Answering some question…Adobe Reader

Recently a reader of the blog asked a question about the downloadable patterns….they also asked if I couldn’t just email the instructions instead.   I decided to answer the question here on the blog as I am guessing there may be others who might have the same questions.

Last week we posted instructions for this pattern…Kelli’s Rail Fence quilt


and for the this pattern…the Homespun Baby Boy quilt.

Both of the patterns are in Adobe format.  That means to access the patterns, readers need to have the program Adobe Reader on their computer or device.  It is a FREE program and a safe program.  People use it all the time.  Here is a link to get your own Adobe Reader.

We are planning on offering more free patterns.  All will be made using this program.

As far as emailing the patterns…here’s what happened.  I did try to email the pattern.  The email came back as rejected.  All of that takes up time…then I worry and wonder if the person got it.  It is just easier if everyone who wants to download patterns has the Adobe Reader.

6 thoughts on “Answering some question…Adobe Reader”

  1. the Adobe Reader patterns worked just fine for me, Jo. Thanks very much for taking the time to work these patterns up for us, and making them accessible to all.

  2. I am happy with the Adobe Reader patterns too. A little learning curve at first but have been using Adobe for a few years now and it is usually problem free. I downloaded the Homespun Baby Boy quilt. Love that one. Thanks for sharing your patterns with us.

  3. I agree with the other comments. Thanks for the time to write out the patterns for us! I downloaded the Homespun Baby quilts pattern without a problem. I don’t know how to write in Adobe but I sure can download “stuff” with it! Thanks again!

  4. Catholic Bibliophagist

    Downloading in Adobe reader format is my favorite way to get patterns online. BTW, not only is Adobe Reader free, but a lot of people already have it on their computers without realizing it.

  5. Adobe Reader is my favorite way to get patterns, too. One thing I’ve discovered is that when Adobe comes out with a new “major” update, say from version 10 to version 11, you probably have to go to Adobe’s website to get it. My Reader’s “Check for Updates” option would install an update from 10.5 to 10.6, but didn’t update to 11. It just said “No updates available.”

    Thanks very much for the patterns.

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