Community Quilts From Ronda

I have community quilts to share from Ronda today.  Earlier in the year, Ronda let me know that she won’t be doing many more community quilts with us.  It’s sad news but I totally understand.  She’s been finishing up the ones she has left and will be sharing them here.

Ronda writes:
My sister made all three of these tops from scraps sent to me by various readers of yours.

The backing for the pink and gray framed 9-patch came from Karen S. of Chino, California and that quilt is 53″ square.

The backing for the quilt with… the gray alternating squares came from Kathi M. of Austin, Texas and that quilt is 43 X 61.

The last quilt is 53 X 62 and I’m not sure who sent the backing for that one.

All of these quilts were donated to Opportunities Unlimited.

All of these were fabulous.  I’m sure they will be a blessing to whoever is blessed with them.  Thanks so much to those who sent fabric to make these happen.  Of course many thanks to Ronda and her sister for the great work they put into the finishing of these quilts.


10 thoughts on “Community Quilts From Ronda”

  1. Very nice work effort by both. I am happy to say we finally moved into our new home today at 11:21 pm- and boy are we tired… I can’t wait to get my sewing room up and running.It’s been a long time since I was able to sew. I’ve been Blessed by your blog and generosity of your readers Jo- and I can’t wait to be making good on their faithfulness to my cause.Thank you for being patient.

  2. Great quilts, Ronda and sister!! Thanks you so much for all the quilt finishes you have done – sorry you need to quit, but understand.

  3. Ronda, it has been a pure joy to see all the quilt finishes you have done over the years, and I will miss seeing them, but I totally understand

  4. Ann Marie Drop

    I love the different patterns – gives me new ideas. Thank you to all who made these quilts a possibility.

  5. Thank you, Rhonda for all your work both past and present. Once again the quilts are beautiful and will be so appreciated by those who receive them. Wishing you the best in the future.

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Rhonda, thank you for your many quilt finishes! Thanks to your sister and the many others who helped
    you achieve these. Blessings to you now and forever.

  7. Super nice quilts – thanks for sharing!
    Rhonda has been inspirational in both her quilting and her generosity – hope all is well with her!

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