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You all might remember that Jazz recently had surgery.  Try as I might, I told her to take it easy, but there’s no taking it easy for Jazz.  She has quilts to share.

Jazz writes:
Hi, Jo. Here are two quilts I’ve been working on during my recuperation from surgery. As you know, anything that I can possibly make more complicated, I do, and this “simple” total hip replacement has been a good example. I had complications! But I’m on the mend now, and in the meantime, I entertained myself with the generous donations of The Cresco Ladies, Missy R. from Florida, and from Anonymous.

The lovely Cresco Ladies know …how much I like to do stamped cross-stitch embroidery baby motifs. They gave you a very cute kit of a sheet and pillowcase with clowns. Since the newborns at Ben Taub Hospital in the Texas Medical Center here in Houston don’t use these I made the kits into two quilts, which they always need.

Just as they were almost completed, Melissa (“Missy”) R, of Gainesville, Florida offered me a box of flannels and cottons. Almost all the strips in these quilts are from her, some are from Anonymous.

Each of the quilts finished at little bigger than 45” x 45”. I know babies born at Ben Taub Hospital will be so precious wrapped for their homecoming in one. The backing of the first one, the one that is embroidered with the word, BABY, is a soft pink with “baby” written repeatedly in white. It was sent to me in a large box of flannels from Anonymous last October.

The back of the other one, with SWEET DREAMS stitched across the top, is a solid green, bound in the same, from Missy R.


Thank you to everyone who kept me occupied during my recovery. I love making quilts for the patients of Ben Taub Hospital, but your gifts were particularly valuable to me when I was homebound and otherwise feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Stay well, all!”

Thanks so much for sharing this Jazz.  They turned out great.  I was confident that when I sent the kit you would come up with something creative and you sure did!!    Many thanks to all who sent goodies to help these quilts get finished.  These turned out so cute!!

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Jazz”

  1. It’s wonderful you can enjoy your cross stitch and a little sewing while you recover. Get well fast, Jazz!

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    These quilts are just lovely Jazz –you are so creative! Sounds like you are recovering well–so happy making baby quilts kept you busy.

  3. Such adorable quilts! I love how you used the strips with the panels. I can see myself stealing that idea lol. Hope your recovery progresses quickly.

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