You Know You Live In Iowa When….

A post from Kelli–

Normally when I go home, I take lots of gravel roads.  There isn’t really a quick or obvious way to get from my house to Mom’s unless you go the way the crow flies on the gravel.  A few weeks ago when I was going on my normal way home, I almost got my car stuck on a particular curve because there had been water over the road the day before and so the road was really soggy.

This time when I was going home, I went around the corner and in almost the same spot, there was a flock of geese just wandering across the road, taking there sweet old time.

Geese (400x300)
And don’t worry–I stopped my car completely to take the picture.

And that my friends is how you know you live in IOWA!


2 thoughts on “You Know You Live In Iowa When….”

  1. Glad you stopped and got the picture! We’ve got loads of geese that walk about our neighborhood as we a several lakes near us. They walk right through your yard here!

  2. I remember reading on about traveling on gravel roads too fast and having a truck flip. Which then triggered one woman’s memory of how her brother died on a gravel road all alone. After twenty years she finally understood his accident, when Ree Drummond told about the photographers flipping their truck on the gravel road near her house.
    Take care driving those gravel roads!

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