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I’m behind on catching you up with the happenings in my mailbox.  I’ll be really good for awhile and then I get behind.


Call me bad on two accounts…one for being behind and the other for not knowing that sending a congratulations card to grandmas was a thing.  I’ve gotten three now and I didn’t even know it was thing….I admit to definitely liking it though.  Thanks to all who have sent them.  It’s a treat.

I got a charity quilt top in from Susan in Manchester Iowa.  What a sweetie….I’m making you all wait to see it until it’s on the quilt frame.

While I’m mentioning the quilt frame I’ll tell you this….  I’m slowly trying to get there.  I have been walking without my boot and the discomfort has been getting less and less.  That’s so wonderful.  When I first got my cast off it was bad and VERY painful to try to walk.  I would get shooting pain through my ankle and up my leg.  I went online and found some exercises I could do with my ankle to lessen and pain and it helped a lot.  It’s made it all bearable.  Now most of the discomfort comes from the swelling.  I can’t seem to get it down no matter what I do.  If anyone has suggestions besides keeping it up, please pass them on.  Until the swelling is a little more manageable I can’t be at the quilting machine much.  I am working on the baby quilt but that is only at short stretches at a time.  I’m trying to patient…really I am!

I also got a donation from a reader with money to be used for the mailing the charity quilt out.  That was very much appreciated.  Too often when I am writing a blog post about a finished charity quilt I don’t take time to thank those have donated money for batting, thread and postage.  You too are very needed and appreciated in this charity quilt work.

Thanks to everyone who thought of me and the charity quilting project.  I thank you!!

6 thoughts on “You Thought of ME!”

  1. Have you tried support hose. I have swelling on one leg because of varicose veins and wear a knee hi support stocking just on that leg. It does help.

  2. You might try cutting out or using much less sodium (salt) in your diet if you use it and drinking lots of plain water ( or with fresh lemon slices). this will reduce fluid retention which in theory will reduce swelling.
    Another thing is to get compression hose and put it on before you get up in the morning ( before your feet are lower than your heart ) or if not then you would need to put that foot up higher than your heart level for 30 minutes or until your foot is not swelling
    If no hose then you need a volunteer to ace wrap your foot ankle lower leg after you have had it up as with the hose

    See taking lift your leg/foot up is not so bad
    Perhaps the leg lift would work better/faster if you do it on your back so it’s higher than you heart level

    But I am sure your darling daughters have said the same things
    I love reading your blog and wish your foot issues would be over by the week end

  3. Think back to pregnancy…get those swollen ankles, or in your case, foot, elevated above the level of your heart. 10 minutes up for every hour on your feet. Keep your water intake up, drinking water regularly can encourage swollen tissues to give up their excess fluids. Seems counter intuitive but it works. I second the advice for Epsom salts. I use 2 cups salts to maybe two gallons or so of hot water. Magnesium seeds healing, relieve swelling and helps with pain relief. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil as well. Think of it as pampering.

  4. When I broke my fibula, the physical therapists had me put ice on my foot for 20 minutes two to three times a day. It worked wonders.

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