You know your a quilting nerd when….

Tuesday night, I drove our daughter Kalissa over to her EMT classes in Decorah.  I had some things that our oldest daughter, Kelli, wanted so she met me and we hung out while Kalissa was in class.

We were trying to figure out where to meet and I said Goodwill.  I could kill some time there if Kelli was late, but Kelli showed up right on time.  She had a big bag on her shoulder.  She said, “Guess what I have to show you??”  She was completely giddy.

Before I could answer Kelli had flipped a quilt top out and was showing me her latest finished quilt top….

Yep.  Right there in the middle of Goodwill, in Decorah, Iowa, Kelli I sat and oogled and googled over her latest finished quilt top.

I know I’ll get questions about the pattern….you can find it in American Patchwork and Quilting’s June 2010 issue.  It’s a Jill Reid design…I love her stuff.  Kelli did modify the pattern by adding the corner stones.   I have the same quilt half finished….any guess on what UFO project I want to start working on???  I had picked a different color for sashing but I think that is going to change.  I love her red!

I think holding show and tell in a random non-quilting related store is one of the definitions of a true quilting nerd…and the definition of a blogging nerd is that I had a camera in my pocket to record the whole incident.

18 thoughts on “You know your a quilting nerd when….”

  1. Yep, you know you’re a quilt nerd when….
    Glad to see you are feeling better, those flu bugs are not fun. Beautiful quilt, you both do such gorgeous works.

  2. Beautiful quilt, Kelli! I love that a show and tell can happen anywhere with cameras at the ready. It’s our new “normal”. Thank for sharing!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt. More importantly what a wonderful gift it is to share this “quilt nerdiness” with your daughter! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Thanks for all you share.

  4. So true – what’s worse is standing in the men’s shirt aisle, and noticing other women looking through shirts, KNOWING they are there for the same thing, and still can start up a conversation and be pleasant to each other!

  5. shared a quilt in a large hotel lobby on the Riverwalk in Downtown San Antonio, Texas. Nothing else quilty going on! Always fun!

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