Quilt Book Review: Love Flying Geese

C&T Publishing sent me a new ebook to review…and I’m happy to say, I love it!  The book is put together by multiple contributors all projects from the magazine Love Patchwork and Quilting.  I know I live rural but I’ve not seen the magazine anywhere in my area.

The quilts are all listed as “modern”…but those of you who don’t like modern, please don’t quit reading.  Modern isn’t my favorite, and yet I still very much liked the book.

I’ve mentioned before that at times I get a little frustrated with C&T.  They send me the ebooks.  They give me the option to review them but they don’t give me the tools to easily do it.  I don’t have access to pictures from the book except for a few.  I’ve looked all over online to find some and this is all I found.

this one too….

Those are not my favorite quilts from the book….I finally had to resort to putting the ebook up on my computer and then taking picture of the computer screen.  So the pictures aren’t the best…but here they are…
All of the quilts have flying geese in them.  I love the coloring in this one….

The big blocks in this one are fun.  I would love to make this as a graduation gift quilt.  If you look the quilt isn’t symmetrical.  That’s what the “modern” of it is.  If you’re not a modern quilter and don’t like that feature, make it symmetrical.

This one I liked.

One thing about some of the quilts in the book, they are a little oddly measured.  One is 50″ x 70″.  I personally like my quilt to not be narrow.  Again, that’s easy enough to fix.  To match my personal taste, I’d just add another row.

None of these quilts look hard…but they sure look fun.

Amazon has a link for the book HERE….C&T has a link HERE.

I’m watching all of my budgets now so no hard copy for me. I’ll be enjoying my free ebook copy…but if I wasn’t, this one would be so tempting.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Love Flying Geese”

  1. I especially like the last one pictured. My 4-H student is doing a flying geese quilt for her project this year and has the FGs flying all directions too. Fun!

  2. I am seeing a lot of patterns with the same block, but different sizes as in the first quilt. I am finding I like this look!

  3. Thanks for resourcefully sharing more of the book. This looks like a winner for me. I do like some modern things and some more traditional. Since I’m weirdly between Gen X and the Baby Boomes, maybe that makes sense?! I look forward to seeing how you put your twise on some of these ideas into a quilt when you’re ready.

  4. Go to the Start button on your pc and type Snip in the little search box. The snipping tool should come up. That will allow you to snip / take a picture of any image on your computer and then paste it somewhere else. I use all the time.

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