Quilt Festival

Amy is sponsoring a quilt festival and I decided to join in the fun.

I finished this quilt in January and hubby and I have been sleeping under it ever since.  I LOVE it!


The pattern is from Pat Speth’s Nickel Quilt book….in fact, it is the cover quilt.  I was in bed one night paging through the quilt book telling hubby that it was time for a new quilt on our bed and was thinking about making one of the star quilts in the book.  He looked at the book and said I like this one better.  And so….that’s how I decided to make it. 

I love the whole concept of nickel quilts (quilts made from 5″ sqares) and charms  BUT if you are making a whole quilt, that is this size, I would take time to read the pattern through and decide if you can make it with using a regular cutting method.  I was naive and just started in following the directions.  It seemed like a never ending process of cutting.  First I cut all the fabric into 5 ” squares then I had to recut the fabric again.


Each blocks has 29 pieces in it and there are over 4000 pieces in the whole quilt…..like I said, it was a long process.  BUT well worth it!!  It is made of civil war fabrics which are still my personal favorite.  I love the dark rich colors.  The other thing I love about civil war reproduction fabrics….they all match….at least in the scrap quilts I make.  I can never get enough of scrappy quilts.

We were in a quilt shop recently and hubby pointed out another quilt that he liked, Eureka.  He also commented that he loves the quilts with the HUGE star in the middle.  Why does he always pick the hard quilts?

12 thoughts on “Quilt Festival”

    1. I have decided that I love modern quilts, civil war fabric quilts or any other quilts…The only requirement…SCRAPPY!

    1. It’s honestly not hard….You do need some floor space or design wall so you can keep laying the pieces out and checking how they look.

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