Lime Green…It’s not a mistake!

When I got the mail last week, my reproduction club goodies from Country Threads were there.  I was really excited until I ripped it open….What lime green?!  …this is a Civil War reproduction club.
When you join the club, they sent 8 fat eighths along with a black and white colored pattern.  Members don’t have to use the fabrics in their quilt….but…I was sure that someone had made a mistake.  Why would they include that color???  I had no plans to use it…lime green.  Not for me.  This is reproduction club.  I am used to reds, mustards, greens, blacks, purples…and those rich colors.  Well when I went to Country Threads, I saw the original quilt.
Not only did I take a picture of the quilt, I bought more of the lime green fabric.  Isn’t the quilt wonderful?  I definitely wanted enough fabric to make the setting triangles in BEATIFUL lime green.  It gives a touch of spring to those beautiful deep colors.  I LOVE it!  It’s amazing what a designer can do with fabric…including convincing me to use lime green!   This little quilt is a must do on my project list now….Triangles, here I come!

3 thoughts on “Lime Green…It’s not a mistake!”

  1. It is a beautiful quilt and the lime green is perfect, but I would not have thought so without seeing the picture. Laura

  2. LOVE IT! I felt the same way about the acid yellow but it makes civil war repro’s pop, as will this green!
    thanks for sharing!


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