I’m Addicted to Cabinets

There is a huge joke at our house about me and cabinets.  I love all things cabinets.  If I go to an auction…the cabinets are my weakness.  I’d put them wall to wall everywhere in the house if there was a way I could make it look good.

If it’s wood, old, and can hold stuff…I am like a magnet to it.  One of the reasons we loved this house was the wood…Kramer was addicted to them too so, that was doubly bad.  We have cabinets all over the house.

This is a built-in.  It’s one of the things we loved about the house when we bought it.

You’ll have to forgive the pictures.  Everything is a mess at my house as the carpenters are still here working on the bathroom shower.  Everything is a mess and displaced because of it.  I can’t keep the floors clean as everything from the bathroom gets drug around into the other rooms.  It’s a pain of remodeling.

So on with the cabinet parade.

This cabinet came with the house. It was part of the original kitchen.

This wardrobe which you can’t see was in the bathroom for storage.

We bought this one to use as part of the kitchen cabinets.

Kramer fixed this one for me to be part of the kitchen island.

Kramer redid this one.  We bought it for $10.  It was in a gross old basement.  He did wonders with it!

This one was white and we call it the white cupboard.  Craig and I stripped this one down and Kramer refinished it.  This is my pantry.

We found this on an estate sale for free.  Kramer redid it…I think it was white too.

I have a roll-top desk and file cabinet.  The roll-top desk was useable when we got it.  The file cabinet was green.  Kramer redid it too.

This secretary was Kramer’s mom’s.

This wardrobe is part of our bedroom furniture.

This wardrobe is in the spare bedroom.

I have an ice box outside my sewing room.

This one is in my bathroom upstairs.  I’d like to do a few touch-ups on this one.

This one is another Kramer redid…it’s in my sewing room.

Kramer did these for my laundry room.

As you can see, if it’s wood and cabinets, I have them.

Last week I went to the thrift store when I met Kelli at the hospital when Eli what there.  I found yet another cabinet…

Luckily this one was little.

It is actually meant to be a doll wardrobe cabinet.  So cute.  I’d have loved to have this as a kid.

There’s a nice drawer on the bottom.

If you scroll back to the first picture, you can see the side door has a little chip of the veneer.  I debated about buying it because of that chip.  Where was I going to put it?  How was I going to “fix” that chip??

In the end, the cabinet was only $5.  I couldn’t pass it up.  I got it home and ended up doing this…

I put it on the top of the shelving with the childcare toys.  I have all sorts of vintage toys there that the kids don’t play with.

I had that vintage toy cabinet to the left in the middle before but moved that one to the left.  It’s a little narrower and fits to the left better than the new one did.

Kalissa came over and I showed her the new teal cabinet.  She laughed and said, “So now are you collecting little cabinets because you can’t fit any more big ones in the house??”  I smiled and told her that I was just thinking as I was rearranging things that I would have room for another little one on the right!!  HA!!

What can I say??  I’m a cabinet girl.  Big or little makes no difference.

44 thoughts on “I’m Addicted to Cabinets”

  1. Those are all so neat. But, did you realize you have a fortune just in hardware alone. I have up counting all the drawer handles, pulls, locks and hinges. Probably worth more than the cupboards. You are one lucky lady to have the space for them.

  2. Beryl in Owatonna

    If I had room and a way to get them home, I would have a few too!! My apartment is too small…just under 600 sq. feet! The storage would be welcome but…
    They all look nice and with the woodwork in your house they are perfect!! I love the older homes in the small towns in Iowa!! Lucky you. Can’t wait to see what Karl does with his house, he too has beautiful woodwork.
    I love your x stitch…if I could count I would join your group. Your work is beautiful.
    Keep feeling better, rest when you need it! Praying for you for complete healing.

  3. Years ago while there were still vacant houses around, I’d muse, as we passed by ” I wonder if there are cabinets in there?” Because I needed laundry room cabinets! Now, many years later, my kids still tease me about cabinets!!! I totally get it Jo!! Yours are lovely! Enjoy!

  4. This is one of my favorite posts ever! I always love seeing your cool cabinets in the background of all your wonderful posts. I love cabinets too. I just read this to my husband. He said “stop right now” (yes we love Meatloaf) and don’t get any more ideas. I have so many family pieces and yes I love cabinets! Should we start a support group for cabinet hoarders?

