My Monday

I had yesterday off because it was Martin Luther King Jr Day…so I thought I would bring you along and show you what kept me busy the whole day long.

First off, I planned to sleep in and I accomplished that.  At 7:20 am Karl messaged me and said he had a flat tire, could he borrow my truck.  The answer…SURE.  I don’t go anywhere anymore.  In all of December, I went to a Doctor’s appointment and went to Christmas Eve church and I haven’t gone anywhere since.  The miles getting put on the truck are minimal.

That’s when I remembered I had packages that needed to go in the mail so I ran around getting them ready so Karl could drop them off only to learn that “AH!!  It’s Martin Luther King Jr Day and the post office is closed”.

So in my jammies, I sat down at the computer and started checking comments and my email.  I told you I’ve been trying to stay ahead of it all so I’ve made a commitment to run through it in the morning and again in the evening.  It’s been going much better.  I do take the weekends off of mail maintenance though.

I flipped over to check my Youtube channel and saw this…It’s my friend Michelle from Michelle’s Romantic Tangle.  She was doing a flip through review of our book Country Girl Modern.  If you click, you can watch it here.

Michelle has a blog (Find her HERE), but has branched out and is doing a lot of Youtube videos.  I’m so honored that she took the time to review our book.

Michelle does a ton of short videos that are so fun.  She’ll take you along thrifting.  She talks about her many crafting endeavors with cross-stitch being her focus along with knitting.  She loves vintage things so she’s always showing fun finds.  The videos are all fun and quick.  Seeing what she is up to is great.

You can imagine how surprised I was to see her feature our book in her flip through.  You’ll have to check her out!  HERE is the link to her Youtube channel.

From there I grabbed some breakfast.  I’m not a traditional breakfast eater.  For me, it was leftover lasagna.  I put together but didn’t cook the lasagna over naptime last week and put it in the refrigerator.  Then Friday night I baked it.  Over the weekend we ate it for leftovers.  I read a cookbook while I ate.  This is the Amish one Celesta gave me.  There are so many recipes I want to try!

From there it was a shower and off to the sewing room.  I stood inside the doorway for a minute or two and tried to think what the best use of the time would be.  I wanted to tidy up.  The sewing room took a hit when I was busy working on the Halloween quilt.  I really should make a backing and get the Halloween quilt on the frame but darn…that wasn’t what I was in the mood to do.

So under the guise of telling myself it was part of cleaning, I decided to get the Holy Toledo quilt finished.  Then I could clean up all of that mess.  So one went the inner border.

Then it was time for the outer border.  I sewed the long pieces together but then I had to make the corner blocks.  To do that, I needed more half square triangles.  Then an idea hit me.  Just that morning Donna had messaged me and asked how I make half square triangles…so, I shot a video showing how.  That will be published on a later date after Kalissa edits it for me.  She’s still on Covid quarantine.

From there it was time to put on the outer borders.

…and with that, the top was done.

Then Karl messaged me, “Could you go down and check what the number is on my tire.  The shop needs to order one.”

So I went to the garage and gave him the info.

As I was walking through the kitchen I saw these apples on the counter.  ICK.  I was going to make pie over the weekend but it never happened.  So…I made pie!

While the pies were baking I went upstairs.  The Holy Toledo quilt was finished.  What else could I do to “clean up” the sewing room.

Ah-ha.  My “A Gentle Life” wool applique piece…it needed to be laced.  All of the stitching was done so I laced it!

Here it is…

The happy news is that years ago when I bought the pattern, I bought the frame at the same time.  So I popped it into the frame and put it in it’s new home.

The original pattern gives the gal eyes but not other face features.  It all has a strip of green along the bottom.  I never did find a green I liked so I skipped it.  I like it as is.

I love it and think it looks perfect there.

About then, the timer went off so back downstairs to take out the pies.  They look YUMMY!!

Back upstairs I went.  I found a sheet for backing my Holy Toledo quilt.  I have to take off the top stitching at the top of the sheet but then the piece was big enough for a backing.

Then I loaded the quilt. 
Poor Rosie wanted attention.  All of the things I was accomplishing was not impressing her at all.

