My Saturday Continued…

On Sunday I told you about my day away….I went to the thrift stores…I did my errands..and I stopped at an auction.  I had told you that the auction was packed with people.  I had told you that there were coins, comic books and copious amounts of Christmas decor to sell.  Then I told you that I stopped at a little vintage shop in town.

Well from there…I went back to the auction.  I was hoping they had made some progress, but from what I had seen…VERY LITTLE progress had been made.  I decided to head out to Harmony and check out our booth at the antique mall.  At first I wasn’t really happy with the drive but now, I very much enjoy it.  It’s about 45 or so minutes from our house.  But if I go to Decorah and do my errands…then onto the antique mall, it’s perfect.

So things are happening with the booth.  We are doing well and Kalissa has decided to get her own booth.  She loves the vintage farmhouse stuff.  We love the antiques and collectible.  There’s not a lot of space in one booth for both so happily they decided to each have their own.  It’s going to be nice as she’ll check on ours if she goes and we’ll do the same.

With that change I wanted to scope out how many things she had in our booth that would be leaving and how much space that would leave that I have to fill.

Here’s how the booth looked after I was done.  We got new shelving in.

Check out the back wall.  The shelving came from the Catholic church rectory here in town.  They are tearing it down shortly and had a big sale for the content of the building.  We bought the shelves with the intention that we’d use them here are the booth.  They work GREAT!  We are very pleased with them.

This is Kalissa’s cabinet but it will likely stay in our booth for a bit.  It fits better with our stuff.

Next to that is another shelf from the rectory.  Karl had come with me the last time I was here and he was great help to the shelving into place.

We had some problems along this wall.  The vendor in the booth to the right of ours was “honing in on our space”.  You can see there is a wire rack behind the tall shelf with the Amish doll on top of it.  That’s her rack.  She was hanging stuff on the rack and was displayed in out space.  I ended up having to rework the entire wall pulling out and moving stuff around so that we had stuff in all of our space and we weren’t having her stuff in it.  Right now we can still see her stuff through the shelving unit but it is the best I could do for today.  I took these pictures to show Hubby and maybe he’d have a better idea of how to deal with it.

I’m happy with how it all looks now….at least for the time being.

I have plans to go up again next week.  Kalissa will have taken a few things out and I’ll have more room for more things…so goal for the week…get more things tagged and sorted.

Now that I was done there I was headed back to Decorah.  Originally I had planned to go through Cresco and onto home but Hubby called and needed me to pick up meds at the vet and that was in Calmar and I had to go through Decorah to get there.

I started out and right away saw a garage sale sign.  Oh my.  I debated on stopping.  It was late in the day and the sale was likely picked over.  It was at a hotel and that seemed odd too.  I decided to stop.  I went in and nothing interested me at all…and then I saw a suitcase set up like this……Do any of you recognize these???  Yep American Girl dolls.  In all of my thrifting I’ve never come upon them at a garage sale….NEVER.  There was a tag on the suitcase that said $25.  I was kind of confused.  Was that $25 for the suitcase…$25 for a doll…$25 for the lot.  Then I looked a little closed as reproduction dolls are quite prevalent and they looks a lot like American Girls.  Then I asked the guy how much they were.  He said, “Those American Girl dolls?  I think $25 weren’t they?”  I still need clarification so I asked doesn’t that mean for both of the dolls and the suitcase.  He said, “I sure think so.”

I decided to quick pay the man before he called his wife and the price changed.

I had left them on the shelf while I paid then went back to the shelf and picked them up turning the brown haired doll so she would lay in the suitcase.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered this box behind the suitcase!!!  It said American Girl Today.  I figured it was full of accessories.  I thought I better ask to make sure the stuff went with the “lot”.  He said it did so off I went smiling all the way!!

When I got in the car I peeked in the box.  American Girl doll clothes!!  AH!!  I was so excited.  My girls LOVED American Girl dolls.  They loved the books.

I am so-so happy with my find.  SO-SO.  The dolls both fit into the little suitcase.  It is perfect for the dolls.

So now my debate is do I resell them?  Do I keep them?  I’ve always wanted to have an American Girl doll to sew clothes for….but I’m different than a lot of people.  I like the dolls that go with the books.  These are the “Girls of Today”.  They are great too…but….Hmm.  I have time to think about it…and I will.

So after the garage sale and the antique shop…I was going back to Decorah….remember that auction?  Maybe I should stop there again….  Maybe they would be selling the stuff I wanted.

But I’ll save the rest of that story for tonight’s post.

4 thoughts on “My Saturday Continued…”

  1. Sherril McGann

    I’m with you Jo. I like the older, BeForever, dolls too. I sometimes find American Girl doll clothes at our Goodwill Pay by the Pound ($1.39/lb) thrift store. My granddaughter and I share the goodies that I find. I have Kit and I bought her Felicity for her birthday. We have also made an excursion to the nearest American Girl doll store. It’s nice to have an interest we can share.

  2. Hmm, Jo, you don’t mention using the American Girl dolls for your childcare business. Are the children too young for them? Perhaps you already have plenty of dolls for them. Maybe some of their parents would like the opportunity to buy the new dolls for their older children? That would be a wonderful way to make money and help others out by sharing your good luck.
    Last week I was watching a salvage diy show. One of the hosts said the picker wanted $100 for this all wood kerosene powered brooder, but she got him down to $50. They fixed up the brooder and put a price tag of $450 on it. I was incensed at the huge markup. They could have paid the $100 to start with. They could have shared the profit with the picker. I’ll bet they never thought to help out the picker.

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