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I started a new feature here on the blog called Jo’s Favorite Finds.  In these posts, I’m going to share some things I’ve discovered.  You might already know about them…and some you might not.  Here are today’s featured items.

I wanted to show you something I bought.  As I have more cross-stitch projects going, I needed a few more scissors to put into the bags with my projects.  If I didn’t have grandkids around all the time, I’d likely keep scissors and a pincushion out near my stitching spot but being they are here,  I’ve opted to keep a scissors in each individual project bag.  I am out of scissors. So I went on Amazon to see what they had.  I found these.

There were 10 for $20 or I could have gotten 6 for $15.  I figured that was too good to be true.  Seriously these would easily be $7 each at a needlework store.  I figured they were probably cheapies but I decided to order them and if they were cheapies, I’d return them.  I really didn’t need 10 but the price break was so much better so I bought the ten.

They came.  I opened the box feeling sure that I was going to have to return them, but I ended up really liking them and I’m keeping them.  I love the different colors.  They aren’t cheapies.  They work perfectly for cutting floss.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.

I am set for scissors now!!

I love all colors!  In a couple of my cross-stitch bags, I had kids’ school scissors and they aren’t my favorite at all.  I’ve pulled them out and replaced them with these cute scissors.  I’ve never bought the expensive scissors that many cross stitchers collect and honestly, I doubt I ever will.  I prefer these and having money to spend on charts instead.  Charts are the place where I spend too much money.

I’m currently working on a craft idea that uses these scissors.  Hopefully, I can share it with you soon.  It might be a bit though as you know me, I have too many irons in the fire.

Another Favorite Find I want to share with you is…two new floss tube channels I’ve been watching.

It seems like many cross-stitchers put in a New Year’s resolution to start a floss tube channel.  I love it and hope they can stitch with it.

The one I really loved was Lauren, The New Hampshire Stitcher.  Here is a view of her first Floss Tube.  She did a WIP parade and in her second video, she did a finish parade.  So fun to watch.  She stitches the same kind of projects I like.  I was so fun to watch.  If you are into floss tube, please check her out and subscribe to her channel.  It will give her lots of encouragement to keep filming.

If you want to find her channel on Youtube.  It is HERE.

I discovered another new floss tube.  These ladies are named Antique Needleworkers.  They did a first video introducing themselves and showing projects they are working on.  Again, they are stitching projects that I would love to stitch.  You can find them HERE.

I enjoyed watching them very much.  They were a lot of fun.

If you’ve found any you are watching, please share them in the comment section.  I love finding new flosstubers to watch.

A very simple Favor Find I discovered was moving my furniture around.  I know it’s a simple and easy thing but my couch, even though it was a name brand and only 4 years old, has a saggy cushion.  It’s in the spot that EVERYONE sits including me when I cross stitch.

You can see that the spot on the left has changed and sags towards the center.

It’s even worse if the feet are out.

I ended up moving the couch and loveseat around.  The loveseat has had very little use since we purchased it.  It’s where I am sitting now to stitch.  I’m so glad I changed it up.  I think it likely saved me from buying new furniture for now.  I do believe that I will need to buy something before long especially if I keep having back troubles.

Can anyone recommend some good furniture with back support?  As I said this is likely a temporary fix but it’s working for now.  I’d like to have some idea of what I’d like next just in case.

The other favorite find has to do with my back too.  I’ve been to the chiropractor three times in the last week.  I’ve been a mess.  What happens is my hip goes out.  She puts in back in and then I am so stiff and sore.  I think I do things to try to get my back loose and then screw up my hip.

On Saturday morning it hit me.  I have a tens unit.  Do you know what they are?  I sure didn’t until I had trouble with my shoulder.  It is a really simple machine.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  They are only $33…cheaper than a chiropractor or massage appointment.

To use it you put the patches on your body in an area where your muscles are tense.  You turn it on and pick the mode you like…turn it on and it “massages” and relaxes the muscles in that area.
I upgraded and bought the larger pads so it covers a larger area.  You can find those HERE.

So far, this has been working great on my back and giving me a lot of relief.  Hopefully, it all continues along that way.  I’m ready for a pain-free back.

I can’t believe I forgot that I have this and how good it feels on muscle issues.

That’s all I have for you today.  If you have some favorite finds please leave them in the comment section.

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  1. I understand the hip and back pain. I have been going to the chiropractor too and an finally able to stand and do some sewing ,quilting or even the dishes without pain shooting out from The hip or back. Prayers you get relief soon! Love my tens unit!

