You’ve Mastered Pie Crust

I had to laugh on Sunday night.  Hubby, while eating a piece of peach pie I had made earlier in the day and said to me, “You know Honey, I think you’ve mastered pie crust.”

I smiled.  It was about as sweet as a compliment as I’ll ever get from him…and you know something, I think he’s right.  I have mastered pie crusts-maybe not it looks but the flavor is good and I don’t have to “think” about it when I make pie.  It’s all just automatic.  I don’t have to be super careful with the recipe.  I don’t have to worry if my water is cold enough.  I just do it…and it works.


Throughout our married years Hubby has been so good.  He’s put up with bad pizza, bad bread, bad soup, bad cinnamon rolls and whole gamete of other things that I’ve had to make dozens of times in order to get them to taste like I want them too.

I remember years and years ago when we lived in Chester, Iowa.  I found a recipe for taco shells.  I wanted to make them so I gave them a try.  The flavor was good but my oh my, I really needed to learn some rolling pin skills.  Hubby used to laugh and say, “Hey, this one looks a little more like the shape of Florida rather than a circle.” …and it was true.  The other thing is, I just could never get the dough thin enough.

Over the years with practice I’ve learned rolling pin skills.  I can make a pretty good circle now days.  I’ve practiced via pies, cinnamon rolls, tortilla shells, and roll out cookies.  I’ve been so blessed to have a family that is willing to learn along with me.  If it wasn’t for them, willing to eat all the Florida shaped tortillas and dense pie crusts, I’d never be the cook I am today.

I really think the real secret to being a good cook is to have a good family who is encouraging and willing to eat a few mishaps along the way.  Sure it was me who was willing to give pie making a second, third and twentieth chance but I would never have continued to try if my family wasn’t good with eating my attempts.

I think another secret is to keep trying the one thing you want to master as often as you can.  Certainly you probably aren’t going to make a pie day after day after day.  But make a pie once a week for three months.  Make sure to take note of what you do differently each time…Youtube is great too.  You can find a tutorial for most anything.  I know I have watched many videos on making angel food cake from scratch.  Sadly, Hubby isn’t a huge angel food cake fan so it’s something I can do, but don’t feel I’ve mastered.

I’m off to package up the last of that pie into a pyrex container.  With it just sitting on the counter, it’s too tempting.  If I package it for him to take in his lunch, I won’t touch it…So share..what have you mastered in the kitchen?

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  1. I’m like that to with recipe’s. Once I get a new recipe I just keep trying it till I get it right. Last Christmas I was honored to have my great Aunts sugar cookie recipe passed down to me. Well lets just say me and the girls are sugar cookies alot till I got the cookies to taste just like hers. :)

  2. Last year, I discovered a website that sells an amazing array of cookie stamps, including a number of quilt block stamps. After several tries, I finally figured the best way to do things so I could stamp a whole cookie sheet before I had to clean out the stamp. That reminds me, I need to order a St. Nicholas stamp for my baking this year.

  3. I got my fill of making angel food cakes from scratch during my 5th year of 4-H 45 years ago. That was the project to make for Baking that year. I don’t think I’ve made one from scratch since! Pie crust is a food that definitely needs practice and very few people have perfected yet. That is the main reason I don’t eat pie that other people make.
    Would you talk more about the Bonnie Hunter finish-it-up challenge that you are going to have this year? I told someone you were doing this but couldn’t find the post where you talked about it. Thanks, Gretchen

  4. Gotta say, making kolaches has been an ongoing challenge for me. I wasn’t raised with them, so, I never saw anyone make them. My middle daughter had a demonstration in grade school and wanted us to make them at home……that was 15-20 years ago. I never gave up. Now I make them almost every Friday, on my off. I feel they are as awesome as I can get them :) I’ve tweaked the recipe to fit me, and, like you, whatever I do, just works. I really enjoy the whole process….except cleaning up the dishes and pans!

  5. All I can say is amen to the family willing to go there with you. It makes all of the difference. I am still working on my chicken and dumplings. Sometimes the dumplings are super and sometimes not so much, but they still taste good :)

  6. I make a pretty mean Angel Food Cake. Never thought I could duplicate it like Mom’s but she was a patient and good teacher and I think I do pretty darn good. Would like to master homemade bread, mine is always too heavy, good but heavy!

