My Latest Gifted Quilt

I am finally beginning to feel like things are back to normal after last week with my nieces and nephews here.  It was a hectic crazy week but definately a memorable one!

I finished this quilt the day before the kids came and didn’t get a chance to tell you about it last week.  Again I raced the dead line….and again in the very nic of time, finished. 


Here it is in the quilting machine….I love my Grand Quilter and Next Generation quilting frame.  It make machine quilting a breeze!  I used a layer cake of Charisma Fabric which part of Moda’s fabric line. 


I cut my layer cake (10″ fabric squares) in half diagonally two times.  Then I sewed them together making hour glass blocks.  I layed the blocks out and sewed them together making the center 5×7.  Then I cut strips for the borders sewing them together then to the center piece.  When I added the end borders, I sewed a left over quilt block onto each end. 

When I quilted this I used a stippling design….but my favorite feature is this.  I quilted the couple’s names into the blue binding strip.


I LOVED the look.  I usaually put the couple’s name in the quilting design but have never done in right on the border.  I was wrapping it up and my daughter Kalissa threw a fit and wouldn’t let me cover it with wrapping paper.  So she wrapped just like it’s shown in the photo.  It looked really nice.  I plan on wrapping quilts that way from now on.

This week I am hoping to get a baby quilt in the quilting machine and finished.  It’s one I designed so I will be adding a tutorial to go with it!    You may be wondering if I have any more gifted quilts in my future….well yes I do.  I have two new nephews who are scheduled to arrive in the next two months…family and friends make it a busy quilting life and I love it!

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