My Weekend Project

On Saturday my girlfriend called and asked if I wanted to go plant shopping….That kind of shopping I like, so I said sure.

Since the house remodel last year, we have no landscaping or plants around the garage and I wanted to see if I could do something about it.  I didn’t have a gob of money to spend and went thinking I’d grab on two plants and start out slow….We ended up going to a neighbor lady’s house who sells plants and we hit the jack pot.


I came home and planted plants.  I was so amazed with the plants we found….The lady had dug them from her own garden so I know they have the ability to grow in my area.  I sometimes get frustrated with nurseries that ship plants in from the south and tell us they’ll grow here in the north.  I am a regular flower gardener and have seen many plants, but she had plants I had never seen before.


I get people telling me that I need to put landscaping fabric and bark down….I have been there and done that and I hated it.  When I garden, I like to feel dirt.  All the plants we got from her were just in a plastic grocery store bag so they needed to be planted soon.  I just dug up a couple feet around the garage and plopped the plants in.


They look a little wilted now but I’ll keep watering the and get those roots established.

We ended up at my friend’s Mother in Laws house and got a few iris’ there.  I know it’s not the best time to replant them right now…but iris’ are pretty hardy.


I ended up putting plants along one side and around half of the other side….Total cost…$47!!  WOW.  I was super happy about that.  My favorite plant, Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, will grow up into this….


My chickens LOVED the whole process.  As I would dig out grass, I’d give it to them….Boy did they love me!!


I’m happy…the chickens are happy.  It’s a good day!

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