Meet Pancho and Lefty

Saturday was a transition day for me.  My foster pup Juno went to her new home…

and Pancho and Lefty came to my house.

Juno was only at my house for a transition period.  More pups had come in and placement was needed for them.  I could take Juno to make room.  Juno already had her forever home in place but the family couldn’t come and get her as they were traveling a bit and needed to do it on a day they weren’t working.

Juno was a good pup and pretty easy to take care of.  She did get me up one night and I had to come down and scold her for yipping.  Other than that, it was smooth sailing.

My grandson Carver just loved her.

I was able to get a new fence.  I keep it in my kitchen and keep the pups in it.  So often I have to keep fosters away from my dogs until tests come back to make sure they are disease free…or I have pups that I am house training and keep them in an enclosed spot while they are here.

I bought… THIS ONE from Amazon.  I just love it.  I want to thank everyone who has ever bought items through the links in my blog post for this.  Amazon pays me a small commission credit when you buy items for those links.  I saved those commission credits and used them to purchase this fence.  It’s been a game-changer.  It’s made fostering so much easier.

My grandkids can get in and out the door all by themselves so they can go in and have puppy time whenever they want.  I can get in and out with much less difficulty.  It’s shorter so I can easily bend over and put the food bowls in without having to go in and out the door.  I can easily make it smaller if I only have one dog.  It’s just what I needed.

As I said, THANKS SO MUCH, for buying items through the links and allowing me to get that commission.  It’s likely an item I wouldn’t have purchased without the credits and I’d still be struggling with the old fence.

I keep a kennel inside the fence as I am getting the puppies kennel trained.  These two guys are so little they just share one kennel.

If you have been following along with the blog and remember Rusty, these are his boys.  We now have all of the puppies out of the farm.  WHEW.  There have been I think…13 puppies from just that one farm…and Rusty.  There might have been a couple more that went to another rescue.  It’s so much that I can’t keep it all straight.

My dogs are liking the pups.  Izzy has a lot of puppiness in her and loves the action.

Rosie is okay with the attention.

This is Lefty.  He’s the scrappy little brother.  He is not afraid of the bigger dogs at all.

He tries really hard to be the boss.  I think it’s a bit of a “little man” complex.

This is Pancho.  He’s a little bigger and a little lighter in color.

He acts a little like the older bigger brother watching out for his younger brother.

He is more mild-mannered.

The two are wrestlers and love romping.

They are doing really well with housetraining.  As I am writing this it’s mid-afternoon Monday and between the two, there has only been one potty accident and that was on a puppy pad so I’m taking that as a win.  Sadly the accident happened just as I was putting my shoes on to go outside.  I’m taking the blame as bad timing on my part.

These two are doing great here.  Both of them have pre-approved applications so if their vet checks today go well, I’ll be making appointments with their new families for a meet and greet.

I’m so excited for the families who will be getting Pancho and Lefty, so far, they have been a joy to care for.

12 thoughts on “Meet Pancho and Lefty”

  1. Those pups are two cutie pies! Thank you for what you do in fostering – there is so much need. We have 3 rescues and they are so much a part of our family as we are empty nesters. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Love seeing Rusty’s sons – so cute!! Thank you for posting about the ups and downs about fostering, maybe you will encourage someone else to give it a try! So glad they, along with Juno, have forever homes to go to!!

  3. Oh such cuties!! Since I read that cherry eyes is hereditary it breaks my heart seeing Rusty’s offspring and wondering if they will develop them too. They are so cute though and sure sound like such sweet doggies.

  4. I would kike to ask 2 questions please. How is your grandson and what happen for him to need a feeding tube. Did you adopt Izzy or is this a foster. Thanks
    I wish you and your family a great 2023.

  5. Rusty’s offspring are mighty cute! I hope they don’t inherit Rusty’s eye problems. Rusty was a busy boy at the farm.

  6. Such a cute bunch of pups!! I love the way you manage to get them all to look at the camera! And it’s just amazing how the group manages to find them all good homes so quickly!

  7. Perhaps they should have named Rusty Romeo. The puppies are stuck on cute. What a fun way to begin the new year! Blessings to all,,


    From experience, if you get an offcut of vinyl flooring that’s a bit bigger than your ex-pen, and put it underneath the puppy pads, it will save your wood floors from damage.
    You can roll it up and put it in the garage between fosters, if there is a between

    Sweet pups. Glad they’re doing well, and even gladder they’re out of the barn.

  9. Hi, with your post being about rescue dogs I was a bit concerned to see four of the adverts in it were for immediately available puppies for sale. Were they puppy farms as the pups were “no wait”? I don’t imagine you have any influence on the averts shown and an algorithm generated them. Thought you should know what we’re seeing.
    Regards from snowy Salt Lake City

  10. Love your puppy pictures! I have cats that I’ve rescued now, since my sweet Sheltie passed at 16 years old. I’m too old to walk my dogs now but I do enjoy my kitties.

    I’m missing your daily emails and I hope & pray you are ok!
    Love & prayers!❤️❤️❤️

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