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I started a new feature here on the blog called Jo’s Favorite Finds.  In these posts, I’m going to share some things I’ve discovered.  You might already know about them…and some you might not.  Here are today’s featured items.

You all know I’ve been working on my main floor bathroom. After my husband died, I had the goal to get an easily accessible shower in there should I need it as I age. I’m finding myself in this odd limbo spot. I have to think about myself aging and have to think of my grandkids at my house at the same time. It’s a strange combo to want an easy-access shower for myself and want space for a potty chair, step stools, and changing tables. I’ve done fairly well balancing it all.

You might remember I had a custom vanity made so that it has a fold-down door that turns into steps for a step stool so kids can reach the faucet and I don’t have to trip over a stool…Oh, I love this. It was worth the money to have it custom-built. It is used all the time when the grandkids are here.

I also love that they aren’t scraping up my wood floor by dragging a stool across it.

The next kid-friendly upgrade I did was…add the fold-down table to use as a diaper changing station. It was designed by the same cabinet maker.

I love that I have these options in my bathroom to use when the grandkids are here and fold away when they aren’t.

Not long ago, an opportunity came up. A company was looking for bloggers to test a new toilet seat they had. I saw it and immediately signed up to test it. You’ll soon see why I immediately volunteered.

Well, I have a new fold away to help me be the grandma…I just got a Next2Step  

It’s so cool. It’s a fold-down potty chair. My daughter Kelli’s boys were here the other day to check it out. The boys have just started trying out a potty chair. I let them check out my new seat.

The potty chair ring is part of the seat lid and it folds down. Obviously it’s so easy that my grandson Eli can do it himself.

A magnet holds the ring up in place so when kids aren’t around, my toilet is perfect for me and I don’t have to worry about the kids ring coming down and hitting me on the back.

Installation was super easy. I did it myself. It only took five minutes and was no different than installing a regular toilet seat.

I was worried the seat might not be good quality but it’s great. It comes in different sizes and colors which is awesome. I have the white elongated version (they come in elongated or round) to fit my toilet. I love it and it’s perfect for me as a grandma to have what the grandkids need without having the mess of potty chairs in my bathroom.

I love that I can flip my step stool, my changing table and my toilet seat down in a matter of seconds and switch from single me to grandma!

Even better, once I don’t have grandkids here that need the kid’s toilet seat, I can simply pull the kids section off and have a completely normal toilet seat. I’m just thrilled with this…that is my favorite find.

7 thoughts on “Jo’s Favorite Finds”

  1. I saw one of those toilet seats a couple of years ago and immediately sent a pic to my son, who has two small kids. He went and got it right away, and they all love it! What a great idea, eh? That has to have been invented by a mom!

  2. I have to admit this is a great idea – sure wish someone had come up with it sooner – all us grandmas with older kids are smacking our heads thinking “I could have invented that!” LOL!
    Love and prayers

  3. What a great toilet seat! I don’t have a need for one but would have liked it back in when I did. I am going to suggest this to my grandson who has two little ones, ages 1 and 2, so right time for him to install one of those!

  4. I’m a grandma too. After seeing this seat at my daughter’s house, we got one for our downstairs bathroom, several years ago. I watch the grands several times a week. Eventually, when the second boy began training, we got another for upstairs, for when they needed to go at the same time.

  5. Oh how I envy the fold-away changing table! Changing GD on the couch is a Royal Pain (literally!). And thanks for the link to the toilet seat. It’s not quite time for that, but it will be here before I know it.

  6. We purchased this type of toilet seat from Menards 3-4 years ago when our granndson had just started potty training. He’s the last of grands, would have been nice to have when the older ones were little! Another nice feature, least on ours, it’s a self closing/soft close lid, meaning you just have to slightly start the closing process and the lid will slowly and quietly close. Dar

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