My New Obsession: Scrap School

I’ve recently kind of put myself on hold with buying quilt books.  I have plenty.  I don’t need another quilt book.  SERIOUSLY.  I design my own quilts…do I really need to buy other quilt books.  For me, the answer was no but then along came, Scrap School: 12 All-New Designs from Amazing Quilters put together by Lissa Alexander.

The book came on my radar after I learned that Mary and Connie of Country Threads fame had a quilt in the book…This is their quilt.  They spiced things up with some bright colors which isn’t their typical mode…but the quilt is scrappy and fun and I’d love to make it!!

Well, then I started looking at some of the other quilts in the book.  Be still my heart.  Red nine patches.  If you’re new here, red is my favorite color.  Nine patches rank right up there with my favorite blocks.  This quilt is the cat’s meow in my world.  It checks my boxes!!

Many of the quilts in the book are simple construction.  I can pull out my 2 1/2″ scrap bucket and clean out some scraps.  LOVE!!  This quilt was from

Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts fame.

Here is another that I could just sit down and start sewing.

This one too!!

Simple designs with great use of color are some of my favorite quilts to make.  It’s mindless sewing that just lets me relax.

I like this next quilt.

I ended up loving it after I saw that you can make two fun pillows with the extra bonus triangles created when making it…COOL!

This quilt although okay, wasn’t my favorite as so many of the other SHINE…

…but then I saw this alternate color way.  I LOVE IT!

There were two quilts that I liked but I’d likely make them last if I were to make all the quilts in the book as they required a lot more cutting than most of the others…this pretty one…

…and this one.  I’m not a big basket quilt gal.  I like it…but, I liked other better.

I bet you thought I was winding on showing you the quilts in the book that I really love.  WRONG.  Check out this one…YES please, give me some time and I could be sewing this one immediately.

When I previewed the book on Amazon, my patriotic soul was in love with this quilt.  Seriously.  LOVE THIS QUILT.

Then I saw the alternate colorway.  STOP THE PRESSES.  It’s totally scrappy.  I could easily make this quilt TWICE!!

The quilts aren’t over yet…check out this one.  Another show stopper in my world.  Oh, I want to make this quilt.

I am in love with the book.  Really in love.  They say if there are three patterns in a book that it’s worth it to purchase it…Well, this one blew me WAY past three.  I want to really make about 10 of them and some of them, I’d happily make twice using the alternate color options.

So readers, take this as your announcement.  After I get my deadline quilt out the door, I am going back to my UFO sewing and this book is jumping in front and center!  If you want my “Sew with Jo’s”, I’ll likely be sewing on one of these quilts.  If you read my “What I’m Working On” posts, I’ll likely be talking about one of these.

I am totally in love with this book.

It’s already, easily, my favorite quilt book in quite a while.  If you grab yourself a copy, you can sew right along with me!!  I can’t wait.  So many of the quilts are made with 2 1/2″ strips and that box is OVERFLOWING.  Other quilts use 2″ and 1 1/2″ strips too.  I’m so excited!!

You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

19 thoughts on “My New Obsession: Scrap School”

  1. Bobbie Woodruff

    As soon as I saw Mary’s and Connie’s quilt I bought the book. I just love turquoise then the punch of orange is beautiful. I have some of the fabrics already. I’m doing it in batiks. I wanted grays to and they are harder to find in batiks.
    Love your blog and your grandkids are so adorable. My grands are grown and I now have 8 great grands and another one in June. They are scattered in N.C. Alaska, Oregon and 2 just down my driveway. So I feel blessed. I think Rosie is adorable I have a mix mutt part Chi terrier she will be 3 June 1. He name is Ginger.
    I so enjoy your blog.

  2. Jo, what a temptress you are! All of these look fun, and I’ve got scraps. The temptation to abandon organizing my stash and just start some new tops is very strong.

    Thanks for the inspiration and expanding the parameters of what is possible. Maybe as I organize I could cut scraps and make kits…

  3. Colleen Pflieger

    I loved her last book. I look at it and want to make all but alas I haven’t. I will buy this book and dream again but maybe I will make one !

  4. I love Gudrun’s quilt (the black and white one). I recognized it from when she showed it on one of her live YouTube shows. I wondered if it is cut with her technique using her stripology ruler. I love that ruler so much. It’s a game changer for cutting. Thanks for sharing the book!

  5. Christina Coats

    Oh you had me drooling over these pictures, I promised my self no more fabrics, or books, for the month of March. ooops this book just happened to fall in my basket and it’s already on its way to me. I am excited to see, read , divulge and go hunting in my overstocked sewing room.! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  6. Oh my! I certainly don’t need another book but I love these quilts and I ordered it. I just wish I could order that little white French bulldog too, My cats wouldn’t approve though.

  7. “I’ve recently kind of put myself on hold with buying quilt books. I have plenty. I don’t need another quilt book. SERIOUSLY.” Jo, what’s NEED got to do with it? LOL!
    “I design my own quilts…do I really need to buy other quilt books. ” But, Jo, they’re so much fun to look through! I have yet to make my first “real” quilt, but I sure do love to look and dream.

  8. I too do NOT need another book but ooooh, I’m with you… I ❤️❤️❤️ this one! I may break down & buy this one. Ugh… it’s awesome. Thanks (not!) for sharing all the pictures!

  9. Stephani in N. TX

    I got out to visit a quilt shop this past week. I had seen this book on a blog somewhere, and lo and behold, it was there in the quilt shop, no fuss, no waiting. This book stands out over many of my last purchases. There were many quilts I loved and probably have enough cuttings to get started. If nothing else, a new book or magazine keeps me happy in a hobby I love. One must keep dreaming.

  10. Thanks Jo’ I was trying not to purchase this book earlier when it first came out but now I’m convinced to get it after cleaning my stash of fabric. I have plenty of jelly rolls and scraps to make one from the book. You certainly make it sound fun and a reason to get the book. Thanks for the great book review.

  11. Missy Reynolds

    It’s nice to see I’m not alone in swearing off buying patterns and books. That resolve just went out the window!!!

  12. Judith Fairchild

    That book is on my wish list. But I think your new book is 1st. Then the 12 quilts book. You had a super full week. Love the scooters

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  14. Would you ever do a quilt-along? I have the fabric purchased to do Connie and Mary’s quilt, I am finishing up a few things. I need motivation and help! A kick-start to get started!

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