A Schnibbley Tip…

I have made many Schnibble patterns from Miss Rosies Quilt Company as part of the Schnibbles of the Year.
About half way through sewing them all, I discovered this little tip I thought I would share with you…

Many of the quilts have a piano key border.  I have been sewing the borders as a “leader and ender” project.   Every time I sew the pieces of a strip together, rather than cut off the thread, I sew two pieces of the border together.  I leave that piece in the sewing machine and then sew another piece of the strip together.  I continue doing this…..Right now, my X-rated Schnibble quilt is about half finished.

My borders are almost sewn together and I am sure will be done by the time the center is finished.  It will be such a treat to have the border pieces sewn once the top is finished.  I’ll be able to just keep on sewing rather than stop and piece the border together.  It’s just a little tip but one that I believe really saves time.

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