Ask Jo: The Christmas Star Quilt Tutorial

I recently got a question from Victoria about our Christmas Star Quilt Tutorial.
“I don’t understand how the stars come unto play once you make the blocks,i am a beginning quilter, and yes im confused, all i see is the blocks,could you please email me a more understandable directions, I’m in remission from cancer and can no longer work and i love to quilt to keep my mind occupied, thank you so much for your time God bless”


This is the quilt Victoria was referencing…I added some of my created drawings to help.  We decided to re-post the entry as other’s of you may have the same questions…


To make it you need to make this block.  I know-you are thinking but that doesn’t make a star.  Trust me, it will.

Step 1--What you need

1.  To make one block, you will need 2-2.5″ red squares, 4-2.5″ green squares, 6-2.5″ squares, and 4-2.5″ half square triangles.  I used my easy angle ruler to make the half square triangles with 2.5″ strips, however if you would feel more comfortable using a different method, you may.

Step 2--Red Points

2.  To make the block, we will be making 2 parts.  The first part is made up of a red square, neutral square, and 2 half square triangles.  Assemble the pieces as shown.  Press to the red or neutral square (path of least resistance).  Join and press.  To make one block, make to of these star point parts.

Step 3--4 patch

3.  This is the second part that will be needed for the block.  Make a basic 4-patch using green and neutral squares.  Press to the green squares.  You will need two of these parts to complete the block.

Step 4--Block Layout

4.  Assemble the block as shown.  The block should finish at 8.5″ when completed and 8″ when added into the quilt.

Step 5--Completed Block
Although you won’t construct and put the blocks together this way, you can see what happens when you turn the blocks and lay them out together.  A star is formed.

Instead you will make six of each of these different rows.

I made 120 blocks and set them together in the quilt in 10 block by 12 block layout to finish at 80″ x 96″.  I bound the quilt (a year and a half after it was quilted) with red 2.5″ strips.


It you make this quilt, I would love to see pictures–even it’s a year and a half later!

We have had more questions asked about the quilt..fabric requirements and using 2 1/2″ strips.  You can find that information here.

We hope that clears up some of the questions.  This quilt is great for beginners and it’s so fun to watch the pattern emerge.

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  2. I discovered this quilt early 2014 and began making blocks. I made enough to cover our king size bed and then finished it late last year and it was quilted in time for us o use it on our bed during the Christmas holidays! Where do I post a picture? I’d love to share it.

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