You’re Going to Kill Me!

Our son Karl was home not to long ago.  He came for a visit and while  he was here he asked where I had his “special” box stored.

All of my kids had “special” boxes.  It consists of a tote with everything they thought to be special and wanted to save.  I didn’t do much of the deciding as to what went in there..they did.

Karl dug and found all sorts of goodies.


Report cards…a baby blanket made by a neighbor lady…his favorite dinosaur shirt that he wore and wore and wore…graduation cards…art projects and class books done at school…all sorts of fun mementos that made us laugh and reminisce.

The items that really had us both laughing and curious about was this note.

It says, “Dere Mom  I now your gowing to cil me.  Im sary.  by Karl”.   We believe it translates to Dear Mom, I know you are going to kill me.  I’m sorry.  By Karl.

There are a few words just above the word Karl that we believe mean kitchen.  Karl thinks that he drew himself crying and standing in a tub of tears that he cried.  He is yelling the word help.

I guess it’s the true definition of drowning in tears.

Neither Karl nor I can remember what he did that was so terrible that he thought I was going to “kill” him.  We ended up having a good laugh over it and decided that the note was one of the things that would get put back in the special box.

He was originally looking for a note that Michael Crichton had written to him.  For those of you who can’t place the name he is the author of Jurassic Park.  He didn’t find the note and is now feeling a little sad about that.

Regardless we did have a little fun taking a walk down memory lane in his “special” box.

2 thoughts on “You’re Going to Kill Me!”

  1. Mary Etherington`

    I remember another note written by your kids apologizing for yelling and scaring me while they played in the Country Threads playhouse. It was the sweetest note of apology I’ve ever received,

  2. Michael Crichton also wrote “State of Fear” which I loved! I only remember the most memorable book titles and authors and this is one for the list. I had to persevere through the first 50 to 100 pages as it sets the stage for the rest of the book but my daughter read it before me and encouraged me to “keep reading, Mom. You’re going to love it” and I did.

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