Community Quilts: Jeanne and Jazz Edition

I have quilts to share with you from Jazz and Jeanne.

Jazz writes:

Jo, I’ve gratefully told you before that not only do you proficiently match quilt tops and pieces with quilters, but you match quilters with friends. Jeanne M. sent me some beautiful scraps over a year ago per your suggestion, and then she began emailing me. Since then, she’s become the expert I turn to when I need stitching advice and inspiration.

Now she is showing me her exquisite work with these magnificent quilts she sent to me to give to Ben Taub Hospital, here in Houston. With her permission, I’m sharing them with you – they’re just too wonderful not to!

This orange back-to-front is my favorite! It’s such a clever way to whip up a wrap. Jeanne folded the back flannel onto the front flannel and sewed them together. Then she folded the sides in and stitched them up. I love it! It finished at 42” x 34”.

This elephant one is a… real cutie, too. The top and bottom of the piece are luxurious, pink Minkee. Jeanne professionally FMQ’d the meandering parts herself. She outlined the 5” charm pack squares and then meandered the center before she hand-appliqued Momma, baby, and green balloons on this generously sized 40” x 51” quilt. The rick-rack was attached by hand as well. Jeanne has as much patience as she does talent. Check out the sweet floral back.

And here come the graceful ballerinas, all pink and glam. Jeanne FMQ’d the meandering all over this 39” x 39” square of cuddly love for a newborn.  The dark pink polka-dot back matches the ones on the front.  Kinda makes you want to have a baby, doesn’t it?


Jeanne, thank you so much for these precious gems! I’m proud to donate them in your name to Ben Taub Hospital.

Jeanne sent me these before I asked all others who want to give to the hospital to please direct all donations to:

Seante Johnson, Tangible Gifts Coordinator

Ben Taub Hospital
1504 Taub Loop
Houston, Texas 77030

Or contact her at 1+ (346) 426 -1079 or email

Please include a note with your name, address, phone number, email address, the intent of donation (“for the patients of Ben Taub Hospital), and the estimated value of donation if you itemize your contributions to IRS. (I always just draw a heart to indicate the value; how does one know what to claim?)


MANY THANKS to Jeanne for supporting the Ben Taub Hospital.  Many thanks to Jazz for directing all of us on how to share our baby quilts with the hospital.  If you send quilts there and would like them included on the blog, simply write something up as Jazz did in this post including pictures and I will include it on the blog.

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Jeanne and Jazz Edition”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Jeanne M –these quilts are just stunning. Such colorful ideas. It is wonderful that you and Jazz have a friendship that includes gifts to Ben Taub hospital.

  2. Everyone should have a friend like Jeanne. She not only shares fabric, but encouragement and great ideas.

    All of you have been so helpful to me. Thanks for everything.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    All the quilts are excellent. But the elephants quilt is adorable. A friend of mine is having a baby in about 7 months. That’s enough time to copy Jeannie’s elephants. Using my own ideas about it. It won’t be cuter though.

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