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Ray is on a roll finishing up even more quilts.  This batch is all going to Quilts for Kids.  Ray doesn’t have to bind these as there is a group of ladies he passes these to and they are the ones that do the binding.  It’s a huge blessing to Ray and Ray in return is a huge blessing to them.  So many kids are enjoying the work done by Ray and this amazing group of ladies.

Patty who lives in Florida was the maker of all of these tops.  If you ever have kid-friendly fabrics that you no longer want, I’m sure Patty would take them and turn them into amazing tops like these!!

I finished another quilt from Patty K in FL. This one she named Chinese Chopsticks.

Love all the chopsticks on the plates and the border looks like Chinese cherry blossoms in the spring in DC. Pretty quilt.

I looked at several motifs for the quilt and none of them seemed to appeal until I saw the trillium leaf motif. I liked the leaves as a complement to the border fabric. I went with white thread.

Unfortunately, I do not recall who sent me the red backing but I like the way it picked up the cherry blossoms. My thanks to you, Patty, the backing contributor and of course Sew and Sew for finishing the quilt and getting it sent off to Quilts for Kids.


Patty K. made this quilt that she named… Windmill Bandana. When you look at the fabric that is in the quilt it is ALL bandana print fabric. It is pretty wild!!

However, it does have a very special flare to it that looks like a fun quilt.

I decided to use the Suzy Loops motif with white thread for the quilting.

I took a deep dive in the stash and came up with some red bandana fabric to use for the backing.

I just could not resist putting this one over the top. The backing is from Linda D, in FL. My thanks to you, Patty, Linda and Sew and Sew for another one-of-a-kind quilt for Quilts for Kids.

I was able to squeeze in a Patty K quilt today. Lots of stuff going on and many interruptions. But that is life.

This is a stack-and-whack pattern with mostly orange-themed fabric. Reminded me of autumn up north.

That calls for a leaf motif and orange thread for the quilting.

It is hard to see the quilting but it has oak and maple leaves in it.

The backing is the remainder of the yardage from Linda W in NY, My thanks to you, Patty, Linda and Sew and Sew for the finishing.

Another cute quilt for Quilts for Kids.”

What a great group of quilts.  Many thanks to Patti, Ray, and the wonderful ladies who bind these for the Quilts for Kids program.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Such beautiful quilts. How wonderful that Ray doesn’t need to bind the quilts – such a help. Thanks to Ray and Patty and the others who so faithfully donate their creative expertise to this great cause.

  2. Gorgeous quilts for some lucky kids, they each look amazing. How wonderful that others are doing the binding on them all.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, your quilting is the perfect finish for Patty’s quilt tops. You are so lucky to be connected to the Sew and Sew group for bindings and lets not forget the many contributions of others! Thanks everyone and may each child who receives a quilt be thrilled!

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