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Oh, my word…Laurie has been a busy beaver.  I have LOTS of quilts to share with you today and all are from Laurie.  I don’t know who made the tops but my, oh my, if you have a scrap bucket waiting for inspiration, you came to the right place.  I just got done making a string quilt and I typically like to take a break in between string piecing but these quilts have me second-guessing that idea.

Check out this great layout for a crumb quilt…

and the quilting is the perfect compliment.
How fun is this with just random sashing.  I love the idea and I think it makes a fun quilt.

Laurie really goes the extra mile to make the quilts shine….see?
I’d really love to make a crumb quilt in this layout…I often have trouble coming up with guy quilt ideas but this would be great!!

The backing is great but the print hides Laurie’s pretty work.

I loved this idea for a bold crumb quilt too.  Seeing all these great crumb quilts is the inspiration for many who have overflowing scrap bins need!

What a fun quilt.

Just look at Laurie’s work.

The sashing color is a great compliment to this quilt.  What a bright and cheery quilt.

Check out Laurie’s detailed machine quilting…many of the individual strip got their own treatment.

So pretty.

This one was another great scrap buster quilt.
Laurie didn’t write a note a note with her email so I’ve been looking at this picture trying to decide if this is the backing or another quilt top…what do you think?  I’m guessing backing.

More scrap-busting on this one.  So many creative ideas!!

The next three are all jelly roll race quilts done with scraps.

I’ve yet to make one but if I do, I want to quilt it fun as Laurie has.

I love how many of the rows get their own special attention.

For a longarmer, a quilt like this can really give them lots of border practice.

From the great work Laurie does, you can see she doesn’t need practice.  She’s a pro already!!

WOW…Inspirational, right??  There wasn’t a fabric line quilt in the bunch, and I loved them all anyway.  This parade of quilts is proof that you don’t need fancy fabric or even fancy patterns to make some pretty amazing quilts.  I just love seeing quilts made from fabric and scraps many throw away.

It’s totally okay if you aren’t a scrap quilter and don’t like working with small pieces of leftovers.  BUT…I hope this post encourages you to team with a quilter who does love those leftovers and pass them on.  It’s a great way to be a link in providing materials for others to make charity quilts.

MANY thanks to Laurie and the person who donated all of the inspiring quilt tops!!  What a fun parade of quilts.

23 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie”

  1. I love these! Makes me want to give crumb and string quilts a go. I also like the idea of using up scraps of fabric to create blocks and quilts, it’s like anything goes, it’s great. And such a wonderful way to recycle scraps. Thanks for showing these

  2. Judith M Fairchild

    Really great quilts. Laurie and whom ever did those tops. I don’t have a scrap bucket I have drawers full of scraps sorted by color. Inspiring to say the mildest word. Thanks Jo, Laurie and piece maker.

  3. That was a fun batch of quilts and was for sure full of scrappy inspiration! They are as beautiful as any quilt using fabric lines.

  4. Is there someone here who would like the small scraps? I do use strings but the small scraps are just too much for me to bother with. I will start saving the throw-aways if someone wants them.

    1. I would love any scraps that you don’t want. I work at a safe house and am trying to make a quilt for each resident.

  5. While the quilt tops were beautiful on their own, Laurie’s exceptional quilting brings them to life. Wow! I was amazed with the quilting on each of the quilts.

  6. The two quilts before the jelly race quilt are the same pattern—it made me think they were cut out at the same time. So clever and both wonderful!

  7. WOW!!!!! The quilts as well as the quilting-just stunning. I totally agree, I love scrap quilting the best, I think it encourages people to use them if they aren’t all matchy-matchy and coordinated fabrics. What a great bunch of inspiration!! Hugs,

  8. They are all just beautiful quilts!! The quilting is amazing too! Makes me want to do a crumb quilt right now. I’ve never made one but I think I’ll give it a try. Thank you for all the pictures. Hugs,

  9. Margaret in North Texas

    So pretty–just beautiful. Great use of scraps-nice settings too. Thanks Laurie, the tops maker and Jo
    for posting.

  10. Just read this, maybe others know this. Bonnie Hunter has put the pattern Garlic Knots on sale because Jo used it for a quilt recently and everyone is thinking of buying the pattern from Bonnie Hunter-Quiltville. Happy Quilting

  11. WOW – those were really inspirational. I have made a couple of jelly roll race type quilt tops using various strips that really don’t look good. I think I’ll cut them up and use them to make tops similar to the ones shown. And Laurie’s quilting is fantastic. Thanks for all involved in making these beautiful, inspiring quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Celia Ambrose

    These are all so lovely! And, my goodness, the quilting is super nice also. I have scraps that would work with these designs shown. Thanks for posting the photos. I hope you are feeling better.

  13. Laurie, you’re a master quilter. Just beautiful. And to the maker(s), you have a talented eye for color and design. Jo, thanks for a delightful quilt show. I’m inspired.

  14. Linda G Jarnecke

    Love the one trimmed in green! Just got 6 yards of a great green from a resale site and think I’ll give it a go on a scrappy quilt. It will be perfect!!

  15. Just stumbled across this post on Pinterest. WOW!!!! What a super collection of beautiful scrappy quilts!!!! So very inspiring!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I want to make them all!!!!!

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