So I started machine quilting my quilt and thought, “Hey, this is a different quilting motif that I haven’t done a video for.  Why don’t you shoot a video of this quilting motif?”   So…I did.

This is the Hook and Feather.  Again, you’re going to have to wait until Kalissa is out of covid quarantine before she can edit that video too.

I didn’t get the quilt finished but it’s on and started.  I’m guessing I should be able to finish it one evening.  Then all I’ll have to do is the binding.  YAHOO!!  I’m so close to a finish.

From there it was time to make supper.  It was smothered chicken breast with loaded mashed potatoes.  It was so good.  Both Karl and I decided that we’d convene again at 9pm and have pie then.  We were too full.

Then it was time to write blog posts.  This is the last of three I’m writing.  It’s 8:30 pm.  I’m headed to the couch and am going to enjoy a little bit of time cross-stitching.  Hopefully I’ll get myself to bed by 10:30 pm.  That’s the goal anyway.

I had the perfect day…at least in my book, it was my favorite kind of day.

34 thoughts on “My Monday”

  1. Jo, you clean up your sewing room like I do! (I’ll just finish this project … and this one … and it’ll be less stuff to deal with. But for me, it never is. It just creates more scraps, more supplies strewn around, more threads all over everything.)

    I’m glad you had a good day and glad you shared it with us.

    P.S. Where’d you get that cool pie dish?

  2. I’d say you had a productive day! I’m trying to finish a quilt that I started in 2004 and I know why I put it ‘away’ but I’m not this time! 20 flowers are left and they are all bias strips and they’ve been a pain! But I can tell in 17 years my piecing skills have improved a lot !! I have that same embroidery pattern…somewhere….and I think I bought the frame too!! Did you lace it over a board or foam core? I like your pie plate! Do tell where you found it!

    1. I laced the wool applique piece over the piece of cardboard that was in the frame…nothing fancy.
      I actually have three of the six sided pie pans. I’ve gotten them all at thrift stores.

  3. Kelli L. Heldreth

    What a busy day! But sounds like a fun one and you accomplished a lot. Love the six-sided pie dish – very unusual. Holy Toledo quilt is on my to-do wish list – yours looks wonderful! Glad you had a day for yourself.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Wow a happy busy day. I like your shepherdess and sheep.
      Your quilt is great to. Will be glad when the videos get l²osted
      Apple pies looked delicious. That six sided pan is cool no arguments about whose piece is bigger : )

  4. Any day that you can accomplish things like you did is a good day.
    Looking forward to your new videos!
    Love and prayers

  5. Jo, I am on Covid quarantine myself so no better time than to “straighten” my sewing room. I started a project last year and I truly want to finish it. I set my timer to one hour and made myself work on cutting, culling, etc. one basket of fabric, so it is organized. Then I worked on my table topper. But this is the kind of work I love doing. I think your latest creation looks great.

  6. Your blog posts are a bright spot in my days! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share with us. I am in a small sewing group that is an offshoot from our local quilt guild (Plano, TX) and quite often we talk about what you are doing. You are an inspiration.

  7. Very productive day! Last week I decided to do a major overhaul of my sewing room. I finished two UFO’s as I found them! Now I need to finish those! Can’t wait to watch the videos!

  8. Please explain using sheets for backings. Are they 100% cotton? I have always been told not to use them. About your breakfast. How are you comfortable eating something that was made on Thursday? I was taught at the most 3 days. Just wondering for the sake of others.

    1. I use sheets all the time for backing a quilt. Yes, they are 100% cotton. When making a quilt from shirts, having a used 100% cotton sheet on the back is the best. It was quilt police that told you to never use them.
      As for eating lasagna after it was fine. My rule of thumb is five days. I haven’t died or even gotten a stomachache yet and I’m 55.

    2. About eating things days later…My rule is on the eighth day it goes in the trash. I will let something sit in the fridge for days, but on the seventh day it has to be eaten or it heads to the trash. Part of this is that I can usually remember what day of the week I served the original dish, so when that day of the week is approaching, I know it’s time to offer it up again. As the oldest of 6 siblings, having raised my 7 kids, now we’re just two empty nesters, this method hasn’t hurt any of us. Usually the food was eaten long before the 7th day!
      I’ve never worried about whether a sheet was 100% cotton or not, or whether fabric was 100% cotton or not, but then I am not a great quilter. I just like to use up scraps. Polyester fabric lasts a looonngg time.