  2. I have had bad back and hip pain for a week now. I used everything to help me: Alleve, Tylenol, Advil, rubs, cold and heat. Finally I started taking the herb Echinacea and I feel much better. About 4 years ago I got something like this and the doctor said a virus had settled in my body in different areas. So now when this happens without a real read, it take echinacea and it helps me.

  3. What a deal with the scissors! How fun t o have a pretty variety of colors. So sorry you have back issues. Never good to have aches and pains. I hope you get relief.

  4. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Hi, Jo! A TENS unit doesn’t relax muscles. (Of course this doesn’t matter if it helps you, use it!) It treats pain by blocking it or changing your perception of it. The Cleveland Clinic has a webpage on it.

  5. I find that LazyBoy furniture has better support. I used to use a TENS unit on my jaw when I had TMJ syndrome. Very helpful.

  6. Natuzzi is the only truly comfortable seating we’ve ever had. Our first one lasted 23 years. The store we purchased it at talked us out of a second one and got us to order “a fantastic USA made better one”. It’s been 5years and it sucks. Natuzzi is EXPENSIVE but cheaper than replacing every 5 years. I’m so angry at that sales person. I trusted “the expert”.

    Meanwhile, do you have a small decorative firm pillow you can use at the small of your back for support? That works for me!

    Cute scissors!

  7. I have come to realize that couches and or loves seat recliners with metal frames do not stand the test of time. The four different pieces , lol different brands, have all twisted out of shape like your couch. Find yourself a good recliner that fits your body, your backside needs to be all the way back and your feet still reach the four. I can’t recommend a brand, but the rust colored lazy boy I got forty, yes forty years ago I won’t give up

  8. We had some problems with our last sofa sagging or getting soft. We were able to get some extra stuffing put in ours, which helped a lot. Is that a possibility with yours? My husband has a lot of back pain from neck spurs, etc. He’s found that a small pillow in the lower back helps a lot. We found one that’s fairly firm and just the right size for that lumbar area.

    If your back hurts, it seems like your whole body hurts. I hope you get some relief soon.

  9. I totally agree with the Lazy Boy recliner…much better for my back than our new electric couch. Also we had a Flexsteel sectional that was in perfect condition after 20 years. I finally had to give it to one of my kids just so I could get something new but I’m now wishing I had replaced it with another flexsteel couch because the support and comfort was much better than the new stuff!

  10. I saw the antique needleworkers floss tube I really enjoyed them. I will definitely watch them again. With your back problem. Make sure you have good shoes even to wear inside. I’ve dealt with back problems my entire adult life. When my back starts hurting I get my shoes out. It usually helps a lot. I also try to sit without crossing my legs anything to keep my body aligned.

  11. Do you have a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) in your area? I started to go to one instead of the chiropractor and my lower back/hip are doing a lot better. Just a suggestion. Thank you for bringing up the furniture and suggestions. My husband and I are looking for a couch/chair, ones that will last and not sag after a couple of years. Thank you for the suggestions!!!
    I took this off the internet for an explanation on the DO:
    Doctors of osteopathy (DOs) literally take a hands-on approach to musculoskeletal disorders. Osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT) is used to help correct structural imbalances in your body, improve circulation and relieve pain.
    Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) is a hands-on treatment method. OMT is sometimes called osteopathic manipulative therapy or osteopathic manipulation.

    Doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs) use OMT to treat mechanical pain (muscle, tendon or bone pain due to structural imbalance) and a wide range of health conditions. DOs also use OMT to diagnose and prevent disease and help your body function better.

    Using several OMT techniques, DOs apply gentle pressure to manipulate the muscles, soft tissues and joints. The treatment encourages your body to heal itself by ensuring that your bones and muscles are aligned and balanced properly.

  12. The mechanical sofas don’t last. Have had 2. We finally went recliner shopping as hubby and I both have neck, back issues. That was 3 years ago. Best decision and money spent. We each got our own recliner for the right fit. Lazy boy wasn’t a good fit for us but we did get American made and we do love them. And no more mechanical sofas for us! I sew and quilt and am pretty sure you could find a way to add some stuffing from underneath till you get a good recliner! Love your blog!

  13. Lazy boy recliners are Not worth the money. They
    sag on the middle. The covering they call leather is
    just vinyl which peels and cracks.
    We’ve been through 2 sets but no more…..

  14. Hi Jo
    Well blow me, been in pain awhile, and now husband is having back pain, and I had totally forgot I have a tens machine too!! Thanks for reminding me, now I have to find it hmm…..?

