Community Quilts from Ray

Ray is still the busiest guy I know cranking out community quilt tops right and left.  Here is his latest installment.

Ray writes:
Those awesome Cresco ladies have been at it again. Take a good long look at this adorable, bold, bright quilt.

Does it ever get and deserve your attention!!

The colors are so strong and exciting. Now that you have had a good look at the quilt in general, take a good look at the engineering. This quilt was engineered!! It did not happen by accident. It had to have been designed starting with the borders and then the blocks. The borders are ombre fabric and mitered pieced. Notice that the colors all match on all of the corners of the border.

Color me IMPRESSED!!

The backing is from the Deb and Pat stash and was truly destined for this top. My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for the makings of this piece of art.

Arline H. in North Fort Myers, FL (just across the river from me) made this beautiful quilt and handed it off to me to long arm.

The colors are amazing! The construction is impeccable! Even though there are only two main fabrics in the top, she really made the most out of it. The four patch blocks are stack and whack technique which adds so much.

Then she topped it off with a solid flange before adding the borders with miter corners. She included the gold backing and the binding fabric. I really debated on what to do for the longarming.

I finally decided to use the butterfly motif to compliment the butterflies in the fabric in a bright yellow thread. You can barely see the quilting with all the colors in the top. But that works just fine for me. My thanks to you and Arline for this WOW of a quilt

Nancy F in FL sent me…

two wonderful boxes of tops and some other goodies. Here are the tops:

1) This is a square in a square type quilt with two different types of block patterns that really work well together. I love all the blocks that make up the quilt. So very bright and cheery. It measures 55 x 70 and will make an adorable twin-size quilt.

2) This is a wonderful quilt made out of charm squares and utilizes HST’s to create the pattern. Love all the great combinations. It measures 62 x 62.

3) WOW! This one says Florida with all the blue fabrics in it. When I first saw it, I thought OMG all those flying geese. Upon a closer look, they are HSTs arranged to mimic flying geese. Regardless, I love it. It measures 49 x 59.

4) Love the scrappy stars in this top. All squares and HSTs. Beautiful use of those scraps. It measures 59 x 59.

5) This is a Saint Brigid Cross that is so eye-catching. It measures 52 x 81 and will make a nice twin-size quilt.

6) Love the positivity in this top with all the plus signs made from charm squares. It measures 64 x 77.

7) This top is made from HSTs and set a bit differently to give it more interest. It measures 52 x 60.

8) This is a very masculine log cabin quilt. I love all the dark rich colors in it. It measures 58 x 58.

Thank you Nancy for the lovely quilts and goodies that you sent.

That’s the news from Ray in Florida…lots of goodies in his mail and finished tops.  MANY thanks to all of you who have been sending goodies Ray’s way.  I really appreciate how wonderfully you have been supporting him.  Find Ray on the community list HERE.


8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Ray”

  1. These quilts are gorgeous! A lot of work went into these – thanks to you ladies for giving love to someone in need.
    And to you Ray for putting these all together and give them out.
    Well done everyone!
    Love and prayers

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Lovely and crazy wild quilts and each beautifully finished.great work Ray and quilters. Enjoy seeing a challenge like the 1st one. Makes me wonder if I can do something so perfectly beautiful. Quilting is such a joy.

  3. WOW! What a beautiful group of quilts! The first one really popped out at me – love it! Thanks to all the donors who contributed to these quilts.

  4. Love the generosity of fabric and time – those will all be loved by fortunate recipients. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Sarah F. (In NE TX)

    Sorry Ray but the frog quilt was not the work of the Cresco ladies. I know they do great work. I made that frog top and it actually started with the frog blocks. I wanted to try out the pineapple method where you sew a square all around the top and the slash it open and keep doing it until you get it the size you want it. I bought the frog panel as my retreat group had a thing about frogs (they got a frog sticker each time they ripped out on their Dear Jane blocks. RipIt! RipIt!) I just happened to have that ombré fabric and it was perfect for the border. I added the stars to dress it up a bit. It turned out pretty small (wall hanging size) so I am curious about what you will do with this? It looks great none the less and I am happy it was finished so beautifully! All the quilts are colorful and great.

    1. Hi Sarah. THANKS for making the top. It was likely my error that Ray thought it was from the Cresco Ladies. The tops is awesome. THANKS for being part of the community quilt team.

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    What an wonderful group of quilt tops to longarm! The HST blocks to mimic a flying geese quilt has an interesting arrangement and I love that circle in the circle quilting motif. Thanks for everyone”s effort to complete these for worthy organizations.

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