Ask Jo: Where Have You Been?

Every once in awhile I get comment from a blog reader that I think others would be interested in as well.  Rather than answer them individually I answer them here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.

This comment came from a blog reader, Becky Clay, who finds us via her Facebook feed.  Becky writes, “Where have you been?”

Let me do a little explaining on how this all works.

We have our blog.  We are on the internet with the domain name “Jo’s Country Junction”.  Any minute of your day you can type into your web browser and find us.  Many of our readers have alternate ways that they find us.  Some find us through an email.  Some find us in their Facebook feed.  Some find us through even more places.  All of these “alternate” places to find us, we don’t have much control over.

Let me explain it like this….Every so often I get a notification on my smart phone that says I need to do an update my phone.  I do the update and my phone changes slightly.  Suddenly when I go to my camera, my camera looks mostly the same but it’s a little different.  The camera part of my software updated.  This happens regularly.  I have to futz with it a little bit and then can figure it out.  This happens all the time with with computer related things.  Most of of curse the changes, then ten days later, we’ve adjusted to them.

Well this is what happened with the program that picked up my blog posts and transferred them into your Facebook news feed.  It updated, something changed and then it no longer worked like it previously did.  Facebook users quit getting a notification that I had a new blog post up.  I realized this in early June….that was about the time that our daughter Kayla was in Utah and daughter Kayla is my computer person.

She was here….

She was chaperoning a high school hiking group.  They hiked Utah National parks for 10 days.

She very much enjoyed it and hopes to chaperone again.

Well…over the years of working on computers, I’ve learned very little.  I know how to write a blog post.  I know how to get it to publish.  I know nothing else.  If I need anything done, I beg and plead to Kayla and send her some Paypal money for the work.  It’s so much easier than trying myself and crying because I can’t do it.  Besides, what she can do in a half hour takes me days.  She would happily do it all for free but I insist on paying her something and trust me, the $50 I send her, is nowhere near what a professional would charge.  Kayla is the best….as long as I’m patient.

So…I had to wait for Kayla to come home.  Once she got home, she got put on Auntie duty with these guys…Lucy “crocheting” with Kayla….

..and Scott making apple crisp with Kayla.

So I waited until she was free and asked.

In all this waiting Hubby was concerned about it.  He like some of you thought I had dropped out of the “blogesphere”.  He couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t panicked.  Well age and dealing with computers has gotten to me.  Why panic?  What good will it do?

A couple days later, Kayla fixed it….it’s not completely fixed.  Anyone getting a notification in their Facebook feed will see something like this….

The actual post name and picture isn’t showing up but it’s better that it was.  Kayla assures me it will get better.  We’re waiting to see.  Look at me all grown up and not panicking over something that in reality is trivial.

So…I want to tell all of you that should this ever happen, don’t panic either.  Just go to…I’ll be there.  Now all of you who missed posts you can go back and read the archives.  There are post going from today all the way back to when I started blogging.  I promise…I won’t go anywhere without giving you all a notice about where I’m going and what I’m doing.  Promise.

8 thoughts on “Ask Jo: Where Have You Been?”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Kayla certainly got to go to a beautiful part of the country! I could spend lots more time in the parks of Utah.

  2. By any chance, did Kayla go on her trip with a woman named Kelly W.? I know Kelly, who is a teacher in Dubuque, went on a national park trip with high school students earlier this summer.

  3. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Jo – also be aware that Facebook has also taken it upon itself to change settings in each of our accounts. I got a notification one day that automatically changed all of my notifications to ‘highlights’ for different pages that I follow. I had some of them set to ‘all’ not just ‘highlights’. I am just saying that readers may need to check their notification settings in Facebook as well.

  4. I knew there was a computer glitch in there and I did just what you said, googled you at Jo Country. Hope it gets cleared up and computers are a blessing and a curse.

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