Roller Skating Fun

I was going to leave you with no blog post.  Between the sewing room organizing and dog news, I didn’t have any time to write.  I warned you about possibly missing a blog post because of it all…

Rather than leave you high and dry with absolutely nothing I’m sending you over to Kalissa’s blog, The Pink Shoelaces.  She wrote all about our adventures with roller skating over the weekend.

I’ll give you a teaser picture of two…

Here are Kalissa and Lilly…

…and here is Gannon.

HERE is the link to Kalissa’s blog and she’ll tell you the whole story about our adventure.

…and about the dog news.  Tomorrow, I promise.

8 thoughts on “Roller Skating Fun”

  1. Hi, Jo! I watched your live video the other day and really enjoyed it. Yes, you should continue to do live videos! It was fun to see you in action and hear your voice (I haven’t seen your other flosstube type videos). I have a question….I used to get your blog in my email everyday…then it started to come every few days with all the previous blog posts in it. I remember there was some issue with your server or something. I re-subscribed and everything was just fine for a while. Now I’m having the same issue. And it seems like some blog posts come up, but not all. I re-subscribed again (twice), but no change. Can you let me know if this is happening to others or if it’s a problem on my end? I don’t want to miss anything! Thanks so much! Love all your postings!

    1. I bookmarked Jo’s site and check it twice a day, morning and evening, EST. Not as convenient but I don’t miss any posts. A couple of other blogs I read have gone through this changing of the “servers”, not just Jo’s.

  2. So much cousin fun! The cousins sure have fun together. A great weekend for you and them. The roller skating reminds me of so much fun. I miss roller skating but just don’t have any rinks around here. At one time, my daughter and I would go roller skating once a week – so fun!

  3. I also am having trouble receiving your e-mail posts. I had issues with my cell phone due to a tower problem for 6 weeks. So, I thought that was the issue, but it has not improved with my phone working now and I see that others have problems. Sometimes when I receive one of the new types the links don’t work. However I am using Google to catch up. Just wanted to let you know in case it makes a difference with your analytics.

  4. Hi Jo… I also am having a problem receiving your email posts. For a long time I would receive an email from you in the morning and again in the evening which I enjoyed reading. Now I seem to get it only in the evening, the format is different and I feel like I’m missing a lot of your family news. I always looked forward to hearing from you twice a day. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you

  5. I follow Connie Kresin Campbell’s blog, and she said yesterday (?) that she is adopting Rusty! She also said that you’re driving halfway to meet her; that is very kind of you. So happy for her…and for Rusty…as I know she will take good care of him. She is a true dog lover!

  6. Dear Jo,
    I just found out who got Rusty, I’m so happy! I think he and Mr. Mickey will be great for each other. Please have a safe trip! So kind of you to do this for Connie.
    Love your Blog
    Big Hug

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