You Won’t Believe It!

I’m going to apologize in advance for a blog post with limited photos but….that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Here’s the story:
Sunday Kelli was home.  We had asked Hubby if he would make us some boards so we could make some small quilt blocks like these from Tweetle Dee Design Co.  When I saw these I loved them.  I like barn quilts a lot but I liked these that were more rustic so much better.

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Hubby said it would be no problem.  He had to have a little convincing to be okay with using some not so nice boards…He thought the boards all needed to be perfect.  We finally convinced him that some old boards he had lying around here would be fine.  He went to the garage and started working on them.  An hour or so later he came and found us telling us he made four blocks so we could each have two.  We were so excited.  Then while he was being so helpful I hit him up to prep some boards for another project I wanted to do….a bit later he came back with that project done too.  I was a happy girl!

I thought that was the end of it then on Monday Hubby said something to me after work.  He said that on Sunday when he had been working on those projects for me he was using an old board.  He ran it through the table saw.  Something flew up and hit him in the cheek.  It bled but he didn’t think anything of it until today as his jar was really sore and uncomfortable.  I thought it was odd that he didn’t tell me when it happened but that’s how Hubby operates.  Nothing is a big deal until it’s a big deal.

Wednesday rolls around….. In the morning he called me from work and said his cheek was worse.  It now had a lump the size of a walnut.  Hmmm.  I told him he better go into the doctor.  He ignored me.  During the day I decided that I’d call him later in the day and try to get him to make any appointment for the next day and if it got better, he could cancel it.  Well before I got a chance to call him, he called me.  He made his own appointment.

Well he went to a 5pm appointment.  They took an xray and there is a 3/4″ nail embedded in his cheek flesh on the right cheek.  That doctor wouldn’t do anything with him and he’s been referred on.  It was an “after hours” appointment so they couldn’t schedule anything.  We’ll learn more in the next day or so…..interesting for sure.  Who gets a nail embedded into their cheek and doesn’t know it.

Hubby is a little concerned as the lump is about and inch away from the original entry point.  It can’t just be pulled out with a big tweezer.

So that’s where we are now…waiting for a call to see what’s next.

He has an appointment for tomorrow morning at 9:15am.  From there he’ll have surgery scheduled.  He was told that they will have to put him out for the procedure so I’ll be taking a day off so I can take care of him.  He insists that it isn’t really painful…just annoying.  I’m glad for that.  Waiting like he is would be so much harder if he was in pain.

26 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe It!”

  1. So sorry to hear about your husband. 8 hope the surgery goes well. I have to tell you that since you talked about doing those wooden quilts, I started looking at Pinterest. I made one, but without a pattern and it was very time consuming. Do you think that when you have time, you could do a post about how you made your board? I’m wondering about what the pattern tells you.

    Be sure and update us on how the surgery goes!

  2. If he was in pain, you wouldn’t be waiting. You’d be in the ER. Pain might mean infection, and you don’t wait on that! Good luck tomorrow and after.

  3. probably the time to either remind him to do it or praise him for wearing safety goggles when he does this kind of work……………..he’s really lucky – a little incision, some antibiotics, and a long nap and he’ll be fine.

  4. Good luck to your hubby. Now he has a battle scar :0 Why are men so stubborn when it comes to seeing a doctor? And yet we let them. Merry Christmas

  5. Oh no! It could have been so much worse. Thank goodness. We have a lot of old wood in the barns here, too. Some are filled with old nails. Be careful. You’re in my prayers. -Jean

  6. Sending prayers and get well wishes for your hubby. Will be thinking of you two and hope all goes well with his surgery. Big hugs!

  7. Yikes!!! So glad it didn’t hit closer to his eye-although he might have said something right away! Hopefully surgery can be scheduled soon. Praying all goes well.

  8. Oh, dear! I hope all will go well for him tomorrow. That’s really scary! Do you think he’d wear a clear plastic face shield? I got one for my hubby on Amazon. It’s called a “Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor and Anti-Fog/Hard Coat”. It wasn’t very expensive, about $40, and my hubby likes it.

  9. The darnedest things happen sometimes! Hope they can take it out easily, pump him full of antibiotics, give him a tetanus booster and send him on home.

  10. Oh no, hope it all goes well in the morning and yes that is a “freak” accident. Please keep us posted, we have him and his team of doctors in our prayers, steady hands and wonderful outcome.

  11. Prayers for your Hubby’s quick recovery. He was so lucky it didn’t hit his eye. The full=face plastic shield mentioned by another reader above sounds like a great safety item for anyone working with wood.

  12. Husbands are all alike. They ignore things that they need to pay attention to when it comes to their health. Maybe it’s ego, or just too busy to worry about, or something. Mine does things like this, though not a nail in his cheek!!!! Prayers for quick recovery and no after effects.

  13. oh my goodness- what a freak accident. I pray he has a quick easy surgery and recovery! I don’t understand why some men behave like it’s not necessary to go to a doctor. Ugh. I’m surprised he doesn’t hurt . Tough dude. Hope all improves quickly for your family. mary in Az

  14. Jo, I’m so happy that the nail is out and Hubby is feeling better…the nurse in me wanted it out the SAME day as I kept thinking about that dirty nail in his cheek. Did they put him on antibiotics throughout all of this?
    My husband David is as tough as your Hubby. He once was building a railing around a brick patio that he had built for me and had a power screwdriver that he was using. He somehow managed to run a nail through his pinkie finger and back out!!!
    I took him to the ER and they XR’d his finger to make sure he didn’t nic the bone which would have been bad and possibly led to weeks of IV antibiotics to make sure he didn’t get an infection in the bone.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and the new baby!

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