Community Quilts from Ray

I have mail call from Ray and I have a finished quilt.  Let’s start with a mail call…

Ray writes:
Kate K. in PA contacted me about sending some quilt tops my way to finish. She says she is a self-taught quilter and loves to make quilts. I am guessing she is rather new at piecing as she is unsure as to whether they are good enough. I think she does a wonderful job and hope you do as well. Take a look.

* I love how she blends in all these pastel colors for this top. The workmanship in the piecing of the crosses in the blocks is very accurate. Of course, I am a sucker for borders. This one has four. It measures 44 x 52.

* The next one has the prettiest yellows and blues. Reminds me of Ukraine colors. I don’t think I have seen a rail fence set up with a diamond in the center of the pinwheel before. Love the special touch. It measures 47 x 67.

*  The next one looks like…
it was made from leftover jelly rolls and charm squares. Love the circular pattern and all the bright colors. It measures 50 x 55,

*  Here is another variation of a rail fence. Instead of butting up the blocks next to each other, Kate used narrow sashing between the blocks and then capped it off with 2 borders. It measures 55 x 68.

*  Her last quilt has to be the most special as it contains a lot of great motivational messages in the quilt. Each motivational block is set off with its own floral border. These are definitely words to live by. It measures 19 x 55.

*  This top from Nancy D. came in the same box as Kate’s tops. Love all the HSTs in the top and how the color tones play off of each other. Beautiful.

Thank you Kate and Nancy.

I think I can see the end of the commission quilts, at least for a few days, maybe. That means I get to work on some community quilts in between the commission quilts.This is a quilt that I made from fabrics that have been sent to me and is a raffle quilt for a Memorial Day service at Saint HIlary’s. The pattern is called Shuttered and is made from 10 inch squares.

My piecing is not very good on this one. Lots of bias cuts to sew. Practice, practice, practice. However, it does make a definite red, white and blue statement.

The backing is from Stoney M.

There was so much going on with the quilt that I used the stipple motif and white thread.

I love how it turned out, Proceeds will go to support veteran causes.

I slipped in another community quilt on the long arm. Looking forward to doing a bunch more. This beautiful quilt top was made by Joann C. in CA. I don’t think I have seen a star quilt made with strip blocks before. Awesome way to use up leftover strips or a roll. Love all the bright, bold colors in the top.

I decided to go with the stipple motif as there was so much excitement in the top already. The back came from the wonderful stash from one of your readers. Sorry I am unable to keep up with all the stash donations as they get pinned and repinned multiple times with auditions.
I used a bone-colored thread on the top and a light blue thread on the back.

My thanks to you, Joann, and all your supportive readers for making this beautiful top a reality. I am sure it will definitely brighten someone’s day

WOW…great mail and great quilt finishes.  I do have to laugh at Ray and the blog reader Kate who aren’t sure about their piecing skills.  Oh my word.  It is all AWESOME!!  I love them all and they look fabulous to me.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make these quilts happen.  It means so much to me to see how much good is happening with the Community Quilts project!!


7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Bonnie in SE CT

    Ray’s quilt show was awesome! The quilts just make me happy. Great way to start my day! Did I misunderstand? I thought you, Jo, had a quilt finish, too. Either way, have a great day!

  2. It continues to amaze me at everyone’s creative mojo. We are always our own worse critic as we see the issues of imperfections, up and personal. I am the same way. No one else can see them unless we point them out.

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your skills.

  3. Funny I thought the same thing when he said he had to practice his piecing skills. My thought was “I only wish mine could be that good.” I love the Veteran’s quilt. Love that border fabric. Ray’s just down the road from me. I live south of Tampa and I know he goes to Quilted Twins. That enabler Rachel posts a daily email with fabrics from her shop. Been there once with my quilt group.

  4. What a joy to see all those lovely quilts this morning as I drink my morning cup of coffee. Thank you, ladies, for being so generous and to Ray for getting them beautifully done.

  5. All the quilts are beautiful! I especially liked the stars and strips – so colorful!! Thanks to all who donated the quilt tops and to Ray for quilting.

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, great showings of finishes as always! Thanks to you as well as those who provided tops and backings.

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