Block of the Month Challenge…Start Your Engines!!

I put out a challenge to all of you who have a languishing Block of the Month project.  I suggested that we all work on whatever Block of the Month (BOM) project together and complete (or at least move the project along) in 2017.

Being I’m hosting this Block of the Month Challenge I thought I better pull mine out and see what I got myself into….(I’m dreading this already-but you all are going to help get through this…right?)  Well this is my BOM that needs my attention.  I did a couple BOM projects previous to this one and did fine with it…I’m just not that girl anymore.  I like massive methodical piecing….I hate making one block each month.  I passionately hate that.  It seems like such a waste of time in reading directions and cutting out for only one block.  Anyway…this is my project and as much as I like to pass it along, I’m committing myself to finishing it in 2018.


I was SUPER happy to see that this block often has two or four blocks that are the same….I like that idea a lot.

I figured I better take a moment and assess where I am at…Block #1 is done!  I had to make one 18″ and one 12″ block of the same style and print.  See?


Notice, I have two sets.  One set is for Kelli’s quilt.  Kelli and I started this project together…I don’t know if we’ll be ending together.  About two years ago she gave me her kit and said, “Here you go mom.  I’ll never make this.”….UGH!  When we started the BOM the shop gals told us that the fabric cuts were very generous and if we’d only substitute in a little bit of our own fabric we could almost make two quilts.  That was appealing to me then…but not now.  I started with that in mind.  So notice that the blocks of Blocks #1 don’t have the exact same coloring…Neither do blocks two.


Well what do I do…continue making two sets from my kits…NO!  I’ll continue to make two sets but I’ll be using Kelli’s kits for the second set of blocks.  My real hope is that I’ll be able to talk Kelli into taking a month of blocks with her sewing mine, and me sewing her’s.  They say many hands make light work….so I’ll be needing her hands.  In truth, I’ll probably guilt her into it telling her how I am sewing her kit for her so the least she could do is take a month or two.  That’s fair right???  In reality she told me I could have it but I won’t take her quilt.  Once she sees me working on it, I’m sure she’ll jump on board….right??

So I have all of the next months organized in order…yep.  I only have two months done.


I did have month #8’s blocks cut out so I decided to start sewing them up with the goal of having them done by January 6th which is the starting day for the Block of the Month Challenge.  All of you are free to jump into the challenge however it works for you.  So if all you want to have together by the 6th is your project found, that’s awesome.  If you want to have a block finished, that’s awesome.


I have heard from a few of you saying that you have SEVERAL BOM projects that need attention.  If you want to tackle a few at a time, great.  If you want to sew several of the blocks each month, that’s fine too.  If you’re tackling a sampler quilt that technically isn’t a BOM you’re welcome to join too.  Make the challenge what you need it to be to get your own project done.


I’ll be back here on January 6th with (hopefully) my finished blocks from month #8.  I’ll have a linky party up and if you’re a blogger, you can link up.  If you’re not, you can leave a comment in the comment section.  You’re welcome to send updates to me at my email and I can feature some of them in the posting for the next month.  Really what’s not to love in a “ruleless” challenge??

I feel like I’m doing the “Little Engine that Could” mantra in my head….  “I think I can….I think I can…”  I sure hope we get lots of people to join, seriously people, I need some support to cheer me on.  I hate BOM’s….at least the sewing part.  I do love them at the finished part!!

See you on January 6th!

22 thoughts on “Block of the Month Challenge…Start Your Engines!!”

  1. There is a civil war BOM in my project stash but it requires 4 blocks a month. So far 7 blocks are done so one more is needed to complete month 2. Let’s see if I can squeeze in some time to work on it. Thanks for the gentle nudge.

  2. I got that pattern from someone and made it using my own fabric. Maybe my new year resolution should be quilting the darn thing. The blocks start out being somewhat easy and then get harder and harder. I swaped out one because I just did not want to figure it out (i think it was a Y seam) and did not do the little triangle border on one. I used a plain piece of fabric. It is such a busy quilt, no one could tell.

    I love Lori Smith quits where there might be 60 blocks all different. Thanks for your blog. I find all of it so fun and interesting.