  15. Thanks Jo, have ordered my scissors , a wonderful find. Here in the UK they were just under £28 , still a brilliant bargain. Just love your “finds”

  16. My daughter and her husband purchased a Lazy Boy reclining couch and loveseat when they got married 14 years ago and it looks and feels brand new. It is chocolate brown in a suede fabric and is surviving 3 children ages 3-7. She has it deep cleaned every 2-3 years. My 4-5 year old, only I use it, non-reclining couch is a different brand and the cushions have collapsed to the floor making it very hard to get out of. You may want to ask your chiropractor what would be the best for you to sit on while stitching. My chiropractor said that recliners are hard on our backs so I traded mine for a more upright chair with a footstool. Less back problems now.

  17. Judith Fairchild

    I really like your scissors find.
    As to your back problems a tens unit is good, find a good massage therapist for relief too. Not crossing your legs when sitting helps a lot. That’s a battle when it’s you’re long term habit.

  18. I have a couch that I love made by Flexsteel. It’s a little pricey but I had it for years and it’s rock solid. No saggy seats and, like you, I sit in the same spot all the time!

  19. Not crossing legs or ankles was hard to learn. It was the number 1 recommendation from my physical therapist, as well as using a pillow between my legs at night. It has helped tremendously.

    Not so sure about Lazy Boy anymore. Our manual recliner from the late 80s lasted forever. More recent ones not so much.

  20. Hi Jo! We found (during a move) that your can rearrange you couch sections. We were getting rid of a loveseat, and 2 sections on the couch were saggy like yours. My DH turned the furniture over, unbolted a seat unit from the piece, and swapped it out. Extended the life of the piece we wanted to keep for several more years!

  21. I purchase a Lazyboy recliner and after a year started having serious back and sciatic nerve problems. It was because of the recliner and me being short. My solution was to take a firm bed-size sleeping pillow and place it in the recliner to help support my back, neck, and head .

    1. That is very interesting. We got new La-Z-Boy recliners last June. I intentionally bought a “short-people” model and the one I sat in at the store was very comfortable. However, now that I have them, I find they’re not as comfortable as I thought, so I don’t often sit in them. My husband does, though…and just started having sciatica pain in December. Hmmmm….

  22. I love those cute embroidery scissors, and I’m glad to hear they are a nice quality: they’re going on my wish list :-) When I’m piecing quilts, I like the little spring snips (you squeeze them to cut the thread, and they have a spring to spring back apart – I hope I’m describing that good enough) . I bought a 12 pack of them from Amazon (the name is ‘Golden Eagle Double Sharp Quick-Clip Lightweight Thread Clippers Trimming Scissors’). I have 12 of them, but I’ve been using the first one for over a year and it’s still just as sharp. I wish I knew what to do about the furniture, but we’re searching for new couches and everything is either too hard or too soft, and you can’t tell how long it will last, sigh.

  23. I always enjoy your blog! Regarding the couch…we needed a new couch when we bought this home. Buying during the pandemic was the worst! Every sofa we looked at we’d have to order and wait at least 6 months or it was super cheaply built. We ended up at a high end store, Naturewood, here, and they had the most gorgeous leather sofa with full recliners on each end. The recliner goes back to zero gravity, which means your feet are slightly above your head, and full lumbar support adjustments. Very expensive, but so totally worth it as we are sure this will last the rest of our lives (we’re older than you!). Anyhow, within 2 months hubby had fallen and broken his ankle, and that zero gravity really helped the healing. He has a very bad back, and the lumbar support after working days together on building a 70 foot retaining wall & french drain made all the difference. Monday I just twisted my knee slightly while loading wood with hubby and heard a loud POP and immediate excruciating pain. Researching online, as the orthopedic appt isn’t till NEXT Monday, it sounds like possibly the ACL and / or meniscus. Monday I’ll have an MRI & know for sure if it’s surgery or a long term healing plan. That recliner is again making all the difference. I’m on crutches now after xrays (no breaks), leg in brace (and it was previously the GOOD leg), and waiting….see what you have to look forward to? Getting older is not for wusses!

  24. BTW, thanks for the information about the TENS unit — I’d forgotten we already have one. It will be put into use immediately! I’ve got extensive arthritis under my kneecap (the right one) and bone on bone. Turmeric has really made a huge difference for me – I take 2 capsules every morning. Buy the Turmeric at Costco (the Kirkland brand) with black pepper in it (it’s what makes it work on inflammation).

  25. Husband’s PT recommended plywood between the upper cushion and the base of any sofa or chair he would be sitting in and padding the cushion with sponge or other fitmness(even magazines) to create more stability. It was worth the effort…..He is quite active also and does what he can to keep the pain at bay

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