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WOW!  Friday sure did roll in quickly.  I typically do cross-stitch updates on Friday morning and it seems like to me that I just wrote one…but, here we go again.

Last week I left you here with my “Blessed” stitch along.

I have two pumpkins to finish and the vines for three of the pumpkins.  That took me one and half nights to finish.

Here is the last stitch I took.

Here it is all out of the frame and ironed.

Mine is stitched on 40 count Ale by Picture this Plus.  I’m hoping that I will finish this and make it into a pillow next week.  We’ll see.  I have lots of kids here in the upcoming week.

Now I’m going to be putting all the threads away and prepping my stings for the next stitch along…

It starts on June 1st.  Are you ready??

I didn’t have a lot of other stitching time.  We had family things going on this week and I had obligations that kept me away from my cross stitching.  Here is where I am at with…
All Creatures Great and Small.

This is by Barbara Ana Designs.  It’s stitched on 40 count Vintage Country Mocha with the called-for colors except for the red.  That’s Anchor #20.

Here is where I am now…

All of the stitching I did really didn’t add any pizzaz to the piece.  I finished the house and added the flowers on each side.  One was supposed to be a different color but I used the same Anchor color #20 for the flower.

I extended the line to the right of the house.  I have a few more stitches to put into that yet.

I added the leaves along the bottom border.  I brought the outline of the hill at the bottom down on the right side.

That’s all of the stitching I got done.  Man, I miss Winter stitching time.  I got so much more time than I get now.  Typically I don’t start stitching until dark and now, that’s pretty close to 9 pm so not as many stitches are happening.

That’s this week in my cross-stitch life.  It was short and sweet!  Stop back next week and see if I get the “Blessing” piece turned into a pillow…and yes, I’ll do a tutorial.

10 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Haha, I was going to remind you about the promised finish tutorial! Of course you didn’t forget. Blessings

  2. Summer is harder to get stitching done. Mowing the yard, gardening and doctor appointments take up most of our time. But it is a great feeling when we can sit down and just stitch!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I have had my Blessing stitched for awhile, so anxiously waiting for next Friday’s tutorial. I’m sure I could do it without, but wanted to wait and see if there’s a better way, different option. As always, your stitching is beautiful!

  4. I have also had my Blessings stitched and looking forward to the tutorial. I have made pillows before but like Kate am always looking for ideas or a better way. Thanks Jo!

  5. Jo, I’ve never seen you give instructions on how to iron your finished cross stitch projects. I lay my piece face down on a terry cloth towel and cover with a damp linen towel. Press on the linen towel side. It steams the piece and the stitches stand out because they go into the thickness of the terry towel and they don’t get flattened. They come out great. Mary H

  6. Kathryn Martin

    I am only as far as the first white pumpkin. I have some of the vines done. I’m stitching on 32ct natural linen. I am a very slow stitcher, but I’m enjoying the project and happy with how it looks so far. I like the colors and the subject matter, too.
    I am registered for the retreat this summer so I’m hopeful that some of y’all will be there, too!

  7. Rose Marie Gersema

    Hi, Jo. Trying to find the blessed cross stitch where you shared your big buys because of fabric shortages. Want to share it to my daughter who lives in CA. Normally have trouble just finding posts in order as I don’t see dates. Am I not looking in the right place on your web page?

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