  7. My husband’s aunt always made us homemade angel food cakes for our birthdays. But when she quit in her 90’s, I knew it was time for me to learn. Now I usually make 2 or 3 at a time using her recipe! I’ve also mastered bread baking. I make rye bread about every other week (makes 6 loaves). I use my Mom’s recipe and it is a sweet rye bread recipe. One of our daughter’s and one granddaughter now make it too. I’ve probably made all our bread for over 25 years. The quick rise yeast makes it a lot quicker!

  8. When living at home with my parents (years & years ago), we made dessert for Sunday’s lunch. Cakes weren’t too hard but a perfect pie crust was a challenge. I persevered and became quite good. Once married and raising my three boys, I didn’t bake as much. I’ve lost my pie crust mojo! It takes time, practice, and the right combo of ingredients to make a good pie crust. Good for you for continuing to try and succeeding. As I sew and quilt more, my cooking falls by the wayside. My husband isn’t into trying new recipes and I have limited movement by evening due to back issues so it all works out.

  9. I have mastered bread making! I LOVE my kitchenaid mixer and they have a brand new 7 qt available. I kneaded a couple of loaves longer than I usually do, and my husband commented it was the best bread I had ever made. That was the only difference, as I always use the same recipe.

  10. Would you share your pie crust recipe? I have made it from scratch but not for a while and since I don’t often bake pies (Hubby and my waist lines can’t take it) I have lost my touch a bit, but I’d like to try again.

  11. Cooking is, indeed, a ‘practice makes perfect’ art. Or as I tell my hubby, “Every good cook needs a good eater.” I am a fairly accomplished baker in all things except big cakes. Our altitude makes them a bit tricky. I also make an outstanding Shepherd’s Pie. A friend in the UK shared her mash recipe that includes potatoes, parsnips and horseradish and it is perfect over the beefy filling.

  12. LOL…I think you’re right Jo. Being a good cook has a lot to do with the willingness of your family and like you, I’ve got amazing guinea pigs. I couldn’t cook a lick when we first married. My latest challenge in the kitchen had more to do with the early hour than my cooking skills, but I wrote about it here:

    P.S. Those kinds of compliments from my hubby are pretty sweet in my book too.

  13. It’s the taste that counts!! My pie crust isn’t real flaky but not real dense either, but it tastes good, and brushing a little milk over the top and then sprinkling with sugar it gets a nice golden brown and is tasty. At least it’s better than that store bought stuff.

  14. I make 6 fruitcakes every year for Christmas. I use my Granny’s recipe, she was Czech. My father in law gets two every year, one to eat and one to share.

  15. yum yum! would love to have your crust recipe as well. I looked in your recipe section and don’t see it. Would be nice to have some made up ahead of time for the holidays in the freezer. Do you ever do that?

  16. I like to think I’ve mastered my white bread recipe – but last time forgot to check it at the one hour raise point and later discovered it had oozed all over the edge of the bowl onto the rack and down to the second rack, into the pan of hot water, and onto the bottom of the oven. I had to clean it up before baking because I did NOT want it burned on my oven. Still, I managed to save about 4 and a half loaves worth of dough, and it turned out very tasty!

  17. I have mastered spaghetti and meatballs and lasagna after watching my mom make it for years w/o a recipe, and she learned from her Italian father, the cook in the family, by watching him as she grew up.

    I have to share my pie crust story. I HAVE mastered pie crust, but not because of family encouragement and love, but from sheer determination. My EX (he is for more than this reason! LOL) told me when we were first married and I made my first pie (so proud, I was) that the crust was too thick, that it would wear well on the soles of his boots. Oh yeah? Ok, so I made another pie some weeks later, rolling and rolling that crust to get it thin as possible. I was again, so proud. “Well, it is very thin but would wear just as well because it’s so tough!” He wasn’t one to encourage. After 10 years, I bid him farewell. My 2nd husband appreciates everything I cook and thus, I’ve become a good one! Thanks for letting me share my pie crust story! LOL

  18. If hubby likes ice cream, cut your angel food cake in half horizontally and cut 1″ to 1.5″ slabs of ice cream and put them on the bottom half of the cake, pop the top of the cake back on and frost with real whipped cream. I usually shave chocolate (because the ice cream is some kind of chocolate) on top and put the whole thing in the freezer. Just 5 minutes sitting out thaws the cake but not the ice cream and you have a fab dessert! Great in the summer when it is hot and you are craving something cool. I just put plastic wrap over the cake and stick it back in the freezer and it tastes good all month (if it even lasts that long, but with a diabetic hubby, he can’t eat much of it at one time, so desserts tend to hang around a while!).

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