Cancer Update

This was the week… It was my week to find out if the oral chemo and diet were working so I could be treated with Radioactive Iodine. If you’re new here- I have thyroid cancer and have since 2015. Mine is resistant to Radioactive Iodine which is the only way to treat it so I …

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A Saturday Visit

On Saturday our daughter Kayla called and asked if I was up for a visit…ALWAYS! So I started scrambling to think of something I could make that I could eat and they could eat. Hmm. I called our daughter Kalissa to let her know and to say if she wasn’t working, maybe they wanted to …

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Hospital Stitching

Coming up, I’ll be in the hospital for three days if everything gets figured out and they are able to treat me for my thyroid cancer. It might even be four days depending on the the treatment dose they would give me. Last time I went, I was so bored in the hospital. I’m a …

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