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In My Mailbox….

Oh, my word…mail has been flooding in.  Just a week ago, I was about caught up except for some letters and small packages.  I have a ton to share with you now.  I’m wondering if a bunch of you are having a little case of spring fever and are doing some spring cleaning.

Starting with box #1 is a box from Minnesota.  There was no full name on the box.

There were lots of goodies inside.  There were flannels on the left and bigger cuts on the right.

There were all sorts of prints.

There were a couple of panels and some orphan blocks along with precut squares.

There were LOTS of batiks.  So fun.

The next box came from Donna.  Oh my.  Look at all of the cross stitch.  I just love looking at charts even if I don’t stitch them.  I am sadly not a Santa girl but I know these Prairie Schooler Santas are so popular.  Many stitch them and make them into Christmas Tree ornaments.  I’ll likely offer these on a postage auction and see if one of you would like to get them.

There were other goodies in Donna’s box too.

There were bigger pieces that would work for backing.  In fact, the light blue one went out in the mail the day I opened it.  I have a new person that is willing to finish a few quilt tops, Gail.  She wrote and said she used up much of her stash making over 2700 masks this past year so she needed backing fabric.  If there is someone willing to help, I’ll fight to find her backing fabric or whatever else she needs.  THANKS for the help, Donna.

There were other fun prints too.  You all know I love printed neutrals so I did save the white with red heart fabric.  I’ll be making granddaughter Lucy a quilt and this will work perfect for it.

Scraps and precut squares were next.  I ended up keeping the precut squares.  They were all batik prints.  I ended up digging and pulling out some of the batiks in the previous package and saved some of them too.  I’ll cut some more squares and then make a big charm with them.  I love to make those as my leader and ender project.  It’s simple and easy…but with good colors, they are great.

I got thank you notes from two of my great-nieces.  Some goodies that you all sent were passed on to them.  The two girls made a lot of masks and I sent fabric.  They are tweens and were interested in trying cross-stitch so I sent some goodies that were sent here on to them.  Thanks for helping me help them…I appreciate it.

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What I’m Reading: The Paris Orphan

I had put a few books on my hold list and then started the LONG waiting game to get them.  The book I waited for, The Paris Orphan, by Natasha Lester.  I have a thing about reading WWII books so this was an obvious pick for me.

The book is good.  It shifts between modern time and WWII time.  I very much enjoyed the book but what I liked the most was the afterword.  The author tells how her story came to be.  She tells of the research she did around the topic of female photographers during WWII and how she incorporated it into the story.  I like the story, was shocked by a few things in the story but later learned they were based on real-life events.  I appreciated the work the author put into the story.

I did guess the ending early on but was interested enough to follow the book to the end to make sure I was right.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
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Community Quilt from Ray and Friends

Hip hip hooray.  I have quilts from Ray today!!  I love showing off all of the community quilts.

Ray writes:
I wanted to share this quilt with you. The top was created by the Cresco ladies out of half-square triangles.

I am sure there is a name for the pattern but I do not know what it is. I love the soft colors in the print fabrics. I almost always like a border and they put a BORDER on this one. I almost went with the spiral motif but decided I wanted the floral motif because of the hearts on the backing. A bit of romance with hearts and flowers.

I had a hard time deciding on a thread color until I saw the variegated thread of pink/violet/black for the top and pink for the back. The backing is from Deb and Pat in FL.

Thanks to everyone, you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for assisting in this community quilt that will be donated to a local charity.”

Here’s the next quilt…
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