You’d Think We Were a Bunch of Monkeys!!

So here is a funny from Thanksgiving weekend.

On Wednesday of last week, I had four bananas at my house. My daughter Kayla had already arrived here. I needed to leave to go and pick up my granddaughter Georgia from her mom as Georgia was coming early to have playtime with the cousins. As I was leaving I asked Kayla if there was anything else she thought we might need. She said, “Pick up some bananas.”

So I got to the convenience store where I was getting Georgia and they weren’t there yet so I went in. I got three bunches of bananas. The kids were going to be at my house for four days. That seemed like a good number of bananas to me.

When I got home with Georgia and the bananas, my son Buck had arrived. Guess what? He brought bananas too.

So we all decided if the kids complained they were hungry, all of them would just get a banana. We had to somehow use these up. We managed to get the kids to eat a couple of bananas Wednesday night.

Thursday morning my daughter Kelli showed up. She brought donuts for the kids and (you guessed it) BANANAS!! Two bunches!!

Then a few minutes later, Buck’s girlfriend Fergie showed up and (you guessed it) she brought BANANAS!!

AHH!! For all the bananas that were in the house, one would have thought we were raising monkeys not kids!!

Kayla ended up taking some bananas home with her. Buck ended up taking the ripest ones to his friend who makes lots of banana bread and I am down to four bananas again!! HA!!

I never did count up how many bananas we had all together and how many the kids actually ate. I know they ate a lot of them.

From now on I guess we’re going to have to assign someone to bring bananas so we don’t end up with so many next time. It really was fun to see the look on everyone’s face as more bananas came!! We’ll all remember Thanksgiving 2023 the year of the bananas!! Oh…we’ll also remember it as the year Craig became the maker of the turkey. He smoked it and it was SO GOOD!!

9 thoughts on “You’d Think We Were a Bunch of Monkeys!!”

  1. So many ideas for bananas. My mom was a master user of bananas besides peeling and eating one. Bananas with peanut butter, bananas sliced into cereal, bananas dipped in wheat germ, banana splits, bananas wrapped in foil with chocolate and marshmallows heated in the oven, banana bread, banana cookies, banana cake, bananas in fruit cocktail … breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, she had them all covered. No bananas ever went to waste at our house. We, too, apparently were monkeys!

  2. Love your banana story. When my family sees a banana, they think banana pudding. No family gathering is complete without it. The grandkids especially love it. The recipe is on the Nabisco vanilla wafer box but it is the same recipe my mother, aunts and grandmother were using when I was a kid. I am 81 years old.
    You seem to have had a fun day. Good for you? You deserve all the good that comes your way.
    Thank you for letting us share your family, your talent and your life. I look forward to many years to come.

  3. That is too funny! Like in another comment, such a good snack. It is a memory that you all will look back on and have a good family chuckle.

  4. Funny story, Jo. My husband eats a banana first thing every morning so we always have them in the house. The overripe ones go in a smoothie, which I love.

  5. I laughed as I read this!
    We buy our bananas for the week and store them in special bags in the fridge. We buy the bags from Lakeland (in the UK, not sure if they ship to the US), and they are bright yellow with like a bubble wrap lining and a drawstring top. They keep the bananas for about a week in the fridge, and they don’t spoil.

  6. That made me laugh so much! Thank you! I love bananas for breakfast with some yoghurt and honey. Just recently my husband has started eating more than he did before so we run out! Then when I get more bananas, he stops eating them so we are left with many overripe ones and can only make so much bread with them! Down to zero at the moment so feel free to throw any spare bunches in my direction!

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