Zucchini Round Up

If you are like me, you have zucchini coming out of your ears…and all of your sources to give zucchini away to have dried up. Have no fear…I have rounded up all the recipes on the blog that use zucchini so hopefully you find one…or two to try.

I am listing them in no particular order…

Blueberry Zucchini Cake…this recipe came from a childcare parent. It was so good. This recipe is TOP TEN. You can find the recipe HERE.

I ended up modifying it and trying Peach Zucchini Cake…Recipe HERE…equally delicious.

I ended up modifying it again and trying Raspberry Zucchini Cake…Recipe HERE…equally delicious again. You can’t go wrong with the recipe at all. I told my kiddos I had zucchini in the garden and immediately everyone asked for this cake. YUM.

Zucchini Pie?? Well, it’s Mock Apple Zucchini Pie…it was actually delicious, and was hard to tell the difference from apple. The spices all hide it. I do suggest peeling the zucchini to pull off the trick though. You can find the recipe HERE.

These are the Best Zucchini Bars…I agree with the title. They have carrots in them YUM! I made this pan 2 hours later the family had them almost gone. You can find the recipe HERE.

Next up are Zucchini Fries with Dipping Sauce. I was a skeptic about these but I love them. They are an air fryer recipe. I don’t have a lot of recipes with the air fryer so I extra appreciate this one. My family likes these as well…HERE is the recipe. Don’t forget the dipping sauce with these!

Blog reader Anne sent this yummy recipe…They are Raspberry Zucchini Cupcakes. They are chocolate flavored…raspberries and chocolate? YES, please. HERE is the recipe.

Zucchini Pizza is next on the list…I liked this. I even tried it out on childcare kids at the time and they ate it too. Surprising for sure. HERE is the link. I am an olive and onion lover so that was the side I ate. The kids wanted theirs with just pepperoni and sausage.

Blog reader Cindy sent this recipe to me. It’s Zucchini Butter Spaghetti. I really wasn’t intrigued when I read the recipe but my life was overflowing with zucchini so what’s a gal to do? Try it. HERE’s the recipe. I highly recommend it. The recipe has become a fresh family favorite!!

Childcare kiddos even ate it! They didn’t notice the hidden zucchini!!

I know it’s hot but this Zucchini Soup is awesome!! I found the recipe on Youtube. It has spaghetti noodles in it and I’m all about spaghetti noodles. I just love them. You can find the recipe HERE.

I have one more recipe for you, Mexican Zucchini Hash. I love this and have modified it several times over. HERE is the original recipe. When the family was last home I made this and added fried pork sausage to it. Everyone liked it. It’s a great way to use up corn too!!

Well, I hope that helps you clean the kitchen counter or the zucchini plant in the garden. All of these are recipes that our family looks forward to each year. Some people get so sick of zucchini. I don’t. It is so versatile and can be used in main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. As long as I have a garden, there will always be zucchini.

11 thoughts on “Zucchini Round Up”

  1. Thank you for all those yummy recipes. I like just to sauté zucchini with onions and maybe add some jalapeños if I have them. I am sure I would like the dish with corn also. I do enjoy sweets made from zucchini too, but I’m at the age (actually past) when I really have to slow down eating sweets.

  2. These all sound delicious. Going to give the cake with peaches a go. My favorite zucchini cake is a chocolate one with some cloves.

  3. Perfect timing! My sister just gave me her excess zucchini. Thanks for posting, Jo. There’s a nice variety of recipes here.

  4. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. If I lived anywhere near you I would come and get your surplus zucchini. One way I fix it (and my husband will eat it) is steamed and then drizzled with butter.

  5. I thought I’d add these two recipes to your group. My family prefers this meatloaf over their previous favorite. I noticed the zucchini recipe within the post and found a great zucchini recipe to complement the meatloaf!


    Enjoy sharing my day with you and your family. Kudos on the new job! Hang in there and keep fighting the cancer! We are praying for you.

  6. Jo thanks for all the Zucchini recipes. Will have to give it a try.

    On a different subject I was wondering if you got my email on the Singer sewing machine. I sent it to your email.

  7. Thank you for the recipes! I am going to try several to add to my recipe stable. I’ve made chocolate zucchini bread and I cut one up and added chopped onions, carrots, green pepper, mushrooms, radishes, green beans – (can you tell that I was cleaning out the veg drawer?) drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and steak seasoning and roasted the pile of veggies. I could eat this every day. The best part – any vegetable works – I’ve added tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. – but summer is for roasted zucchini!

  8. My goodness, Jo, you are such a busy bee with all of that cooking and baking, stitching and quilting and everything else!! You are an inspiration. Thank you for all of the recipes, they all look so yummy, and great ways to use up all the zucchini!! Blessings. Gigi

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