  3. Carolyn in Texas

    There are three “well seasoned” BOMs in my stash and already on my list for 2018. We can do it! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. I have a block of the month sewn, but it needs sashing and I want to set it on point, so I dug it out this weekend and I’m taking it to sew on at a weekend sew along where they have a huge project wall board so I can lay it out and see what it looks like. My plan is to get it assembled during that weekend. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I have an applique block of the month and blocks from last year’s Splendid Sampler to do. The Splendid sampler are only 6″ blocks so very doable. And I spent alot of money on the applique blocks so that in itself motivation. Hopefully by Jan 6th I’ll have one of each done. Thanks for the motivation.

  6. That’s a beautiful BOM you’ve got there! Let’s see…I know I have three blocks left to do on Barbara Brackman’s 2016 BOM. I’ll work on that one first. I liked it so should be fun!

  7. I had that same BOM but gave it away. I just could not get into it but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any unfinished projects to work on so thanks for the motivation. Like you I don’t care for BOMs but I do like Sampler quilts….too many are started and not finished because I find another one I like.

  8. I have several BOM to finish including the alternate setting blocks for one. I have another that s batiks and I really don’t care for them.

  9. Got a # for Instagram? I am headed to the basement now, to find a kit that I know the shop owner said each block took her 45 minutes. It has applique border.. . oh boy, not my thing, but maybe an out of a comfort zone experience in 2018 will be good for me.

  10. OH boy, do I have BoMs. But the one I’m going to focus on is actually a block of the week. Pat Sloan’s “Solstice”. I’m reworking my very first sampler blocks. That class was a gift from my late husband, so I couldn’t just trash them.

    I’ve written up an ‘introduction’ to this project over on my blog. I need to find one or two more fabrics to extend this project since I’m going to tone down and minimize one of the colors (the bright rose). But hopefully I can start in on it in January.

  11. I have this very same Civil War BOM along with all the fabrics (mostly all Judie Rothermel). Brought it home in it’s cute bag, put all the paper patterns in sleeves and into a binder, drooled over the fabrics, then took a long look at it and stored it away and there it has sat for the last few years. Due to you, I just may get started on it and get it done. Terry

  12. My engine is started. I even wrote a post to link up, then re-read this and realized it wasn’t a linky DOH. That’s what I get for reading your post on my tablet in bed. But I now have my BOM all assembled and ready to go so see you on the 6th

  13. I don’t have any BOM but I do have two years of Row by Row that I would like to finish. So maybe a row each month instead of a block. thanks for the encouragement to keep sewing, even if only a few minutes are available.

  14. Many, many years ago my sister thought she wanted to make a quilt after seeing one that my mother and I had made together. She also had a neighbor that quilted and she was ready to try. So I found her a BOM kit on clearance that had 11 of the 12 individual kits. I figured I’d help her figure out something for the missing block. I believe each kit had all the fabrics pre-cut which would have helped her get right to the fun part – sewing. Nope. Nada. Nothing. On one of her more recent moves she gave it all back to me – untouched. I think I know where it is and I think I should be able to fit a block into my schedule each month, especially if it really is all precut.

    Thanks for the challenge. Now to get to the machine and plow through some UFOs while I am off work.

  15. I think I have two BOMs to do. One was the PA Dutch BOM from the Fat Quarter shop. I got stuck but that was years ago. I’m much more experienced now so I bet I could figure it out. The other was a BOM I ordered this year-Chocolatier. I got stuck on one block and stopped.

    I just noticed a theme here! I’m going to try to finish these this year too.

  16. When I had made my first quilt, I saw this block of the month in Keepsake Quilting. I thought it would help me develop my little cache of quilting knowledge. I had to give it up after one block because it was way too hard for me. I needed to have that bigger cache of knowledge before I began.

    The name of the BOM is As Time Goes By, A Quilting Memoir. I have made 6 blocks. There are 6 more blocks and then there 18 blocks for the border. They are all the same, which should help. I hope.

    It’s a beautiful quilt made in dark green and rose pink. I’m looking forward to getting it done but it will probably take the whole year to get it done. It depends on how many border blocks I can make in a month!

  17. If you haven’t set up Instagram yet, I found that #BOMChallenge is used a lot! Maybe it can be altered to set it apart. #BOMFinish-It-Up? BOMFinishChallenge? Jo’sBOMChallenge?
    Add 2018 to the end of each?

    I just joined Instagram so I could put up my photos and see others. I obviously have no idea about creating names. Thanks for doing this for us.

  18. I think I might join! I’ve resolved not to start anymore BOMs, but I have two in particular I’d like to finish. I’ll be posting on January 6th.

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