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I’ve had quite a few charity quilts come in lately and I’m trying to get them all posted.  Watch for a couple of extra charity quilt posts over the next few days.  It’s a great “problem” to have!!

I have some quilts for you from a new finisher, Alice.

She writes:

Last summer you sent me 2 quilt tops to finish for our local women’s shelter, Middleway House. Life got in the way and I am just now sending you the photos of the completed pieces. In addition to contracting covid (a mild case but still caused a lot of fatigue), I lost my aunt. She left me her sewing supplies, fabric, and machines. She was a hoarder so there’s a house full of sewing items. Since she lived 4.5 hours from me, it will take me many trips to move her things back to my home. It’s been a tiring process and I’m not done yet. Anyway, that’s partly why I stopped sewing and only recently got these done. I think our long arm quilter did a nice job with them. They really turned out great. Some youngster or mother will be very pleased.’

Here you can see the lovely Spider Web string quilt that Alice finished.

Next up is…This fun 16 patch quilt with half blocks too.  So fun and what a big quilt.

Alice writes:
By the way, Middleway House is in Bloomington. IN and is a favorite non-profit of Jesse Eisenberg. He’s the actor who played Mark Zuckerburg in the movie about Facebook. Jesse’s mother-in-law was the executive director of Middleway for decades before she died. Jesse and his wife have spent many happy hours helping out at the house and raising money. Sadly, there is always an urgent need for this type of shelter. They never have too many quilts and pillowcases for their residents.”

This was so interesting.  I just love hearing stories about actors and people of fame who give back.  Thanks for sharing this Alice and thanks for your hard work.  Good luck with sorting through all the goodies from your Aunt.  It sounds like you have a big task in front of you.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Alice”

  1. Sally Safranski

    I loved learning about Middleway House and that Alice is sending quilts there. Bloomington, IN is one of my favorite places on the earth! Went to college there (Indiana University), met my husband there and we lived together there after our wedding while he finished his PhD. We go back “home” periodically and hike around “our campus.” Bloomington is a great college community. Thanks to all who make sending quilts there possible.

    1. Sally:
      We’ve lived in Bloomington since 1974. No doubt our paths crossed at some point. The Bloomington Quilt Guild has several robust charity quilt groups. The one I belong to makes many quilts and pillowcases for Middleway. I wish they didn’t need so many but they always do.

  2. Alice, we’re all glad to welcome you to this great group! We have fun making, finishing, and donating quilts to those who need them, and the ones you finished are gorgeous!
    I’m sorry for the loss of your aunt and your bout with COVID. Best to you going forth.

  3. Very nice quilts. It was interesting to hear about the Middleway House. It seems to be a good place for some of these beautiful quilts to go. One can only imagine what a task Alice has with sorting through a hoarder’s sewing supplies.

  4. I just discovered your site. You have SO much great information. Just read about how you sort your scraps
    I’ll be up all night reading all that you have shared.
    Great information and much inspiration too!!

  5. Great job Alice! I don’t quilt nicely enough to donate, but I love seeing what the more talented people can do. Sorry for the loss of your aunt. I can relate. My aunt was also a hoarder, times 10. It was very stressful. We loved her and it was hard to do. Blessings to you moving forward.

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