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Ray has been at it again.  He’s got quilts to share…and some mail.  Let’s do the mail first.

Ray writes:
Adele A. in UT sent me another box with 3 tops and 4 cuts of fabric. I wanted to share pics of the contents with you.

*  First is this beautiful quilt with a definite wine theme.  Love all the wine glasses and wine bottles in the fabrics. Adele does not recall the name of the pattern. It would be a wonderful picnic quilt to sit on and enjoy a glass or two of wine. One of the cuts was a green batik that I think would make an excellent backing for the quilt. Wine is 72 x 95

*  Next is… a twenty-something quilt. I have seen a few twenty-something patterns but I really like this the best of what I have seen. Such beautiful autumn-colored fabrics in it. There is a white cut of fabric with a geometric type of designs on it that will be great for the backing.  Twenty-something is 67 x 88

*Last is a Modern Pearls quilt by Julia Davis. The blue fabric reminds me of Oxford cloth in men’s shirts. Love two color quilts. There is another white fabric with blue microdots in the pattern that will be a great back for this quilt. Modern Pearls is 75 x 75

Here is a picture of the fabric cuts I have been referring to. The only one I have not mentioned is the blue palm batik. OMG!! LOve it. Got to find an awesome pattern to make that fabric into a quilt. What will it be???

Thank you so much Adele.

I just finished another quilt and wanted to share it with you. It is a big 72 x 84 rail fence variation.

The center row of each block is made up of small blocks. The use of the black strips gives it a woven look. Wonderful quilt. I decided to go with the stipple motif and black thread for the quilting.

The back is from the Deb and Pat stash.

I am setting this one back to take to Quilted Twins later in the month as Rachel said she thought they would be accepting quilts for Ukraine until the end of April. My thanks to you, Cheryl, Deb, and Pat for all the items needed to complete this big, beautiful quilt.

I finished another top from Cheryl P in CO.

This is another rail fence block but this one is color-blocked. Grouping the same colors together in a single block really makes each block POP! It makes the quilt exciting.

I am also glad to see that someone else is taking the liberty of mixing regular print cottons with batik cottons. I had heard at one time that was a definite no, no. How things change!

I debated on whether to use the stipple motif or the daisy motif for the quilting. I finally decided on the daisy with bone-colored thread. It reminds me of a bed of flowers in all different colors.

My thanks to you, Cheryl, and the backing supplier for the tools to create this wonderful quilt.

WOW…that was awesome mail and awesome finished quilts.  I just love when people can get together and make great things happen.  Thanks to Ray and everyone who donated.  We all love reading good news!!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. Hi- beautiful quilts – so much work goes into these. Really awesome. Hoping soon to share some with you. It’s been a little rough going. Still waiting on contractors to finish house repairs. Husband finally done with most of his dr visits- now only apnea test to go. Brother in law passed away from his brain cancer. (I really need sewing to get me through these things.) I can’t wait to finally call my sewing room my own… Thanks for being patient with me. I promise soon to have something to share with all of you. Please just have faith that I will. I feel badly I haven’t been productive as I have wanted to be by now.

    1. All things happen in due time, which is not necessarially our time. Prayers to you as you deal with life’s issues. Looking forward to seeing the results of your return to the sewing room.

  2. Such a beautiful array of quilts! The colors are wonderful and these surely will make some happy folks.

  3. Oh such beautiful quilts and so colorful! I particularly like the rail fence set off with black, and also the second rail fence one, but they are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Another beautiful group of finished quilts. Ray, I do like that daisy motif! Thanks to your “helpers” AdeleA, Julia, Cheryl, Deb & Pat and any other unknowns.

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