8 Hours and Counting…Disappearing Nine Patch

We had a wedding Saturday and guess what?  The Tuesday before, I decided to make the couple a lap quilt for a present.  For some people, close dead lines drive them crazy….for me, I thrive! 

At 8 am Saturday morning…this was my progress.  Quilt top finished, in the quilt machine and half done.


I have a Pfaff Grand Quilter with a Next Generation Quilt Frame that I do all my quilting on.  I’ve had it a year and LOVE it. 

Here’s a close up shot of the quilt.  I just did a stippling stitch.  It’s fast and at this point, fast is what I needed!


By 9:30, the quilt was quilted….now all I had left to do was bind it.  BUT, I didn’t have enough red fabric for the binding.  SO…off to the quilt shop.  You should have seen the ladies in the quilt shop when I said I only had five hours until the wedding starts…lots of dropping jaws.

I got home and right to work.  Here it is at 2:00 pm, bound and up on the clothesline for a quilt display.  Forgive the weeds in my flower garden…I (really) didn’t have time to remove them for the photo.


This quilt is a disappearing nine patch made from Moda’s Charisma Fabric line.  I used four charm packs to make it.  Here’s a great tutorial for the pattern.  It’s the same one Kelli used for her Hawkeye Baby Quilt.

I have another wedding in July.  I cut the fabric for a quilt on Sunday so stop back and see it I can make the deadline.

7 thoughts on “8 Hours and Counting…Disappearing Nine Patch”

  1. HI
    I love your disappearing 9 patch quilt. I am very new at quilting, but would like to try to make something similar. I seems to me that you did not follow directions exactly. How many different fabrics did you use? Was every nine patch different before you cut them into quaters? Did you mix up quaters from different sets? Was there any pattern in the order you put the quaters together in? Where the fabrics on the cross in the nice patch always darker the the reamining4?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I just love your quilt


  2. The quilt was about 52×60. If I were you and were going to try to make it, I would probably get 5 charm packs. I had some scraps around here from previous Charisma quilts and must have thrown in a few extra squares. I know I added about eight extra red squares too. It’s a really fun quilt to make…real simple…real easy.

  3. I really love the Hidden Nine Patch with this color combination. It is a favorite pattern for charity quilts using donated treasures.

    I have located a used Pfaff Grand Quilter with an Inspira Frame and Regulator for just under $1800 and was wondering if you would give the price a thumbs up for a newbie to go ahead and jump into machine finishing? Making tops can be fun, but I think I would finish more quilts if I had a set up like yours. Opinions?

    1. That is an EXCELLENT price. I LOVE having my frame and it has really made quilting more exciting for me. I have the next generation frame and wish it was better quality. I think you’re smart looking at the better, Inspira frame. I finish MANY more quilts than I ever did before. My friends and daughter use my quilting machine too so it’s been great for EVERYONE.

  4. Thanks for replying. I will hold out a few days before jumping on it, I love a deal but feel I need to let fate have a little time to intervene if there is a better deal or if the machine has issues and needs to go to someone else. My baskets of UFOs need me to get a move on, though!

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