    1. A support group! I laughed so much. What would it be called? I think free standing cabinets are way cooler than the more modern types. We lived in an apartment when first married that had a lovely built in plus…a pocket door! I loved them so much!

        1. Penni, how about Cabinet lovers anonymous….or maybe cabinet collectors anonymous, that has a nice sound? In reading the comments it seems that many of us like wooden container type things. If I could find an old drafters desk with the blueprint drawers I would be over the moon happy.

  5. Meredith in Cincinnati

    LOVE this post, Jo! I love things with drawers! Cabinets with drawers, dressers, desks: drawers are my weakness. I’m still looking for a library card file I can afford. :)

  6. I would be like you but sadly UK houses are not big like the USA
    So my addiction since I was a child is wooden boxes. Just love them all plus I seem to have quite a few trugs/cutlery carriers. My favourites are my Shaker boxes cannot get enough of them . Thanks for showing your collection

  7. Oh my, I need a Kleenex because I’m drooling over your cabinets. Every single one is just beautiful. I love them too but have just a few. Our house doesn’t have the room for them, but if I see any like yours, I will make room!

  8. All beautiful! Especially love the one in the spare bedroom.

    Congratulations on the red quilt in American Patchwork! I have a stack of red fabrics just waiting for my issue to arrive.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  9. I really enjoyed seeing all of your cabinets! I too love cabinets and wish I had room for one! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Jo, what beautiful cabinets you have! It is just amazing to see all of them. So many of them show the original wood, too. They are heartwarming to me. I love the look of them. I’m glad you bought the little teal cabinet. It is adorable!

  11. So many great cabinets. I especially like the “free” one with all the little drawers. Kramer was a jewel with all his hard work and doing the refinishing for you. Each piece is so meaningful for you.

  12. Wow–I can see you DO have an addiction to cabinets!!!!! :-) you have some great pieces. I love things like that too, You have a great variety!! Love the “little ones” too!!! Sometimes I wish I had another one -but it would be another thing to fill up with unneeded “junk” at my house!!! I had the bottom piece of the kitchen cabinet with metal work table at one time — loved that type !!

  13. All of the cabinets are wonderful, and they are still being used and loved. I really like the small childrens cabinet in green, so sweet and I’m glad you saved it.

  14. Beautiful! And so many with original hardware too! I wonder why the old hardware for cupboards are latches? Why the need to latch the cupboard door? Hmmm….

  15. What a great tour of your cabinets – love the little doll cabinet. So cute. Would have loved that too.
    Being a Chronicles of Narnia fan, I had to smile when you mentioned the “wardrobe in the spare room”.
    Hope you are feeling better little by little.
    Love and prayers

  16. We have and have had some just like yours. We move and some has to go. But we still have family pieces. I love them also.

  17. I love cabinets too! You have some wonderful pieces. I have a couple of cabinets known as tansus in Japan. I would have bought more but had to restrain myself. I also picked up one in Germany that is a favorite. Wardrobes we’re very popular there but we didn’t have the space for it. There is something special about natural wood.

  18. Judith Fairchild

    Jo color me deep green. I love the old cabinets. Whenever I see one I want it unfortunately my pocket book won’t come up with the money.. momhad a cabinet with a flour dispenser that held at l east 25 pounds of flour and a pull out cabinet top for rolling out cookies or biscuits. We girls learned to mix and fix other cabinet because it held everything we needed to use
    When I was in my late 40’s I saw one in a museum and considered priceless. I showed it to mom and she just looked sad. Needless to say I am still looking for one.

  19. Jo your collection is beautiful! I loved them all! Your bedroom one and the bed that was reflected in the mirror are GORGEOUS! Love your island and laundry room and heck all of them. The little ones too! Oh and your sewing room! Geez I want them all!

  20. Susan from Michigan

    Thanks for sharing your cabinets. I especially like the built -ins. There’s worse things to be “addicted” to. The farmhouse I grew up in has those corner moldings. I think it was built in 1908.

  21. JO, love your cabinets. They are so spectacular. In the mirror of your spare bedroom cabinet, I can see your bed. Jo that is also gorgeous. Is that from a family member? Hope you are feeling better. Keep resting and doing your cross stitch during that time. You do such good work.

  22. I love your cabinets! I also have a few old ones that I use in my sewing room and elsewhere. I also love anything in kids vintage/antique stuff. Whether it be old toys or small furniture it usually come home with me if the price is right. Thanks for showing your treasures!

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