I Come to the Garden Alone While the Dew is Still on the Roses… Alternate Sampler Wording

A guest post from Kayla…

Mom recently posted in a cross-stitch update about some modifications she plans to make to Teresa Kogut’s sampler design “In The Garden.” Instead, her sampler will read:

I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses

This verse has special meaning to our family because the song was played at the funerals of Mom’s parents and her like-a-sister niece. She is also adding their initials and the year.

The post resonated with a lot of readers, so I made a PDF of the alterations to share.

Click here to access the PDF 

Mom plans to follow the stitch-along #stitchteresakogut put on by debora.carroll.stitcher, 7daystitch and mama_yoyoyoder on Instagram. It starts on June 12 and is divided into monthly segments for a 2022 finish. (But I did include a chart for 2023 in the PDF, just in case!)

Follow the hashtag, and tag Mom (jo_joscountryjunction) on Instagram if you use this chart!

16 thoughts on “I Come to the Garden Alone While the Dew is Still on the Roses… Alternate Sampler Wording”

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  2. Maralou Spear

    Thanks so much! This verse is also one of my favorites. I sing the hymn often for my own pleasure.
    Maralou Spear

  3. Linda M White

    In The Garden was my brother’s favorite song. He suffered from side effects of uncontrollable diabetes. One time when we were all together in Oklahoma, Bill blind and post amputation, crawled into the kitchen where we sisters were singing together and asked us to sing that song for him. Oh that was hard.. he had always been so proud, strong and in control. We sang for him, choking up and tears falling, but we got thru it. He passed not long after that, and we sisters all have a framed copy of that song on our walls in his memory.

  4. Your mom has inspired me to return to my cross stitching from reading her blogs. She just seems to have so much enthusiasm for her cross stitching, quilting, along with everything else she does which is what I have needed after having two major surgeries within 5 months. So, during my recovery time I have started to do some cross stitching along with reading. I have enjoyed her enthusiasm to push me into doing something rather than just sit and stare out my windows. I’m sure she has down days to while dealing with her cancer treatments but she just keeps moving on so I think to myself if she can do something so can I. Looking forward to reading more of her blogs.

  5. Sherree Chmitlin

    Thank you for sharing this. This was one of my Mother’s favorite hymns and I love hearing my husband sing it.

  6. Kayla, you are a wonder. You did some powerful good with your computer talents again. Thank you! Hope you have a great summer!

  7. Thank you so much Kayla for sharing this hymn charted. It is a long time favorite and I’m looking forward to stitching it.

  8. Dianne winter

    My grandma use to sing that song. I can still rember hearing her sing it at church. I hope I can fo that stitch along too.

  9. I am so looking for Come To The Garden Alone…..Etc….please tell me how to get a cross stitch of this wonderful hymn. I have been searching the web and can’t find it. I came across your website and thought maybe you could help me.

    1. Hi Dottie.
      The original chart is from Teresa Kogut. It’s called Come to the Garden.
      I loved the piece but wanted to personalize it. My Mom, my Dad, and my precious niece all had the hymn “I come to the garden alone” played at their funeral. I decided to make it a piece for them and change the words to that hymn. My daughter Kayla was so kind and charted the words for me. You can find them for free by following this link. https://www.joscountryjunction.com/dewonroses/

  10. Is there a kit with everything included. I have been searching for so long. My beloved momma was singing this with me when she drew her last breath….please tell me where I can find a kit with everything needed. Love and Sunshine

    1. I would call a cross stitch shop and they might be able to help. I would suggest The Stitchery Nook in Osage Iowa. Here is their number. (641) 732-5329
      Tell them you saw mine on the blog and want them to put a kit together for you. I’m sure they would help.

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