. Hurrah! I know it takes a lot of time to create your videos, but we sure appreciate you and those great videos. This series sounds marvelous, and I look forward to following it.

  15. Patti McConnell

    Oh my gosh, I am so excited about this! I have been quilting for 3 years and have leftover strips and squares all cut but no clue what do do with them. I’m getting better about things not being all matchy, but need some encouragement!

  16. I’m very excited about this idea. Scrap quilts are what I grew up with and I’m happier using 100 fabrics instead of 5. It makes for more beautiful quilts… and more scraps! Thanks for all the time you put into your blog and videos it’s such an inspirational source.

  17. Hi Jo I follow your blog all the time. Enjoy reading about your busy family and love seeing your scrappy quilts. I recently read that you no longer have an Accuquilt machine and I’m curious why???

  18. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    This is exciting news! I am moving and I am overwhelmed with my scraps. I just can’t bear to throw anything away. This will be a great help for me! Thank you, Jo.

  19. Have realized 1) I’m not a scrap quilter and 2) I don’t like working with small pieces. Need to find a quilting partner who is a scrap quilter and will take all my leftovers! (I’m in eastern Washington state if anyone is interested, LOL)

  20. This is one of the BEST things to happen to me today!!! I am a scrap lover, but not a great scrap user. I have told my girls when I am sent to a senior home just give me a pile of squares to make four patches & I’ll be in my own little world. I religiously save everything I deem useable, but don’t always have an idea/purpose. I have more four patches and nine patches than the law allows, but outside of some hot pads, I have not “done” anything with them. I will definitely be interested in whatever you come up with and happy for it!!! Thanks, as always, for everything you do for all of us. Hugs,

  21. Janine, just start sewing those 4 patches together. Also sew the 9 patches together. 4 patches and 9 patches make beautiful quilts.

  22. This sounds great Jo. I’m going to make my son a scrap quilt after the first of the year and I could use some tips. I’m also fascinated with crumb quilts. So I can’t wait to learn.

  23. I absolutely LOVE using my scraps to the very last inch! In an effort to do that and encourage others to do the same, I have hosted the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge on my blog each moth for the last two years. I’m currently planning the release of the 2023 event which will take place on the last weekend of each month. Anyone is welcome to participate in the Link Party (even if they don’t have a blog!) I release Guest Blogger posts for those quilters. Looking forward to seeing what scrappy tricks you have up your sleeve, Jo!

  24. I try VERY hard to cut and put away scraps after every quilt. I do basically what Jo is doing. 1.5″, 2″ and 2.5″ but if the piece is 5″ I leave it at that rather than cut it into 2 – 2.5″ pieces. I think down the road it will give me more options. I am really not a scrappy quilter, but find I can’t just throw my left overs away. Some days I just want them out of my sewing space. But than think, maybe someday I’ll use them…..

  25. Thanks for the videos. I like your process for the diamond crumb blocks. The finished quilt is so intimidating until you show the order of sewing. I can see that 4 or 5 blocks could quickly be made in no time and it’s encouraging to see them finished before starting more. If I had to do each step before moving to the next, I wouldn’t finish!

  26. I sort my scraps by cut size strips and cut size squares in boxes by color or type (kids). I have found accuracy and speed by using the Stripology ruler. When I have to keep moving the ruler, I make errors or cut crooked. I would love to see how you sort those buckets and how you keep them from being a wrinkled jumbled mess. Thank you for the video.

  27. I love all of your quilting videos, Jo (I’m not into Cross stitch or else I would love those too) and I get lots of ideas from them. I’ve loved the alphabet ones and the cutting of scraps ones so I’m very excited about your new series. I can’t imagine how much time you have to spend, organising your sewing room beforehand and then shooting the video, editing etc etc so I applaud and thank you. I LOVE making scrap quilts – in fact I think the majority of my quilts are made from scraps and like everyone else who follows you, love new ideas on how to manage them. And, from reading many Quilting Blogs, I know I do not have a large stash of fabrics!!! So, thanks Jo – you are a STAR!

  28. I was behind on my blog following & found this posting from you. What a timely topic! I’ve got nearly 50 years of scraps. I’ve cut up my scraps into Bonnie Hunters scrap system for years now, and you can just imagine how much I have, even with all the quilts I’ve made over the years….and I give away about 98% of what I make. Thanks for the additional ideas — I’m looking forward to future blog posts on this topic! I am really trying to use up my fabrics…and if you could just see my quilt room you’d know just how huge that goal is! I want to donate a few quilts to the church that I teach at (I teach sewing to seniors), and I’ll use some of your pattern ideas for that, too.

  29. Joanne Eggleston

    Just found your YouTube channel last night and watched you cutting strips from your scraps. Loved watching it. And now am watching your crumb quilt how you do yours. I’m loving this. I have been watching you for years on your blog posts on quilting and your wonderful family.

  30. Thanks for this post and the videos! So much info shared and very much appreciate it. I’ve been on the fence about using the scrap users system so MAYBE this tip the scales into cutting my leftovers into strips!!! Thanks so much, Jo.

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