My New APQS Millennium

Today is the day…Kelli and I are off taking lessons on how to work my new APQS Millennium.

Kelli really didn’t want to learn but I am making her go.  Four ears listening is WAY better than two ears listening.  I am SUPER excited and not really nervous at all.

We had to change the room around and may have to yet again.  Right now we have a double bed in the room but might be putting the single bed in instead.  After some more measuring we’ll know more about that.

I am hoping she sticks with the name Milly….nice and sweet.  I have already decided she’s going to become Millificent if she turns mean and nasty….but we are hoping for sweetness with little thread breakage and nice even stitches.

Our old house is such a hard house to move large pieces around in.  The doors in the bedrooms are not across from each other so if we are moving long pieces around we can’t move into another bedroom to help us turn.  The APQS guys ended up taking the long pieces up through the window!

They laughed and said they do this often.  They are the greatest guys…super friendly and very helpful.

I am hoping by this time next week, I’ll have finished my first quilt on the new machine!

12 thoughts on “My New APQS Millennium”

  1. Like a good friend with a new toy I’m so looking forward to hearing about your adventures with your new quilting machine!

  2. Jo and Kelli: Welcome to the APQS family!! It was fun today…glad you brought Kelli…but I think you better beware as she may take over Milli. I loved to watch the excitement on your faces as I showed how to use rulers, stencils and many of the other “toys” in my toybox. I truely love to share my passion for quilting with others. Enjoy your new machine!!

  3. Ooooh, I am so excited for you. This will just be the *best*.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the quilts that Milly has her touch on.

  4. Congratulations!!! How exciting :) We had to get my poles in the window too…on the 3rd floor!!!! That was so much fun with my DH most of the way up the extension ladder, a kiddo on the lower end of it and one on the ground…my stepson and I were in the window upstairs. Sure wish I had a video!

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