Help Please?!

Hey all…I’m hoping you can help me. I’m trying to help my friend Carla feel a little better.

I know many of you know that I often collaborate with Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations on many of our projects that are published in magazines. Carla is a master longarmer. She does amazing work.

What you might not know is that Carla and I are friends beyond just being colleagues. Our kids went to the same school. We ended up at many of the same events. We went to the same church and were involved in many of the same activities. Now that our kids have grown, we’ve gotten to be friends on our own accord not just friends because we ended up at the same places because of our kids.

Carla and I see each other once or twice a week when we get out and walk our dogs and have gotten out and done a few other things too. I have to say I really appreciate her as I’m a hard person to be friends with because I’m so busy. I can’t tell you how many times we can’t do something because I’m watching grandkids or getting foster dogs in. Carla is great and she’s so patient with me. I truly appreciate that.

Anyway…Carla called me the other day to tell me that her Facebook page and email got hacked. AHH!! Carla said both her personal and her business Facebook pages got hacked. She was told she likely needs to make new ones. AHH!!! She had been working so hard to build her business Facebook page and now…ugh. It looks like it might be gone. It’s truly frustrating.

You can still her Facebook page but she can’t get in and do anything to it. She can’t update it. She can’t respond to messages…nothing.

Carla asked if I could come over this past weekend and help her. I said yes but insisted that she let me bring my daughter Kalissa along. Kalissa is really the social media helper around here. She does a great job with it all. She can answer questions and help. I know that because she’s the one that helps me!!

So Kalissa helped Carla, and I hung out for moral support.

After talking, Kalissa and Carla decided that rather than focusing on her Facebook page getting restarted, she’d set up an Instagram account instead with a tiny hope that maybe, just maybe, she might be able to get her Facebook page back.

Here Kalissa is filming Carla while she’s longarming. She later went on to make it into a video. It’s Carla’s first feature on Instagram.

I’m hoping that you all can…

go over to Carla’s Instagram page, here it is longarmquiltinginspirations, and give her page a like. It would really be a pick-me-up for Carla if you did. It is so disheartening to loose everything you’ve been working on.

By the way…Carla is the talent that brought so many of our to life. She’s the longarmer for our On the Bright Side quilt…

She is also the talent behind our latest quilt which is published in American Patchwork and Quilting…the current issue.

Did you know that people have seen the way Carla has longarmed our quilts in the magazine and they have gone on and made the quilt–Then they contacted Carla and asked her to longarm their quilt exactly the way she longarmed ours for the magazine. Carla can do that and does.

Carla is such a talent. I’m sure if you follow her she’ll be showing you client quilts and talking all about her work as a professional longarmer.

Carla is also a good cook so I wouldn’t doubt she’ll share a recipe or two. I actually shared one of Carla’s recipes on the blog, her crock pot apple butter recipe. It was so good!! HERE is the link.

If you’re an Instagram user, please give Carla a like on her LongarmQuiltingInspirations page. I’m sure you’ll love it…plus you can see the video Kalissa ended up putting together of Carla quilting.

While we were there, Carla, Kalissa, and I made plans to get together and make a reel about our collaboration on the quilt you see above. I designed and made the quilt. Carla did the longarming and Kalissa had the templates made. It’s so fun to work together with friends and family!! If you didn’t order your templates yet, you can find them HERE in Kalissa’s Etsy shop. They have been selling like gang busters. Kalissa has had to put in a second order. PHEW!! She so appreciates your business!!

That’s what Kalissa, Carla, and I were up to on Sunday. We had a great time with Carla!!

8 thoughts on “Help Please?!”

  1. Poor Carla! I’m so sorry. Facebook doesn’t really care. My daughter-in-law’s longtime, very active, personal FB account was hacked several weeks ago, and she hasn’t been able to get it back. Instagram isn’t much better. My daughter lost access to her Instagram account due to incorrectly entering a password, and it took about two months to get it back.

  2. Louise Karpicus

    I am in the process of receiving a quilt top from Jo’s auction. Jo was kind enough to pass on the top to Carla. I can tell you ladies that Carla is the LAQ you want to use for your quilt tops. She has been patient and professional in guiding me through the process of custom machine quilting. And her work is AMAZING! Thank you Jo for sharing and helping make this connection. I can’t wait to forward another top to her.

  3. I couldn’t find the video on Carla’s Instagram site. And the photos in this post weren’t visible either. Jo, I thought once you stated you were going to do a video or something about the new quilt and the templates Kalissa is selling.

  4. I fell in love with your quilt immediately!! I ordered the template and I’m just waiting on it. The quilting is beautiful! Hugs,

  5. I really feel for Carla, it’s awful when your account gets hacked, but even more so when it’s your business account. I hope she has more luck with Instagram, her work is amazing!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    I understand the misery of being hacked both my sister just older than and her husband have been hacked. I don’t understand people who think stealing someone else’s site is fun or money making. Taking care of friends can be the best part of friendship. Praying for you and Carla.

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