    3. I was surprised that you keep a 3 day limit on leftovers! We think they are just getting good by then. lol, I like to let a day or two go by before serving the leftovers. I’m 74, and it hasn’t made me sick yet. My rule is also eat it by 7 days or out it goes. But sometimes, depending on what it is, I will give it the sniff test for one more day.
      Only self-appointed quilt police go around telling people what they can and can’t do. I use cotton sheets not only for backing, but also for piecing. Many sheet prints are great for background fabrics plus you get lots of yardage from them, even the twin size.
      I might even use a poly cotton blend, but it has to be like a 70/30. OK, lol, if I am in love with the print, I might even go 60/40. Depends a lot on the feel of the fabric in question.
      I’ll bet the quilt police also told you your points all have to match. That is always my aspiration, but rarely do I accomplish it. Nobody notices a point that is a little off except the quilt police… and we don’t let them look at our quilts. lol, Have a good day, hugs and smiles.

      1. I am happy to read no one has gotten sick after 5 to 7 days of eating leftovers. I guess it was my education that tells me 3 days for the most part. It is hard but I do it. About the sheets, there must be a lot of Quilt Police. I have read it a lot. What I read made sense. I also was going to say something about thread the other day. I hope the cheapest thread is not being used or very old thread is not being passed on. I would hate to see beautiful work fall apart after a few washes.

  9. Wow, even after sleeping in you got so much done! You must be quite speedy making those pies, which are picture perfect and I’m sure taste so. The quilts are looking good too. I really like A Gentle Life and it looks perfect where you placed it.

  10. Wow! I feel like I’m doing almost nothing in comparison to you! You are a whirlwind of productive activity – very impressive. Gotta ask – do you have a recipe or quick notes on how to make ‘loaded mashed potatoes’?

  11. What a productive day, wow. I will have to grab a cup of coffee this afternoon and watch the video about your book. I have it and will have to get it to follow along with her. Its a great book and was given to me as a gift. I have never seen a 6 sided pie plate, its cool. Bummer on the flat tire for Karl, never a fun way to start the day. I’m busy cleaning our home, its spring time in TN and I did all the windows yesterday including the curtains and blinds. Hope to tackle the kitchen today, time to purge and organize it all.

  12. Love it that you finished the lady and sheep piece. I agree that the “grass” is unnecessary, but I didn’the think of that when I did mine. You get sooooooooo much done in a day! I tend to be lazy when I no longer have work to keep me on the direct path to accomplishment.

  13. 1. I think the recommendation against sheets as backing was intended for hand quilters, since sheets tend to be more tightly woven. That said, I’ve done it…successfully.
    2. What a wonderful and unusual pie plate shape! I don’t remember seeing that shape before, ever! Is it an Iowa thing? They both look great.

  14. I use sheets all the time too, but I do it on my long arm. I especially love not having to sew pieces together for the back. Your pies look so pretty, mine taste great but aren’t so pretty as yours.

  15. Margaret in North Texas

    That’s what I have always heard that sheets are harder to hand quilt . Pretty pies and love ” The Gentile Life” picture. You have the perfect place for it to live and so you can view it frequently.

  16. I had to chuckle reading your post today. You sound like the Energizer Bunny or else you’re ADHD! LOL
    You had a very productive day.

  17. It cracks me up that sleeping in is 7 anything. But then, I’m a night owl and head to bed around 3-4 am most days. It’s not unusual for us to still be working on waking up at noon….still in PJs and having coffee. Just like quilting and leftovers – to each their own!

  18. I love this needlework but I am a little concerned about the material you have mounted it on. It looks like cardboard and if it is are you at all concerned about the acid content? Acid is not a friend of fabric or paper. I have always mounted my needlework on 1/4 inch foamcore and I recommend it highly.

    1. I did just put it on cardboard. To be honest, it will live there and be fine for the next 25 years or so. This is not an archival piece that needs special care. If it disintegrates in 25 years, I really don’t care. I’ve talked on the blog that I am more of a process girl vs a product girl. I got all the joy I need out of the piece simply from making it.

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