You’re Just a Dog Ruby!!

Sunday was the day to sell cattle.  Six semis pulled in and loaded up steers to go for market.



Ruby was in the bay window sleeping on her pillow when the trucks pulled in and my oh my, she didn’t like it.  She barked and barked.


If I sat by her, she would be calm.  If I went to the kitchen, she’d start barking again.

The kids were in the living room playing video games.  They burst out laughing when I started to explain to Ruby that she just needed to “be a dog” and not a “watch dog” right now.  By the time the third semi had left the yard, she was calm and just watching.

She so loves hanging out on the bay window and watching the happenings of the farm.  I keep wondering what I can do at the new house so that she’ll have a window to watch from….I also need to work on her so she isn’t a barker.  It will be so much more tempting for her in town…any suggestions??

2 thoughts on “You’re Just a Dog Ruby!!”

  1. Good luck with Ruby and the barking! My first two beagles were not barkers, but my third one is. If she is like mine, she’ll bark more when you get to the new house and then it will get a little better. I know you are worried about the neighbors, but isn’t the beagle bark just a little bit cute?!!

  2. I can’t help you with the barking issue, Jo, but I have a suggestion so that Ruby doesn’t lose her “view”. My little shih tzu isn’t even tall enough to begin to see out our windows. So, I took an old ottoman.. covered it with one of my first quilts (practice on my longarm) and put it under the window, in the room where we spend most of our time. He has a nice cushy place to lie and it is just the right height for him to be able to see out the window..We have hardwood floors and he won’t jump into a chair for fear it might move a little with him but by butting the ottoman up against the wall/window it can’t move with him.. it isn’t too high for him to jump up and down safely by himself and he loves it. And it is big enough for me to sit with him if he needs a little extra TLC. Good luck with your move. We live in a 100 year old home and have done much renovation/restoration on it. I have enjoyed every (well almost) minute of it :)

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