The Mail…and Fat Quarter Shop.

I have recently gotten a couple orders from Fat Quarter Shop.  I was a little nervous when I saw this…


There was a wrapper over the damaged envelope that said, “Attention Customer:  Received Damaged”.  I looked at the envelop and it was wet.  UGH.

I quickly opened it up thinking the worst….but I got the best.

My fabric was all nice and safe in a plastic zip top bag.

Thanks Fat Quarter Shop for getting the fabric to me safely.  Even though the outside envelope was wet, my fabric inside was perfect!!

10 thoughts on “The Mail…and Fat Quarter Shop.”

  1. The package I got last week was torn. I didn’t have anything on package saying it had been damaged. The fabric was safe inside in the zip lock bag..

  2. You’re lucky – the last time I got a fabric package that said that, it was empty. It was an eBay purchase of several packages of pre-cuts, and all I got was a ripped open envelope!

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